3 Seasons

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 1 • Venison Pizza Burgers

    Episode 1

    Get ready, HuntChef Nation! HuntChef Jeremy Critchfield is back with a group of hunters ready to learn how to turn venison into Hot Italian Pizza Burgers! Pan fried venison burgers made with HuntChef’s Hot Italian Sausage Mix are stuffed with buffalo mozzarella; topped with pepperoni, mushrooms, ...

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 2 • Two Venison Soups

    Episode 2

    Warm up on any autumn day with these two venison soups. Learn how to make a creamy potato and leek soup with hearty chunks of seared venison sirloin and mushrooms, all seasoned to perfection with HuntChef Canadian Carnivore and Party Fowl seasonings. Or spice things up with a hardy venison chili ...

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 3 • Whitetail Hind Leg Ham

    Episode 3

    HuntChef leads you through the process of turning a white tail’s hind leg into a succulent venison ham using the HuntChef Brine Kit. Watch how the hind limb is brined, soaked, and smoked over 3 days while you work up an appetite for the delicious brown sugar hind leg ham!

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 4 • One-Pot Venison Neck Pasta

    Episode 4

    Join HuntChef as he feeds hungry veterans this delicious one-pot venison pasta. Bring out the flavor of your venison neck in this pasta dish with fresh onions, garlic, mushrooms, pepperoni, and of course, HuntChef’s Hot Italian Sausage Mix! There’s only one pot, but many layers of wild of flavor!

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 5 • Venison Camp Roast

    Episode 5

    Watch HuntChef turn wild caught venison into a camp buffet! Juicy venison backstrap and hearty slices of venison heart seasoned with HuntChef’s Big Sexy Beast Rub and grilled to perfection! Easy to make, flavorful fried potatoes and onions dusted with All Dusted Up seasoning salt! An amazing dish...

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 6 • Louisiana Style Venison Shanks

    Episode 6

    HuntChef, Cajun style! Get ready to chow down as HuntChef makes fall-off-the-bone venison shanks flavored with onions and garlic, brown ale, bay leaves, and of course—HuntChef’s Smokey Bayou seasoning. Then top off those delectable shanks with Louisiana-style kidney and white beans smothered in a...