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Hunt to Eat is a Denver-based hunting and fishing apparel company that was founded on three pillars: community, real food, and conservation. For us, hunting and obtaining our own food is a source of pride and part of our lifestyle. When it comes to cooking wild game, we know your harvest needs to be treated with the respect it deserves. Take your wild game cooking to the next level with Hunt to Eat! In addition to having the best recipes around, find hunting and fishing apparel, articles on conservation, podcasts, and how-to videos on our website:

Hunt To Eat
  • Seared Venison Backstrap • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 1

    Are you a diehard whitetail hunter with a love for backstrap steaks? Learn how to cast-iron sear a perfect medium-rare backstrap with Hunt to Eat ambassador Michael Cravens! Plus, get Hank Shaw’s Buck, Buck, Moose cookbook that’s chock-full of venison recipes and its matching tshirt at hunttoeat....

  • Easy Elk Chili • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 2

    After a day full of hunting, nothing warms you up better than a cozy bowl of chili. Join Hunt to Eat ambassador Michael Cravens in his kitchen as he shows you how to cook his favorite elk chili. This recipe works with venison, too! Looking for more elk recipes? Find them (and our Buck Buck Moose ...

  • Sous Vide Venison Ribs • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 3

    Venison ribs are notoriously difficult to work with. Luckily, Hunt to Eat ambassador Alyssa LeBlanc is here to help! All you need to make fall-off-the-bone tender venison ribs is a sous vide, a grill, great barbecue sauce, and some time. Give it a try! Love Alyssa’s tee, or are you eyeing up that...

  • Javelina Chile Verde • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 4

    If you’ve never had Arizona-style green chile, you’re missing out. Learn how to make it at home by braising a shoulder roast and charring hot peppers in Hunt to Eat’s latest video! Although this one uses javelina, you can easily swap it out with venison. This recipe is by Hank Shaw, one of the be...

  • Venison Manicotti • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 5

    This Italian-inspired comfort food is easy to make and will feed the whole family. Join Hunt to Eat ambassador Alyssa LeBlanc in Nova Scotia and follow along as she shows you how to whip up a perfect venison manicotti. Get her hoodie at!

  • Arroz con Saíno • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 6

    Travel to Costa Rica while staying in your kitchen with H2E ambassador Michael Cravens’ latest recipe, arroz con saíno! Saíno means javelina in Spanish, but you can make this recipe with any tender cut of meat, like venison backstrap or a braised shank. Get Michael’s knives and maple cutting boar...

  • Venison Bao • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 7

    See what all the hype is "a-bao-t" venison neck roasts with Alyssa’s latest recipe! Get her apron at

  • 10 Steps to a Perfect Venison Steak • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 8

    Tired of your venison tasting like an old leather shoe? Take your steaks to the next level by following Alyssa’s 10 steps to a perfectly cooked venison steak. This buttery, herby recipe is bound to impress your friends and family. Plus, find Alyssa’s hoodie and so much more at

  • Moose Breakfast Sausage • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 9

    Whether you’ve got deer, elk, moose, or nearly any other type of wild game in the fridge, you’re ready to make some fresh breakfast sausage. Give Hunt to Eat ambassador Alyssa LeBlanc’s recipe a try next time you’re craving a tasty breakfast sandwich!

  • Stuffed Venison Backstrap • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 10

    Venison steak stuffed with wild mushrooms, goat cheese, and bacon can only turn out one way: delicious. Combine them all together in H2E ambassador Michael Craven's stuffed backstrap recipe! Find his knife and cutting board at