3 Seasons

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 1 • Venison Cutlets • Chicken of Woods Mushrooms

    Episode 1

    A Sportsman Feast! Pan Fried Venison Cutlets Seasoned with HuntChef Ten Ring Wild Game Rub with Grilled Apple Buttermilk Whipped Potatoes, Caramelized Onions and Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms Topped Off with HuntChef Canadian Carnivore Seasoning! Check It Out!

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 2 • Wild Game Huevos Rancheros & Fried Potatoes

    Episode 2

    Get Ready to go South of the Border with the Tastiest Huevos Rancheros and Fried Potatoes this Side of Your Sombrero! I used Ground Venison with Applewood Smoked Bacon, HuntChef Taco Takedown and Feather Duster!

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 3 • Low Down & Dirty Venison Ribs • Baked Beans

    Episode 3

    Around the campfire with HuntChef. Never Overlook Venison Ribs again! HuntChef Low Down and Dirty BBQ Venison Ribs, Orange Charred Brussel Sprouts and the Best Baked Bean Recipe Ever!!!

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 4 • Venison Heart • Chicken of Woods

    Episode 4

    In this episode we celebrate my daughter Chloe's harvest! I Blackened Venison Heart using my HuntChef Straight Outta Pontchartrain Seasoning, Sautéed Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms and made BBQ Beans with my Low Down and Dirty Seasoning! Hope you enjoy!

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 5 • Venison Liver, Ten Ring and Hen of the Woods

    Episode 5

    Super Proud Dad! My daughter's first whitetail harvest!! I am going to change how you feel about Venison Liver and Onions with this amazing recipe! Hen of the Woods Mushrooms with HuntChef Ten Ring, Whipped Potatoes and Bourbon Coffee Gravy compliment the Venison Liver perfectly!

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 6 • Elk Backstrap • Cheesy Grits • Collard Greens

    Episode 6

    My New Mexico Bull Elk Harvest! Blackened Elk Backstrap Medallions with HuntChef Big Sexy Beast Rub over Cheesy Grits with HuntChef Feather Duster, the Best Collard Greens and My Signature Vinegar Slaw Recipes!

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 7 • Elk Backstrap • Spaetzle

    Episode 7

    A Dangerously Delicious Spin on a German favorite! Elk Backstrap Seasoned Perfectly with HuntChef Canadian Carnivore, Wild Hen of the Woods Mushrooms and Easy Homemade Spaetzle with HuntChef Party Fowl.

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 8 • How to Make Hot Italian Venison Sausage

    Episode 8

    Three Recipe Wild Game Throwdown with My HuntChef Hot Italian Sausage Mix! Stuffed Banana Peppers Topped with Lotsa Cheese, Double Decker Hot Italian Venison and Bleu Cheese Sandwich and a Hot Italian Linked Sausage Recipe that will Blow Your Mind!

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 9 • Coyote Recipes

    Episode 9

    I am going to change the way you feel about eating Coyote! I brined the chops and hind legs, seasoned them with HuntChef Low Down and Dirty Sweet & Smoky BBQ Rub wrapped it up with onions and garlic wrapped it in bacon and smoked it! I also made the best and cheesiest mac and cheese ever! I brine...

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 10 • Dry Aged Venison Stir Fry Recipe

    Episode 10

    We Dry Aged Venison Hind Legs for 62 Days Seasoned it with HuntChef Canadian Carnivore then Added it to an Flavor Packed Stir Fry with Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms Topped it with Sunny Side Eggs and HuntChef Feather Duster! Dry Aged Perfection!!

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 11 • Black Bear Ham Recipe

    Episode 11

    A Wild Game Feast at it Finest!! Black Bear Ham Injected with HuntChef Sweet & Spicy Ham Brine Kit! Ham Paired Perfectly with my Signature Sweet Potato Cakes with HuntChef Party Fowl, Maple Glaze and Sautéed Winter Fruit with Pickled Ramp Juice!

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 12 • Beaver Gumbo • Maple Sausage • Venison Ham

    Episode 12

    HuntChef Beaver Gumbo with HuntChef Maple Sausage and Venison Ham kicked up with HuntChef Straight Outta Pontchartrain, Party Fowl and Smokey Bayou! You don't want to miss this one!

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 13 • Turkey Quesadillas • Best Stuffed Peppers

    Episode 13

    We are going South of the Border for some extra flavor for our HuntChef Wild Turkey dishes! Quesadillas loaded with Wild Turkey Dark Meat, Stuffed Hot Banana Peppers Loaded with Fresh Wild Turkey Dark Meat and Wild Turkey Breast Skewers! All kicked up with HuntChef All Dusted Up, Party Fowl and T...