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Prepare for duck season all year-round with our huge collection of waterfowl hunting videos and articles. From the most effective calls, blinds and decoy arrangements, to the mouthwatering recipes that make it all worthwhile. You’ll learn valuable lessons for duck season success from the comfort of your home.

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  • Duck Dreams • Toxey Haas

    Episode 1

    Duck Dreams features Mossy Oak founder Toxey Haas as he prepares for duck season. This episode begins with July planting and wraps up with a successful January hunt with his sons.

    “People won’t believe the things you do for ducks,” Haas shares as he prepares a crop duster to seed his proper...

  • Honor • Jack Zimmerman

    Episode 2

    In this episode of Honor, we follow Jack Zimmerman on a waterfowl hunt in Maine. See how Jack used his obsession with training dogs to overcome adversity after getting hit by an IED in Afghanistan. Always be sure to thank a veteran for their service and sacrifice.

  • Goose Hunting Heritage • Family Tree

    Episode 3

    This episode of “Family Tree” features Mossy Oak’s Jeff Shelby as he shares his gratitude for his upbringing in the outdoors. Their father/son experience in the outdoors was one of sacrifice and Jeff sees it full circle on a Kansas waterfowl hunt.
    “Looking back on it now, the weekends my dad sac...

  • Blue Collar • DU Films

    Episode 4

    Ducks Unlimited's film visits Mike Hruby, a DU volunteer, major donor and decoy carver from Texas. Hunting with Mike and his friends on the Texas coast, the DU Films crew discovers what makes a blue collar guy like Mike so passionate about waterfowling and giving back to conservation.

    “I wasn’...

  • Succession Planning • DU Films

    Episode 5

    Ducks Unlimited's film visits three generations of duck hunters sharing cherished traditions and valuable life lessons amid the flooded fields and timber of Arkansas.

    Stephen Reynolds, a longtime Ducks Unlimited volunteer and former national secretary for the organization, invited his son-in-l...

  • Carving the Chesapeake • DU Films

    Episode 6

    Ducks Unlimited’s film visits three generations of the Jobes family in Havre de Grace, Md.

    The Jobes, who are Chesapeake Bay watermen, professional decoy carvers and longtime supporters of Ducks Unlimited, practice a unique style of hunting they call “body-booting.” The hunters don survival su...

  • Father's Footsteps • DU Films

    Episode 7

    Ducks Unlimited’s film chronicles a special father-son reunion amid the rice fields and sloughs near Stuttgart, Arkansas.

    Bill Allen was a long-time regional director for Ducks Unlimited in Minnesota. His son, Barry, is a current DU regional director in Montana.

    “Dad and I sat in duck blin...

  • Lake Mattamuskeet • DU Films

    Episode 8

    In Ducks Unlimited’s film “Lake Mattamuskeet,” the DU Films crew visits the Farley family in North Carolina, where they have been hunting and conserving habitat for decades.

    Since he was seven years old, DU Biologist Ed Farley has hunted with his father, John B. Farley; his grandfather, John R...

  • Heartland Heritage • DU Films

    Episode 9

    Ducks Unlimited’s film tells a story of strong bonds built in the outdoors. “Heartland Heritage” visits Daniel Lacy and Chris Martin of Kansas City, Missouri. The two friends, co-workers, hunting partners and DU volunteers share a passion for waterfowling and conservation.

    “I love duck hunting...

  • Charleston, Mississippi • DU Films

    Episode 10

    In Ducks Unlimited’s film “Charleston, Mississippi,” three current and former Ducks Unlimited employees get together for a few days of outstanding waterfowling while reflecting on their careers in the outdoors and conservation.

    “A lot of people ask, when they talk about waterfowlers in general...

  • Delmarva • DU Films

    Episode 11

    Ducks Unlimited’s film tells the story of two partners who built a haven for waterfowl and other wildlife in Delaware.

    Joe Rowan, a Director of Fundraising and Volunteer Relations for Ducks Unlimited, and Bill Lingo, a longtime DU volunteer, worked together for three decades to manage a 160-ac...

  • Ne Pee Nauk • DU Films

    Episode 12

    Ducks Unlimited’s first film from the 2018 season of its acclaimed online series: DU Films explores a rich and unique history of waterfowling at the Ne Pee Nauk Duck Club in Wisconsin.

    The club has been in continuous operation since 1882 and is the oldest active duck club in Wisconsin. The clu...

  • The Golden Mile • DU Films

    Episode 13

    Ducks Unlimited’s “The Golden Mile” explores a unique relationship between two friends who hunt the wetlands and uplands of Nebraska and share a passion for conservation.

    Ryan Brentzel and Jordan Leasure met in high school and bonded through their shared love of hunting and fishing. After scho...

  • S1C1 Home • Rolling Thunder

    Episode 14

  • S2C1 Kickoff • Rolling Thunder

    Episode 15

    Its september 1 and in the south that means hunting season has finally returned. Spence and the crew are kicking it off with resident honkers, a dove field and good food!

  • S2C2 North Bound • Rolling Thunder

    Episode 16

    Hunting isnt always about the "kill", but then again nobody complains about the hunts when the "kill" is what you remember. The 2018 Canada trip for Spence and the Rolling Thunder crew was one of those trips

  • The Hautmans • DU Films

    Episode 17

    Ducks Unlimited’s film joins the Hautman brothers on a special waterfowling trip to North Dakota. Joe, Jim and Bob Hautman are renowned wildlife artists and perennial winners of the federal duck stamp contest.

    “The great thing about hunting in North Dakota mainly is not just the beauty of the ...

  • S1C9 Mike • Rolling Thunder

    Episode 18

  • S1C7 Florida • Rolling Thunder

    Episode 19

  • S1C10 Dear Dad • Rolling Thunder

    Episode 20

  • S1C6 Withdrawals • Rolling Thunder

    Episode 21

  • S1C5 The Extremes • Rolling Thunder

    Episode 22

  • S1C8 Rio Road Trip • Rolling Thunder

    Episode 23

  • S1C2 Canada • Rolling Thunder

    Episode 24