The Hunger

The Hunger

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A modern hunter’s greatest trophy is wild meat. Protein sustains our existence, and those of us who choose to procure our next meal from the outdoors have the greatest respect for the resources we’ve been given. Josh Dahlke learned how to put a knife to work on his family’s 100-year-old farm in central Minnesota, and now he travels the world to slice through the layers of what it means to be a hunter. #theHUNGER

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The Hunger
  • Oklahoma Hogs • The Hunger

    Episode 1

    Their paths converged after a decade of doing life in different directions. It was music that first brought them together, and hunting that triggered a reunion. Benny Carl, from Nashville rock-n-roll band The Tip, joins an old friend to get down and dirty on an Oklahoma hog hunt.

  • Doing It Big • The Hunger

    Episode 2

    Southern Iowa is a whitetail factory, with a long-standing reputation for producing giant white-tailed bucks. So naturally, it's a prime breeding ground for some of the most skilled big-buck hunters you'll ever find. What drives this devotion to targeting mature bucks? Is it all about the antlers...

  • Brothers West • The Hunger

    Episode 3

    “Go West, young man." It’s an adage that has transcended generations of adventurers and hunters. In this short film from THE HUNGER, two brothers head West and strengthen their bond as they explore mule deer country and make meat in a never-ending sea of sage.

  • The Farm • The Hunger

    Episode 4

    We all have that sacred place, those special people, and those powerful early experiences that propelled hunting to the forefront of our identity. For Josh Dahlke, it all started at “The Farm.”

  • Osceola Spring Slam • The Hunger

    Episode 5

    Forget about white sandy beaches and flip-flops. Grab your guns, pull on your snake boots, and head to South Florida for spring break. With its diverse menu of hunting opportunities, Osceola country is the ideal destination to warm up and make meat after a long winter.

  • Lone Star Chital • The Hunger

    Episode 6

    After my first hunt for axis deer (aka "chital"), and especially after biting into an axis steak, I was captivated by these mysterious spotted deer. As an "exotic" species, you can hunt axis deer in Texas 24/7/365. Axis venison is insanely delicious—reason enough to hunt them—and the pursuit of t...

  • Slow And Steadfast • The Hunger

    Episode 7

    The numerous and often unexpected challenges of hunting pronghorn antelope on public land can be overwhelming to any hunter. Killing an antelope on this hunt seemed impossible at times, but the meaty results proved we have to keep our heads in the game all the way down to the wire.

  • Good Ol’ Boys • The Hunger

    Episode 8

    It’s early January in the Mississippi Delta, and as the waters are rising we take advantage of a unique opportunity to hunt late-season whitetails and make meat at Cottonmouth—the legendary property where Will Primos and his crew spend much of their deer season. After a successful hunt for a gorg...

  • When The Smoke Rolls • The Hunger

    Episode 9

    Early muzzleloader season in Kansas can present a great chance to connect with a great white-tailed buck. But in this case, it also meant the cherished opportunity to reconnect with Mike Burns, a great friend and passionate outdoorsman who recently beat cancer. Experiences like this remind us wha...

  • Give & Take • The Hunger

    Episode 10

    Our human relationship with land and wildlife is complex and ever changing, but as hunters we’re privileged to build a steadfast understanding of the natural world—and our responsibility to sustain it—through every step we take in our pursuits. Recently, during what could’ve been viewed as a rout...

  • Sandhills • The Beasts (Part 1 Of 2) • The Hunger

    Episode 11

    At a hunter's first glance, it's easy to underestimate the potential of Nebraska's Sandhills. How could this rough, barren country hold any game? Truth is, when you dig deeper and put your glass on the ground, you can find outstanding populations of mule deer and whitetails ... including mature b...

  • Sandhills • The Birds (Part 2 of 2) • The Hunger

    Episode 12

    After wrapping up an action-packed deer hunt, it was time to grab a shotgun and head back into the Sandhills with hopes of finding some feathers. The hills delivered with a couple of fall turkeys and a gorgeous prairie chicken. A fine wild meal with locally sourced ingredients put the ideal cap o...