Ingredient: WILD

Ingredient: WILD

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No protein is healthier, more sustainable, more locally-sourced or more satisfying than our own wild game well-prepared. Today’s top chefs dig into dishes any seasoned hunter can recreate at home, adding their own spicy take on living our best life outdoors.

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Ingredient: WILD
  • Venison Philly Cheesesteak · Ingredient Wild

    Episode 1

    The classic Philly cheesesteak gets a wild twist when Chef Jeremiah Doughty brings thinly-sliced venison to the griddle.

  • Stuffed Venison Racks · Ingredient Wild

    Episode 2

    Chef Jeremiah Doughty proves simple solutions work best as he prepares a bone-in tenderloin that’ll make a doe-manager out of any hunter.

  • BBQ Shrimp · Ingredient Wild

    Episode 3

    Cultures born close to the water always do seafood the best and, when it comes to shrimp, a Louisiana native like Chef Jean-Paul Bougeois is mighty hard to beat. Follow his lead to bring the best barbecued shrimp to your own home kitchen.

  • Duck Poppers · Ingredient Wild

    Episode 4

    Chef Nathan Duensing puts a new twist on everyone’s favorite waterfowl-based appetizer, a duck popper perfect for any table.

  • Venison Boudin Biscuits • Ingredient Wild

    Episode 5

    For those who’ve only had boudin in grilled sausage form, Chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois has a revelation ready to share. Patties cooked on a griddle and paired with drop biscuits and pickled jalapeños create a crowd favorite every time.

  • Venison Au Vin · Ingredient Wild

    Episode 6

    Chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois translates the French dish Coq Au Vin, rooster with wine, one step further and exchanges chicken for venison, creating an impressive dish anyone will be happy to make.