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Hunt to Eat is a Denver-based hunting and fishing apparel company that was founded on three pillars: community, real food, and conservation. For us, hunting and obtaining our own food is a source of pride and part of our lifestyle. When it comes to cooking wild game, we know your harvest needs to be treated with the respect it deserves. Take your wild game cooking to the next level with Hunt to Eat! In addition to having the best recipes around, find hunting and fishing apparel, articles on conservation, podcasts, and how-to videos on our website:

Hunt To Eat
  • Javelina Ribs and Pricky Pear Margaritas • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 1

    Join Hunt to Eat ambassador Michael Cravens at his home in Arizona and learn how to smoke a rack of javelina ribs and mix up some homemade prickly pear margaritas. Find more wild game recipes and hunting apparel at

  • Fried Quail and Waffles • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 2

    Looking for ways to up your brunch game? Join Hunt to Eat ambassador Michael Cravens at his home in Arizona and learn how to fry homemade buttermilk quail and Belgian waffles. Find more wild game recipes and hunting apparel at

  • Spanish Doves Recipe • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 3

    Are you a die-hard dove hunter? Join Hunt to Eat ambassador Michael Cravens at his home in Arizona and learn how to grill plucked doves and pair them with Spanish pasta. Find Hank Shaw’s cookbooks and apparel at

  • Wild Game Big Mac • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 4

    Hunt to Eat ambassador Michael Cravens recreates the classic McDonald's Big Mac with ground elk, but which is better? The fast-food chain version or the homemade version? A distinguished panel of judges finds out…

  • Venison Dumplings • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 5

    Hunt to Eat ambassador and MasterChef Canada contestant Alyssa LeBlanc loves to experiment in the kitchen. This recipe for delicious, easy venison dumplings is one of her favorites! Follow along as she teaches you how to make them and shares her passion for hunting and wild game cooking. Get Alys...

  • Classic Dove Poppers • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 6

    Who doesn’t love dove poppers? Jalapeños, cream cheese, bacon, and dove breasts are seemingly a match made in heaven. Join Hunt to Eat ambassador Michael Cravens in his kitchen and at his grill to learn how to make this hunter’s classic appetizer. Plus, get Michael’s hat, tee, and apron at huntto...

  • Black Bear Ham • Hunt To Eat

    Episode 7

    Hunt to Eat Ambassador Michael Cravens walks you through the steps to make the best ham you've ever eaten. This recipe is from the MeatEater cookbook (just note that Michael uses less salt). After you're done, try Michael's incredible Hawaiian Bear Ham Sliders recipe at!

  • Smoked Venison Donair • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 8

    Love donair but not quite sure how to make it? Then this recipe’s for you! Join Hunt to Eat ambassador and Masterchef Canada contestant Alyssa LeBlanc in her kitchen and learn how to make smoked venison donair. This classic dish is a meal the whole family will love! You can get Alyssa’s tee at hu...

  • Smoked Duck with Marmalade Tequila Glaze

    Episode 9

    If you’re a duck hunter, you’ll love this recipe that takes plucked ducks to the next level! Join Hunt to Eat ambassador Michael Cravens on his patio while he shows you how to whip up some smokey and citrusy smoked duck. Check out Hunt to Eat’s new waterfowl apparel at!

  • Spicy Venison Bulgogi • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 10

    If you love ground venison recipes with a kick, you need to try Hunt to Eat ambassador Alyssa LeBlanc’s recipe for spicy venison bulgogi. This versatile dish serves up great as a Korean-style burrito, on top of stir fry, or on a bed of rice. Plus, get Alyssa’s hoodie on!