Blood Origins

Blood Origins

3 Seasons

At its core "Blood Origins" is centered on two primary goals:
(1) inspiring the next generation of hunters/outdoorsman to really embrace their heritage
(2) to reach across the aisle to the non-hunting American mainstream audience to show them who we, the American Outdoorsmen, truly are.

Blood Origins
  • Giants Part 1 • Blood Origins

    Composure is a trait forged through discipline. Composure in the face of hunting. Composure in the face of war. It marks a similarity across disciplines forged with bonds unfathomable unless lived.

  • Giants Part 2 • Blood Origins

    Giants walk among us. They have sacrificed for this country, and sometimes return broken, and need the outdoors and hunting to save them from self-destruction. This is a story of one of them. His name is Ryan J. Kuperus. Retired Gunnery Sergeant United States Marine Corps. Koup is a highly decora...

  • Fathers • Blood Origins

    As a young man that trail of life can be steer him to the left or right depending on the values instilled in him. Often the values that are instilled are passed down from generation to generation. Those same values shape young men to be the men they are today. As father himself, it was imperative...

  • Memories • Blood Origins

    From an early age Derek was raised to be a different breed of hunter. It wasn’t all about the kill. His dad instilled in him that being outdoors is an experience. Being outdoors is about making memories and relationships with others. He would take these same values and instill them into his littl...

  • Perspectives Part 1 • Blood Origins

    As hunters, we need to understand the why to why we hunt. But it’s also important to hear from non-hunters about their perspective on hunting. Non-hunter’s perspectives are valuable as they are influenced by the hunters in their lives, how they conduct themselves, and what hunting means to them. ...

  • Perspectives Part 2 • Blood Origins

    It’s always going to be a challenge for hunters to explain to the non-hunting mainstream what hunting is, as it will for the most part seem self-serving. So it’s important to hear from non-hunters whose perspectives about hunting are and have been shaped by the hunters in their lives, and the hun...

  • NY Jaeger • Blood Origins

    A world renowned Michelin Star Chef. Christian Puglisi is a chef born in Sicily, Italy, moved to Copenhagen Denmark as an immigrant child, and was never raised a hunter. Through his culinary exploits Christian is world famous for his engagement with food, understanding agriculture and how to maxi...

  • Project Campfire • Blood Origins

    When one thinks about our hunting community how can we become narrative changers? Project campfire was an experiment where hunters from different walks of life came together with non-hunters to understand how we can communicate who we truly are as hunters. The hunt was not a trophy hunt but a hun...

  • Jaegerin • Blood Origins

    Episode 9

    The hunting world is an intimidating world for a new hunter. Mette came into by her relationship with her boyfriend. She never grew up a hunter. Through the process she started understanding something that was buried in her blood. A means to get clean, organic meat. A means to feed her healthy li...