Wild Hog

Wild Hog

21 Episodes

Check out our collection of wild hog hunting, trapping, and informational videos. Wild Hog hunting has quickly become a pastime for many hunters both for sport and out of necessity.

Wild Hog
  • Man vs. Wild Hogs • Wild Hog Research Project and Hog Hunting

    Episode 1

    The Mossy Oak GameKeepers travel to the Mississippi Delta and discover a unique research project conducted by Mississippi State University. We also take you an unforgettable hog hunt with dogs in the bottomlands of Clay County.
    Managing a property with feral pigs can be a nightmare. Wild hogs ar...

  • BoarBuster Traps • Controlling Wild Hog Populations with Boarbuster Traps

    Episode 2

    The Noble Foundation and WW Livestock systems teamed up and created a fully suspended hog trap that deploys remotely from your cell phone. This is after being able to watch the hogs enter the trap on a live feed through the use of cameras at the trap site. They explain all the benefits of this tr...

  • Oklahoma Hogs • The Hunger

    Episode 3

    Their paths converged after a decade of doing life in different directions. It was music that first brought them together, and hunting that triggered a reunion. Benny Carl, from Nashville rock-n-roll band The Tip, joins an old friend to get down and dirty on an Oklahoma hog hunt.

  • Back to the Beginning • Deer and Hogs in Mississippi

    Episode 4

    Jerry Martin, of Bass Pro Shops, shares a hunt with Toxey, Cuz and Mr. Fox on their home ground.

  • Wild Hog Eradication • Part 2

    Episode 5

    The guys from Jager Pro continue in West Point, Mississippi with wild pig eradication techniques, tips and tactics.

  • Bringin Home the Bacon • Bent Creek Vlog

    Episode 6

    Back at Bent Creek Lodge with all 3 grandsons slinging lead in the rain.

  • Wild Hog Eradication • Part 1

    Episode 7

    Have a wild hog infestation on your property? We feel your pain. Follow along with us as the guys from Jager Pro come to West Point, Ms to evaluate wild pig problem and build traps fit with innovative technology. We’ll cover the latest in wild hog research, trapping and other eradication techniques.

  • Weapon Of Choice For Hog Hunting With Thermal Night Vision.Mp4

    Episode 8

  • Best Time Of Night To Hunt Hogs With Thermal Night Vision.Mp4

    Episode 9

  • Best Way To Hunt Hogs At Night With Thermal Night Vision.Mp4

    Episode 10

  • Do You Need A License To Hunt Hogs.Mp4

    Episode 11

  • Best Lights To Use For Feral Hog Hunting.Mp4

    Episode 12

  • Best Scope For Hog Hunting With Thermal Night Vision.Mp4

    Episode 13

  • June Bacon • The Part Timers

    Episode 14

    The honey-do lists have been completed so Part Timers Bubba, Ernie, Jacob and his son Hoyt are headed to the woods after work to bow hunt hogs. Even after trapping over 100 hogs in two weeks the hogs are still thick and have been smashing the feeders every afternoon. Tune in to see some action p...

  • Ernie’s Death Grip Hog Hunt • The Part Timers

    Episode 15

    Deer season has ended here in NE Florida and Jacob, Bubba and Ernie find them selves teamed up once again to eliminate some hogs. Turkey season is coming up fast and wild hogs are notorious for raiding nests leaving nothing but egg shells behind. The afternoon started out slow but picked up the p...

  • Hog Throws Arrow Back at Hunter • The Part Timers

    Episode 16

    Once or twice a year Jacob gives Bubba and Ernie a call saying the hogs are overrunning his lease and that we need to shoot as many as we can. FAST. We hit the hogs hard in January and February in hopes of saving some turkey nest. Gamekeeping is very important to us so it is crucial to eliminate ...

  • Wild Hog Management with Thermal Optics | Mossy Oak University

    Episode 17

    It's no secret that wild hogs wreak havoc on a property. Here Gamekeeper Austin Delano talks about how important it is to control the hog numbers on a property using thermal optics.

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  • First Time Swine • Carnivore

    Episode 18

    Out of his element, legendary houndsman Calvin Redhouse leaves his home in the Navajo Nation to come to Texas for the first time ever to chase wild hogs with dogs. Calvin’s only hesitation is his fear of Rattlesnakes, and he gets tested not once, but three times to the ways of the slithering mena...

  • Hunting Habit · Thermal Hogs in Texas

    Episode 19

    Memphis Texas is covered in wild hogs and the only effective way to beat them back is with thermal scopes and rifles. We head to Texas to see if we can pile up as many as possible in 3 nights.

  • Big Tire Hogs • Remington Country

    Episode 20

    Blasting some hogs while busting through the swamps of Florida.

  • LA Hogs & TX Turkeys • Remington Country

    Episode 21

    Remington Country, a pioneering television series that first achieved national broadcast status in the late 1990s, continues its long-running legacy. The 2016 edition of Remington Country takes viewers on adventures to include mule deer, whitetails, black bears, feral hogs, bobwhite quail and spr...