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Tips, tactics and How-To videos from hunting enthusiasts around the nation.

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Whitetail Deer • Mossy Oak University
  • How to Secure and Anchor Your Ground Blind

    Episode 1

    Ground blinds come with stakes for securing the ground blind, but for extra security and if you’re planning to leave the blind in one spot for the season, bring some rope and tie the blind down at all four corners. You can also use the rope as a way to add branches or brush to better conceal the ...

  • DIY Bow Hanger • Ground Blind Accessories

    Episode 2

    Ground blinds typically have a rod across the top inside the blind which is a great place to have hooks to keep equipment like bows or binoculars. Take welding rods or some other stiff wire and bend them about two inches from one end and five inches from the other to make an S hook. Wrap the hook...

  • Using a Lifeline or Safety Line

    Episode 3

    The safest way to get up and down a tree without having to be unhooked is a lifeline or safety line. It's a static rope rated for climbing, Treestand Manufacturers Association (TMA) certified, that comes equipped with a prusik knot or two. Use your lineman's belt to put the safety line in place a...

  • Rifle Hunting From a Ground Blind

    Episode 4

    Just because you can make a shot from a distance is no excuse to be lazy. Concealment still matters. Think about your optics and the reflection they may put off. Keep your scope down as much as possible. And if you’re using binoculars to glass, get as far back in the blind as you can to reduce gl...

  • How to Waterproof a Ground Blind

    Episode 5

    Before you set your ground blind up in the woods, you want to spray it with a waterproofing, silicone spray. You want to treat the blind before you set it up to let the treatment set and for the scent to air out. Spray the top and the seams really well to help repel water off of the blind.

  • Tree Stand Safety Tips • Sharing Your Location

    Episode 6

    Before you go into the woods hunting, let somebody know where you are. Tell your spouse, drop a pin send a text and make sure they respond. If you're hunting with a buddy, use the sign in to let them know where you are going. If you decide to go hunt another location, make that known as well. It'...

  • What is a Prusik Knot • Tree Stand Safety Tips

    Episode 7

    Likely developed by climbers or military, a prusik knot allows you to slide up and down a rope, but when you put pressure on it, it locks up. It's a convenient knot to use on your deer stand setup. You loop the prusik knot around your safety line three times, making three clean loops on the rope....

  • Using a Lineman's Belt When Hanging Hanging a New Set

    Episode 8

    You can go up and down a tree freely, bottom to top, with a lineman's belt. You can slide the belt up as you go and lean back, so it will hold you up and allow for hands-free work when putting up a tree stand. If you don't have a lifeline, this is the next best method for getting up and down a tr...

  • Best Locations For Late Season Whitetail Hunting

    Episode 9

    Late season whitetail deer hunting has the ability to produce some of the best hunting conditions hunters will experience all season. It’s post rut hunting, meaning the deer have finished breeding and their focus will shift from rutting activity to food, to prepare for the upcoming cold weather c...

  • Late Season Whitetail Archery Tactics

    Episode 10

    When archery hunting late season whitetail deer, there are several variables to consider that present themselves more than ever during that time of the year. The temperatures are typically getting very cold through the range of deer. Their behavior has switched from focusing on breeding during th...

  • How to Pattern Late Season Whitetails

    Episode 11

    Late season can be the best time to hunt deer. However, your ability as a hunter may only prove to be as good as your ability to understand whitetail deer behavior patterns. Deer movement can be the best you will experience all season if you find yourself over the right food source with event dec...

  • Tree Stand Safety Tips • Staying Connected

    Episode 12

    The number one safety rule when hanging a tree stand or hunting from a tree stand is being connected to the tree at all times. When climbing a tree to place a tree stand, use a lineman's belt as you go up. Once you get to the top, place your safety line. You can adjust your safety line with a pru...

  • Best Food Sources for Late Season Whitetails

    Episode 13

    When deer hunting late season whitetails, food sources are where hunters will find the deer. It is what would be considered post rut deer hunting. Bucks have spent the last several weeks chasing does during the rut. In this video, Mossy Oak’s Rusty McDaniels explains what the best winter food plo...

  • How To Hunt Late Season Whitetails • Treestand vs. Ground Blind

    Episode 14

    Whether to deer hunt during late season bucks out of a treestand or a groundblind depends on a few different variables. Deer hunting from the ground and deer hunting from a treestand both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this video, Mossy Oak’s Rusty McDaniels explains the differen...

  • 6 Tips For All Day Sits During The Rut

    Episode 15

    Dustin Whitacre shares what he’s learned about staying comfortable while hunting all day.

  • Morning vs. Evening Hunting • Late Season Whitetails

    Episode 16

    When deer hunting during late season, the best time of day to see deer can vary depending on the weather, hunting pressure, and the moon. Many professionals have their fixed opinion as it relates to morning vs. evening hunting. In this video, Mossy Oak’s Rusty McDaniels dives in the hunting strat...

  • Grunting During The Rut | Whitetail Calls

    Episode 17

    Dustin Whitacre describes the best scenarios to use a grunt call while hunting the rut.

  • Best All Day Hunting Locations During The Rut

    Episode 18

    Dustin Whitacre describes his favorite locations for all day sits while hunting the rut.

  • Rattling During The Rut | Whitetail Calls

    Episode 19

    Dustin Whitacre describes the best scenarios to use rattling antlers while hunting the rut.

  • Using A Snort Wheeze During The Rut | Whitetail Calls

    Episode 20

    Dustin Whitacre describes the best scenarios to use a snort wheeze while hunting.

  • Whitetail Doe Calls & Vocalizations During The Rut

    Episode 21

    Dustin Whitacre shares what he’s learned in the field about whitetail doe sounds and vocalizations.

  • Pre-Rut Hunting Tips | Morning vs. Evening

    Episode 22

    Jimmy Riley discusses the most productive time to be in the woods during pre-rut.

  • Pre-Rut Trail Camera Locations

    Episode 23

    Jimmy Riley discusses whitetail behavior and the best locations for trail cameras during pre-rut.

  • Scouting While Hunting Pre-Rut | Whitetail Hunting Tips

    Episode 24

    Jimmy Riley shares his favorite method of scouting for pre-rut bucks.