The Obsessed

The Obsessed

4 Seasons

In this series, we follow the Obsessed of Mossy Oak and show the aspects of the outdoors that have affected their lives and have become a part of who they are.

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The Obsessed
  • Cypress Swamp Osceolas • Turkey Hunting in the Florida Marsh

    Episode 1

    Dustin “Shed” Whitacre and Neill Haas head to south Florida to hunt Osceolas in the swamp. Mossy Oak’s Obsession was founded on turkey hunting, and turkey hunting is why Mossy Oak exists. Watch as these guys chase their obsession.

  • Alabama Bottomland • Southern Turkey Hunting

    Episode 2

    Toxey Haas, Daniel Haas, Neill Haas and Chris Paradise chase Alabama Eastern wild turkeys on opening day. Learn more about Mossy Oak’s original camo pattern, Bottomland.

  • Rio Round Up • South Texas Turkey Hunting

    Episode 3

    This episode of The Obsessed takes us to west Texas during the first week of Mossy Oak's annual Rio Roundup.

  • Kentucky Thunder • Southeast Kentucky Turkey Hunting

    Episode 4

    In association with the National Wild Turkey Federation, this episode features Walt Gabbard, videographer for Mossy Oak and Josh Grossenbacher, Mossy Oak ProStaffer and turkey calling champion. A Kentucky hunt for Eastern wild turkeys gets intense when a gobbler comes incredibly close to the hunter.

  • Black Hills Magic • Wyoming Turkey Hunting

    Episode 5

    The final episode of The Obsessed from the 2017 turkey season takes us out west to the Black Hills of Wyoming chasing Merriam's.

  • Big River Bowfishing • Big Southern Carp

    Episode 6

    Chuck Belmore and Jon Justice of The Habit TV share their obsession for the fast-growing sport of bowfishing.

  • New Mexico Mountain Country • Muzzleloader Elk Hunting

    Episode 7

    Ben Maki and Dustin Whitacre of Mossy Oak head out West to hunt elk with muzzleloaders. While western elk hunts can be physically demanding, what you get from it makes it all worth it.

  • Drury Outdoors • A Look at Their Deer Hunting Obsession

    Episode 8

    According to Mark Drury, “You don’t choose your obsession; your obsession chooses you.”

    The Drury family obsession with the outdoors began with their grandfather. For him, hunting was a necessity. They had to hunt to eat. Beginning with rabbits and squirrels, Mark and Terry developed a passi...

  • Maki Family Farm • Kentucky Deer Hunting

    Episode 9

    This episode of “The Obsessed” features Ann, Ben, Hawkins and Geoff Maki as they hunt Ben’s farm in Kentucky, which has 47 harvested bucks to date. Watch “The Obsessed” on the all-new
    Ben has only harvested one of the 47 bucks on his property but he says, “The ones that mean the ...

  • Vatoville Deer Rattling • Texas Deer Hunting

    Episode 10

    This episode features Pat Epling and Walt Gabbard as they hunt whitetails at Vatoville in Texas.

    Hunting Texas whitetails is always exciting, but this hunt provides a unique perspective through the art of rattling antlers to bring in bucks. Rattling in deer is a challenge, but an experience...

  • Nebraska Whitetails and Mule Deer

    Episode 11

    Kevin Tate and Dustin “Shed” Whitacre hunt both whitetails and mule deer in the cold sandhills of Nebraska. Hunting both species of deer is very different adding an interesting twist to the hunt.

    “The best way to describe an obsession with the outdoors is to look at the toughest parts of it…...

  • Duck Dreams • Toxey Haas

    Episode 12

    Duck Dreams features Mossy Oak founder Toxey Haas as he prepares for duck season. This episode begins with July planting and wraps up with a successful January hunt with his sons.

    “People won’t believe the things you do for ducks,” Haas shares as he prepares a crop duster to seed his proper...