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Saltwater Fishing • Mossy Oak University
  • Best Artificial Baits to Use When Fishing for Tripletail

    Episode 1

    According to Joe Furlan with Furlan’s Marine Inc. in Gautier, Mississippi, if a tripletail is hungry, it’ll bite whatever you put in front of it. The best bait to use for tripletail is whatever they are feeding on. For example, if you see a trash line, you may notice a bunch of little bitty bait ...

  • Best Live Bait for Tripletail Fishing

    Episode 2

    According to Joe Furlan with Furlan’s Marine Inc. in Gautier, Mississippi, the best live baits for tripletail fishing are shrimp, pogie fish, finger mullet and bull minnows. Any bait fish that is small enough for the tripletail to eat is recommended.

  • How To Catch Tripletail • Where to Look

    Episode 3

    Joe Furlan with Furlan’s Marine Inc. in Gautier, Mississippi, explains where to look when fishing for tripletail. Tripletail, also known as blackfish, is an odd-looking fish that is absolutely delicious. The tripletail’s behavior is unique in that it floats on its side. The purpose of this floati...

  • Best Fishing Rig for Catching Tripletail

    Episode 4

    Joe Furlan with Furlan’s Marine Inc. in Gautier, Mississippi, explains what type of rig to use for catching tripletail. For a tripletail under about 15 pounds, any bait caster will do, but over 15 pounds you really want something with power. Be sure you have plenty of line should the fish run on ...

  • Targeting Trophy Speckled Trout • The Speckled Truth

    Episode 5

    Confidence is key when it comes to fishing for trophy trout. Moon phase, tide and time of year are key indicators of when trout will bite. The new and full moon are when you have the greatest solunar activity and that's when the trout will eat more. Tide correlates to the moon phase. The full and...

  • Tripletail Fishing Tip • When to Set the Hook

    Episode 6

    Once you stop and drop your bait – shrimp, pogie, mullet, whatever it may be – it gets really nervous and starts swimming. The tripletail will turn over from its side and attack. When it attacks you want to give a good 3, 4 count to let that hook go in enough to set. Tripletail have rally hard mo...

  • Targeting Trophy Speckled Trout • Moon, Tide, and Solunar Activity

    Episode 7

    Solunar tables are a fisherman's best friend. Solunar periods dictate high rates of activity. The moon in its relationship to the earth, as well as the sun and its pull, are all playing a part in that high solunar activity. If the moon is coming up at the same time as the sun is coming up, you ha...

  • Best Time of Year to Catch Big Speckled Trout

    Episode 8

    As a wade fisherman, fishing late fall to early spring is ideal especially in estuaries in Florida and Texas. When the water cools, trophy trout will pull up onto a flat chasing the heartier mullet. The water temperature fluctuates more in those flats day to day. When the weather gets colder, go ...

  • Targeting Trophy Speckled Trout • The Mental Game

    Episode 9

    You're targeting one specific bite and that's the one from a big speckled trout. Shift your mindset to expecting not to get a bite, so that you don't get discourage too quickly. Maintain your confidence in your ability in terms of technique and in reading the water and solunar activity. Knowing y...

  • Topwater Tuna Fishing Setup

    Episode 10

    One of the most important things to look at when setting up a casting rod and reel for tuna fishing is comfortability. You want a rod and reel combo that you can cast comfortably many times. Another thing to think about when setting up a casting rod and reel are its limitations and the size of th...

  • Offshore Fishing • Locating and Fishing Rips, Weedlines and Color Changes

    Episode 11

    When you come across a distinct color change offshore, you’ll have different species of fish meeting there. There are different kinds of bait fish and predatory fish gathering there where temperature, current or color change holds those fish. It becomes a two-lane highway where predatory fish are...

  • Blue Water VS. Green Water

    Episode 12

    Where freshwater and saltwater come together, you can see a variety of colors and color changes in the water. River water is typically brown and when it slides across the top of the saltwater, it can create a variety of colors. As the freshwater begins to mix with the saltwater, you’ll see more g...

  • How to Catch Live Bait for Tuna

    Episode 13

    Mark Davis of BigWater Adventures is an accomplished saltwater fisherman. The first step to successful offshore fishing is catching live bait. If you’re fishing for yellowfin tuna, you need to know what they’re feeding on and how to locate and catch that bait. For bait fish like menhaden/pogies, ...

  • Best Way to Rig a Topwater for Tuna Fishing

    Episode 14

    There are many different ways to rig a topwater bait for tuna fishing. In general, you want a leader that connects to the main line and some type of swivel that connects the leader to the bait. One of the best ways to rig a topwater for tuna is to add a split o-ring to the leader connecting the l...

  • Live Baiting for Tuna

    Episode 15

    Live baiting is usually the most productive method for catching yellowfin tuna. Some of the most common live baits used when tuna fishing in the gulf are threadfin herring, menhaden/pogies, blue runners/hardtails, and mullet. When choosing a live bait for tuna fishing, you want to “match the hatc...

  • Topwater Tuna Fishing Tip

    Episode 16

    It can take a lot of effort to throw topwater for tuna. One way to save some energy and use less effort is to throw it underhanded or backhanded like in tennis. Mark Davis has had a lot of success topwater fishing for tuna with the underhand throwing method as it takes less arm effort because it ...

  • How to Find Tuna in the Gulf of Mexico

    Episode 17

    You can catch tuna in a lot of different variables, so the main consideration when trying to find tuna is food. Tuna like to eat, so if you find the bait, you’ll find the tuna. You can use services like Hilton’s Offshore that will tell you altimetry, which is where your bait is going to be. If yo...

  • Best Live Bait for Tuna Fishing

    Episode 18

    The right bait is crucial for tuna fishing. Tuna feed on different baits depending on the season, so if you have every bait but the one they want, you’re going to have a hard time. Take the necessary time to get the right bait and it will pay dividends. A livewell full of bait doesn’t always guar...

  • Best Way to Package Fresh Ahi Tuna

    Episode 19

    Cut the yellowfin tuna filleted loins in gallon-size-bag chunks with the skin still on. Place skin side down, then meat to meat to prevent the skin from touching the tuna meat. Seal the bag air-tight and get it cold immediately. Layer the cooler with ice, meat, ice and so on. If it will be in the...

  • Best Conditions for Catching Yellowfin Tuna • Offshore Fishing Tip

    Episode 20

    Is it better to catch tuna in sunny or overcast conditions? For Captain Kevin Beach, the preference is overcast, 1 to 2-foot chop with some dirtiness to the water. You can use heavier leaders if the water is a little dirty, which means you can increase the drag on the reel allowing you to catch f...

  • Best Live Bait Presentation • Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

    Episode 21

    Live baiting is usually the most productive method for yellowfin tuna fishing but presentation is key. The most effective live bait presentation for catching yellowfin is achieved by collar hooking the bait. To collar hook a bait, you want to hook the bait on the back side of the gills on top of ...

  • Trolling for Yellowfin Tuna

    Episode 22

    Blackfin and Yellowfin tuna are often found feeding in large groups on current driven bait balls in a specific location. When there is little to no current and the bait is spread out, trolling can be very effective. Blackfin, Yellowfin, and even Bluefin tuna will spread out around an oil rig or b...

  • How To Clean a Yellowfin Tuna • Removing the Bloodline

    Episode 23

    Once you have your tuna loins cut out of the fish, you want to remove the bloodline. The bloodline is a darker strip of meat that is more fishy tasting and often oily. The thick end of the strip is shallow and gets deeper as it gets thinner down the meat. You don’t want to cut too deep and get th...

  • What is Chunking for Tuna • Offshore Fishing Tip

    Episode 24

    Chunking is taking dead bait, cutting it up and releasing a slow and steady stream of chum. You don’t want to overfeed, but have enough to get the tuna to come up to your chum slick. Be sure your hook baits are larger sized so other fish won’t take it. Have enough slack in your line so the larger...