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Best Way to Rig a Topwater for Tuna Fishing

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Saltwater Fishing • Mossy Oak University

How to Catch Live Bait for Tuna

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  • Best Way to Rig a Topwater for Tuna F...

    There are many different ways to rig a topwater bait for tuna fishing. In general, you want a leader that connects to the main line and some type of swivel that connects the leader to the bait. One of the best ways to rig a topwater for tuna is to add a split o-ring to the leader connecting the l...

  • Live Baiting for Tuna

    Live baiting is usually the most productive method for catching yellowfin tuna. Some of the most common live baits used when tuna fishing in the gulf are threadfin herring, menhaden/pogies, blue runners/hardtails, and mullet. When choosing a live bait for tuna fishing, you want to “match the hatc...

  • Topwater Tuna Fishing Tip

    It can take a lot of effort to throw topwater for tuna. One way to save some energy and use less effort is to throw it underhanded or backhanded like in tennis. Mark Davis has had a lot of success topwater fishing for tuna with the underhand throwing method as it takes less arm effort because it ...