Rolling Thunder - Just Hunting

Rolling Thunder - Just Hunting

Spencer Halford and the Rolling Thunder Game Calls crew fit the Mossy Oak motto "It's not a passion. It's an obsession." And the heart of their obsession is waterfowl. From geese and ducks throughout fall/winter and chasing turkeys in the spring, their isn't much of an offseason. Follow a crew that knows the importance of friends and family and shares the unique bond of waterfowlers.

Rolling Thunder - Just Hunting
  • Ep 59 • Grand Opening • Rolling Thunder

    Life is a combination of a million moments in time. The overwhelming majority of those moments are mundane, and immediately forgotten. Some of them, however, boldly stand out in our own story. For Rolling Thunder Game Calls, September the 17th was a defining moment. Join us as we reflect on the g...

  • Ep 58 • Twenty-Two • Rolling Thunder

    During the early honker season, very few of the local farmers were shelling corn. We watched lots of small groups before deciding to hunt a group out behind our buddy's cotton gin. We don't typically hunt early season groups when there's fewer than 100 geese, but this group was different...we we...

  • Ep 57 • Red Dirt • Rolling Thunder

    Most folks think about mallards coming through the treetops when they hear "Rolling Thunder." We've been known to get outside the Mississippi Flyway and shoot a few in foreign territory from time to time. For this episode, we traded the green timber of the Natural State for the red dirt of Oklaho...

  • Ep 56 • Just Enough • Rolling Thunder

    As duck hunters we all want to kill as many ducks as the law allows. Some days however, it’s good to take a step back, look around, and realize that a limit isn’t actually why we’re there.   Sharing a tree with a friend, kicking knee deep water, and watching the sun come up in an oak flat is a gi...

  • Ep 55 • 3 Ring Circus • Rolling Thunder

    There's no such thing as the "offseason" for us here at Rolling Thunder. We've got two seasons; Hunting Season and Tradeshow Season. Tradeshows are a vital part of what we do. We love meeting our customers and getting to see old friends, making some new ones, and hearing your hunting stories. The...

  • Ep 54 • White Spread • Rolling Thunder

    When you go to Canada, you dream about shooting ducks and geese from the same spread on the ground. When you're fortunate enough to find them feeding together, it gives you the chance to throw the kitchen sink at 'em. Our final hunt last fall was a memorable one from the white spread.

  • Ep 53 • City Limits • Rolling Thunder

    Don't doubt the scout! After a frustrating morning that included variable winds and ducks landing long, the Rolling Thunder crew gets on a great afternoon hunt just outside the city limits.

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  • Ep 52 • Out of Office • Rolling Thunder

    Now that the 2022 turkey season has come to an end, the Rolling Thunder crew takes a trip to Venice, LA for some R&R the longest way possible. Along the way, we stop in West Point, MS to drop in on our friends at Mossy Oak and Lite Boots.

  • Ep 51 • Wisconsin • Rolling Thunder

    With the 2022 Wild Turkey season coming to a close nationwide, Josh Grossenbacher and Hunter Wallis prepare for one more push. They're headed north to the Badger State looking forward to beautiful scenery, great hospitality, and the willing gobblers that the state is known for.

  • S5C10 Giving Back • Rolling Thunder

    The 4th Annual Rolling Thunder Charity Golf Scramble raises money to benefit the Carl Perkins Center. We are very blessed to do what we do. Some would say that we are "living the dream" but life is about a lot more than duck calls and river bottom gobblers. We believe that we should use our busin...

  • S5C9 Hoosier Daddy • Rolling Thunder

    Rob Kinney from Rolling Thunder went up to Indiana to hunt some family ground with a few duck hunting buddies from Stuttgart, Arkansas. This trip to Indiana really started around a duck camp table before opening morning of the Arkansas duck season. There, Taylor Sweetin, Cody Clemons, and Rob lai...

  • S5C8 Nancy's Vision • Rolling Thunder

    Nancy Wallis was a very special person to so many people in the Mossy Oak family, but none more than her husband Jeff and her son Hunter. A few weeks ago, RT Bailey of Rolling Thunder Game Calls had the privilege of attending the first annual Nancy’s Vision charitable youth turkey hunt in Pennsy...

  • S5C7 The Invitational • Rolling Thunder

    The Invitational is one of our most favorite events of the year. Good friends, great food, and an incredible Cause, makes our annual trip to South Carolina something we really enjoy.

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  • S5C6 Youth Camp • Rolling Thunder

    About three or four years ago, a few of us got together and came up with idea to host an annual Youth Camp here in Somerville, TN to kick off the start of turkey season with the kids. There's nothing more boring for a kid than being stuck at hunting camp with a bunch of old guys. This was a way f...

  • S5C5 Early Specks • Rolling Thunder

    We spent the morning Jarrett Prince and the guys at Sunkenland Outfitters for an awesome early season specklebelly hunt.

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  • S5C4 Handlebars • Rolling Thunder

    After shooting geese for a few days and putting in some hard scouting, we finally got on a good feed of mallards. It always feels good to get 'em, but when you get 'em right after you've taken a couple big L's on the chin, it's a little sweeter. And this one, for us, was the start of a pretty sal...

  • S5C3 Canada • Rolling Thunder

    After two years of being locked out of Canada because of the closed border, we are finally back and, boy, does it feel good! Conditions were tougher this year than most due to significant drought in our area. They didn't make it easy on us for the first couple of days. But you give a couple south...

  • S5C2 Homecoming • Rolling Thunder

    It’s September and we’re still shooting geese here at home. On this particular hunt, our buddy Dr. Ben Kinney was able to watch from the sidelines. After having his back broken in a fishing accident, it was an extra special “homecoming” to get Ben out of the house and have him there with us!


  • S5C1 September Smash • Rolling Thunder

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  • S4C10 Dear Family • Rolling Thunder

  • S4C9 Western Tour • Rolling Thunder

    As the calendar rolls into May, the Rolling Thunder crew heads out west to help Kirk finish his grand slam with a white-tipped Merriam. From there, things got western!

  • S4C8 Perspective • Rolling Thunder

    Life is about perspective. I’ve found that my attitude about a situation is almost 100% dependent upon my perspective

  • S4C7 Camp JEBs • Rolling Thunder

    Taking our team to hunt in Georgia with our friends at JEBs Choke Tubes has become the annual kick off for the spring turkey season, and for most of us, it's our favorite stop of the entire spring campaign!

  • S4C6 Grind-cation • Rolling Thunder

    After 5 years of Dylan following us around filming duck hunts, we figured it was due time for us to give the goose grind an honest go. We loaded the trailer and gave late season Missouri honkers a try.