Rolling Thunder - Just Hunting

Rolling Thunder - Just Hunting

Spencer Halford and the Rolling Thunder Game Calls crew fit the Mossy Oak motto "It's not a passion. It's an obsession." And the heart of their obsession is waterfowl. From geese and ducks throughout fall/winter and chasing turkeys in the spring, their isn't much of an offseason. Follow a crew that knows the importance of friends and family and shares the unique bond of waterfowlers.

Rolling Thunder - Just Hunting
  • Ep 79 • Colorado Chaos • Rolling Thunder

    Last fall Tripp & Levi traveled to Colorado to shoot honkers. In the process they learned a whole lot about airports and airplanes.

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  • Ep 78 • Boozer Out West • Rolling Thunder

    Sometimes what you need is one more go. Our buddy Michael Boozer found himself in that boat at the end of May…. A last minute trip out west was the perfect way to wrap it up.

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  • Ep 77 • Penn’s Woods • Rolling Thunder

    Hunter, Josh, and Jeff have a tradition of hunting the May 1st Pennsylvania spring season together each year. This spring’s hunting was top notch with multiple opportunities for everyone to get a bird.
    Seems like Penn’s woods never disappoints our crew

  • Ep 76 • Volunteer State • Rolling Thunder

    It's more action from Tennessee this week! Hunter Wallis and his dad are cutting the distance on bird they've struck. When this gobbler decides to break, things get wild... this one's short, but sweet!

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  • Ep 75 • God Bless Texas • Rolling Thunder

    Hunter Wallis is in Texas on a farm that hasn’t been hunted. High hopes ended fast when nothing gobbled on the roost. But what we love about turkey hunting is that everything can change in a hurry.

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  • Ep 74 • Silver Fox • Rolling Thunder

    Hunter Wallis and his dad, Jeff, are in West Tennessee hunting one of Spence's spots. Jeff is on the gun, and they find themselves surrounded by a bunch of hard-gobbling birds willing to play the game. It's perfect weather in early April, and the old "Silver Fox" finds himself in the hen house wi...

  • Ep 73 • Missouri Opener • Rolling Thunder

    It's the Missori Opener and Spence is in the Ozark mountains with JR Lanham, Josh Grossenbacher, and Hunter Wallis. Checking ridges and looking for hot gobbler, one thing is for sure….. If you're a turkey you don’t want that trio yelping at you.

  • Ep 72 • Flydown • Rolling Thunder

    Josh Grossenbacher and Hunter Wallis are hunting in Ohio. They've got several birds roosted near Josh's home and have a solid plan for getting in tight right off the roost.

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  • Ep 71 • Middle Tennessee • Rolling Thunder

    Hunter and Jeff Wallis are in middle Tennessee hunting with our long-time friend, Rich McGowan. After a slow start, Hunter finds a group of gobblers cutting across a pasture and manages to get around in front of them. Tennessee is home for us, and it's awful fun to be able to share it with friend...

  • Ep 70 • Papa Garey’s Farm • Rolling Thunder

    Papa Garey’s farm is a special place that’s been in Spence’s family for nearly 100 years. Four generations later, the farm is home to an abundant population of deer and Turkey, and the hard work of Papa Garey is still producing results. In this episode, spence shares the story of this farm…. A re...

  • Ep 69 • River Bottom Dirt • Rolling Thunder

    Turkey hunting your own dirt gives you a significant advantage.  It’s especially fun to be able to share your knowledge of your own farm with close friends.  In this episode, Spence and Chuck share their favorite river bottom dirt with their buddy Michael Boozer.

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  • Ep 68 • Kids Double • Rolling Thunder

    Taking a kid hunting can be a truly special and unique experience, not to mention there is nothing more beneficial to the future of hunting than involving the next generation. On this hunt we were treated to the experience of a lifetime while turkey hunting Missouri in the snow, in APRIL. Capped ...

  • Ep 67 • South Georgia • Rolling Thunder

    We’re in S Georgia hunting on the Jeb’s farm with the Sears Family. Tight lipped gobblers made for some tough hunting until Late one morning we found one with a serious death wish! It’s crazy how fast things can turn around when you bump in to a hot one.

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  • Ep 66 • Home Field Advantage • Rolling Thunder

    After a few days spent chasing Rios in the southwest, our friends Jeff Lovan and Brandon Pendergrass return to Missouri to deal some damage on their home turf. A quick stop at one of their familiar haunts has them right where they want to be; dueling in the ridges and hollows with a couple hard g...

  • Ep 65 • Weekend with Dad • Rolling Thunder

    Spending a few days hunting with your Dad is always a good idea.  Spence and his Dad recently spent a weekend in Stuttgart, AR enjoying great hunts at Slick McCullum’s and at Lost Island.  
    You only get so many sunrises from the duck woods, and the opportunity to share them with your Dad never ge...

  • Ep 64 • Sunshine • Rolling Thunder

    A plan is always perfect until it’s not. In this case, it was a hunting trip between friends arranged a year in advance that ended up right in the middle of a week long stretch of warm, cloudy days; everyone’s favorite duck hunting conditions. You can’t kill ‘em from the couch though, and the guy...

  • Ep 63 • Sweet Corn • Rolling Thunder

    A trip to Alberta in November seemed a little crazy to us, but our buddy Thomas Gilpin promised us it would be one we wouldn’t forget. Sub zero temps, ridiculous amounts of snow coupled with the pre-season Arkansas jitters had everyone wound a little tight and worried we’d made a bad decision. On...

  • Ep 62 • Opening Day • Rolling Thunder

    It’s opening weekend in Arkansas and there’s no where we would rather be than in the woods! Surrounded by family and close friends, we’re soaking up every moment of our favorite time of the year. Welcome back duck season!

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  • Ep 61 • Maddie • Rolling Thunder

    There's no substitute for good friends and good role models in a young girl’s life. Combining the two on a hunting trip is a great way to create lifelong memories, learning opportunities, great conversation and stories that are for sure to last a lifetime. In January, Maddie and Spence made a tri...

  • Ep 60 • Twister • Rolling Thunder

    Nature sometimes has a way of reminding you how little you actually control. Northeast Arkansas was devastated with tornadoes last December, and a block of our favorite duck woods wasn’t spared from the destruction. Despite “the perils of the storm” Spence, Jeff and a few friends were able to exp...

  • Ep 59 • Grand Opening • Rolling Thunder

    Life is a combination of a million moments in time. The overwhelming majority of those moments are mundane, and immediately forgotten. Some of them, however, boldly stand out in our own story. For Rolling Thunder Game Calls, September the 17th was a defining moment. Join us as we reflect on the g...

  • Ep 58 • Twenty-Two • Rolling Thunder

    During the early honker season, very few of the local farmers were shelling corn. We watched lots of small groups before deciding to hunt a group out behind our buddy's cotton gin. We don't typically hunt early season groups when there's fewer than 100 geese, but this group was different...we we...

  • Ep 57 • Red Dirt • Rolling Thunder

    Most folks think about mallards coming through the treetops when they hear "Rolling Thunder." We've been known to get outside the Mississippi Flyway and shoot a few in foreign territory from time to time. For this episode, we traded the green timber of the Natural State for the red dirt of Oklaho...

  • Ep 56 • Just Enough • Rolling Thunder

    As duck hunters we all want to kill as many ducks as the law allows. Some days however, it’s good to take a step back, look around, and realize that a limit isn’t actually why we’re there.   Sharing a tree with a friend, kicking knee deep water, and watching the sun come up in an oak flat is a gi...