Rolling Thunder - Just Hunting

Rolling Thunder - Just Hunting

Spencer Halford and the Rolling Thunder Game Calls crew fit the Mossy Oak motto "It's not a passion. It's an obsession." And the heart of their obsession is waterfowl. From geese and ducks throughout fall/winter and chasing turkeys in the spring, their isn't much of an offseason. Follow a crew that knows the importance of friends and family and shares the unique bond of waterfowlers.

Rolling Thunder - Just Hunting
  • 4 Steps • Rolling Thunder Episode 94

    Ever had a gobbler cover 500 yards and end up at 4 steps? When Hunter Wallis & Josh Grossenbacher are yelping, you never know what might happen! Go ahead and enjoy this one…. Because the title says it all!

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  • Evening Gobbler • Rolling Thunder Episode 93

    Josh & Hunter travel from Ohio to meet their buddy Tom Bergholz & Justin Sellnow. They roll in just in time to make a play on a few gobblers late that afternoon.

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  • Stubborn Mountain Bird • Rolling Thunder Episode 92

    After several days of chasing stubborn public land gobblers in Missouri, Josh finally connects with one. This episode is full of great calling and tons of gobbling, as Josh & JR run through all their tricks at this group of gobblers.

  • Mississippi Madness • Rolling Thunder Episode 91

    This episode Josh Grossenbacher joins up with the Mayatt boys in Mississippi for opening day. The guys have some luck with some hard gobbling, big woods gobblers.

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  • Coveted Tag • Rolling Thunder Episode 90

    The greatest anecdote to a waterfowlers broken heart is a hard gobbling turkey. We started last spring in south Florida for the youth hunt, mending our broken hearts.

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  • To The Plug • Rolling Thunder Episode 89

    Josh Grossenbacher joined the Mayatt family for the Mississippi youth turkey season last year. Brody Mayatt was first up on the gun. While sitting around camp, young Brody made the mistake of telling everyone "he'd never missed a turkey". If you're a seasoned turkey hunter you can imagine how tha...

  • 88 Stack • Rolling Thunder Episode 88

    Shooting ducks in a dry field is always fun, but even more so when there’s some geese using the same field!
    Fall of 2022 was a tough one for us in Saskatchewan, but on this day we won the battle and had an 88 stack to show!

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  • Blessing In Disguise • Rolling Thunder Episode 87

    Join us on our annual duck hunting trip to Saskatchewan. Experience the thrill, the camaraderie, and the challenges of a real hunting expedition. From the excitement of the journey north to the intricate scouting and coordination efforts, we share it all. Witness the highs and lows, the successfu...

  • Standing Corn • Rolling Thunder Episode 86

    Ducks were stale on our recent late season trip to Canada.
    After several hunts that didn’t pan out, we found some standing corn to hide in and an open transition pond for an unforgettable afternoon shoot.

  • Head Scout Hodges • Rolling Thunder Episode 85

    We followed a big flight line of snow geese leaving some water and found some ducks feeding in the field next to them. With warm weather the ducks we found were feeding late in the day.It took them a while to get started flying, but Once they finally started ,it was quick, fast and in a hurry!

  • Attitude Adjustment 2 • Rolling Thunder Episode 84

    On the last day of a long Canada trip last fall, we found the ducks piling in a small dugout. No decoys or spinners, and leaned up against the base of a big ol' tree made for a good ol' fashioned Attitude Adjustment...Part 2!

  • Fog • Rolling Thunder Episode 83

    Join the crew as they put their puppy powered waterfowling techniques to the test. Through perfect synergy between hunters and hounds, waves of ducks fall victim to pinpoint shots. But it's not just the bounty they celebrate - these veterans relish the reward of camaraderie that makes the long da...

  • Big & Greasy • Rolling Thunder Episode 82

    We made our way to Alberta for a late season hunt with our buddy Thomas Gilpin. Heavy snow fall and super cold temperatures made for conditions we aren’t used to hunting in! We found an impressive honker feed and things got “big and greasy” in a hurry!

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  • Oklahoma Cattle Pond • Rolling Thunder Episode 81

    Just before Christmas last year, we spent a few days duck hunting in the red dirt of Oklahoma with our friend Kord Etbauer. It’s always fun to take a few days off and get out of the shops!

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  • Cheat Code • Rolling Thunder Episode 80

    Sunshine & strong SE wind are awful hard to beat when you’ve got a fresh duck feed in Canada. We sure are glad to see another fall kick off on the prairie!

  • Ep 79 • Colorado Chaos • Rolling Thunder

    Last fall Tripp & Levi traveled to Colorado to shoot honkers. In the process they learned a whole lot about airports and airplanes.

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  • Ep 78 • Boozer Out West • Rolling Thunder

    Sometimes what you need is one more go. Our buddy Michael Boozer found himself in that boat at the end of May…. A last minute trip out west was the perfect way to wrap it up.

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  • Ep 77 • Penn’s Woods • Rolling Thunder

    Hunter, Josh, and Jeff have a tradition of hunting the May 1st Pennsylvania spring season together each year. This spring’s hunting was top notch with multiple opportunities for everyone to get a bird.
    Seems like Penn’s woods never disappoints our crew

  • Ep 76 • Volunteer State • Rolling Thunder

    It's more action from Tennessee this week! Hunter Wallis and his dad are cutting the distance on bird they've struck. When this gobbler decides to break, things get wild... this one's short, but sweet!

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  • Ep 75 • God Bless Texas • Rolling Thunder

    Hunter Wallis is in Texas on a farm that hasn’t been hunted. High hopes ended fast when nothing gobbled on the roost. But what we love about turkey hunting is that everything can change in a hurry.

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  • Ep 74 • Silver Fox • Rolling Thunder

    Hunter Wallis and his dad, Jeff, are in West Tennessee hunting one of Spence's spots. Jeff is on the gun, and they find themselves surrounded by a bunch of hard-gobbling birds willing to play the game. It's perfect weather in early April, and the old "Silver Fox" finds himself in the hen house wi...

  • Ep 73 • Missouri Opener • Rolling Thunder

    It's the Missori Opener and Spence is in the Ozark mountains with JR Lanham, Josh Grossenbacher, and Hunter Wallis. Checking ridges and looking for hot gobbler, one thing is for sure….. If you're a turkey you don’t want that trio yelping at you.

  • Ep 72 • Flydown • Rolling Thunder

    Josh Grossenbacher and Hunter Wallis are hunting in Ohio. They've got several birds roosted near Josh's home and have a solid plan for getting in tight right off the roost.

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  • Ep 71 • Middle Tennessee • Rolling Thunder

    Hunter and Jeff Wallis are in middle Tennessee hunting with our long-time friend, Rich McGowan. After a slow start, Hunter finds a group of gobblers cutting across a pasture and manages to get around in front of them. Tennessee is home for us, and it's awful fun to be able to share it with friend...