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From coyotes to feral hogs and all sorts of pesky predators in-between, our assortment of videos and articles will help you hunt, spot, stalk, call in and kill with lightning efficiency. Get expert tips on what gear to use and what calls to make, while learning both basic and advanced techniques from the most lethal predator exterminators in the game.

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  • Arizona Coyotes • Carnivore

    Episode 1

    Northern Arizona where the Navajo have allowed Carnivore Host Gary Roberson to roam freely, calling predators against the backdrop of sage flats and towering mountains. It truly is a predator hunter’s dream.

  • Hot Weather Coyotes • Carnivore

    Episode 2

    The 2nd part of a two-part series captured deep in the south Texas brush. Carnivore Host Gary Roberson battles the heat of a late season hunt, far from the echoes of any previous predator call.

  • Bullfighter-Cat Chaser • Carnivore

    Episode 3

    Our old friend, world champion bullfighter Shorty Gorham meets up with Carnivore Host Gary Roberson for chasing Bobcats through the thickest brush in South Texas.

  • Profile of a Hero • Carnivore

    Episode 4

    A longtime friend to Carnivore, predator hunting maniac Kevin Conner is profiled following his death, killed in the line of duty. We re-live a bobcat hunt from several years ago with Kevin and feature the emotional goodby to a decorated officer and good man.

  • Desert Dogs • Carnivore

    Episode 5

    Carnivore Host Gary Roberson joins the Boundless crew William and McLean Russell for calling predators in the west Texas desert.

  • Navajo Houndsman Part 2 • Carnivore

    Episode 6

    In part 2, Navajo Houndsman Calvin Redhouse reveals his incredible year-long project of collecting footage from his hunts during the past season with bears and mountain lions.

  • Arizona Bears • Carnivore

    Episode 7

    Legendary Houndsman Calvin Redhouse takes two Texas women on a Bear hunt with his dogs. The Northern Arizona Mountains inside the boundaries of the giant Navajo Reservation provide the backdrop for a physically demanding hunt where the weather shows no mercy.

  • Navajo Houndsman Part 1 • Carnivore

    Episode 8

    Navajo Houndsman Calvin Redhouse reveals his incredible year-long project of collecting footage from his hunts during the past season with bears and mountain lions.

  • First Time Swine • Carnivore

    Episode 9

    Out of his element, legendary houndsman Calvin Redhouse leaves his home in the Navajo Nation to come to Texas for the first time ever to chase wild hogs with dogs. Calvin’s only hesitation is his fear of Rattlesnakes, and he gets tested not once, but three times to the ways of the slithering mena...

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 11 • Black Bear Ham Recipe

    Episode 10

    A Wild Game Feast at it Finest!! Black Bear Ham Injected with HuntChef Sweet & Spicy Ham Brine Kit! Ham Paired Perfectly with my Signature Sweet Potato Cakes with HuntChef Party Fowl, Maple Glaze and Sautéed Winter Fruit with Pickled Ramp Juice!

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 9 • Coyote Recipes

    Episode 11

    I am going to change the way you feel about eating Coyote! I brined the chops and hind legs, seasoned them with HuntChef Low Down and Dirty Sweet & Smoky BBQ Rub wrapped it up with onions and garlic wrapped it in bacon and smoked it! I also made the best and cheesiest mac and cheese ever! I brine...

  • Off Days • Episode 2 • Trapping 101: with Donald Rawls

    Episode 12

    The wild turkey spends its entire life looking over its shoulder. Even before they are hatched they are in danger. As a turkey hunter we have to help preserve the population as best we can. Trapping can put a significant dent on predators going after not only turkeys but fawns as well. Donald Raw...

  • Predator Management Using Thermal Optics | Mossy Oak University

    Episode 13

    Gamekeeper Austin Delano talks predator management using day-to-night scopes from ATN Corp.

    For more tips and help with land management, check out Mossy Oak GameKeepers.

  • Monster Bucks and Coyotes • Homegrown Experience

    Episode 14

    In this episode coyotes seem to have it out for Austin and his deer season plans. Seems like every time Austin has an encounter with a big mature buck, Coyotes enter the scene....(a lot of coyotes. )

    For all your  hunting gear needs, head to the Mossy Oak Store.

  • Using Natural Backing for Coyote Sets with Alan Probst

    Episode 15

    Alan Probst tells what makes the best backing for coyote trapping.

  • Tips for Trapping Nest Raiders with Alan Probst

    Episode 16

    Alan Probst tells how well a Duke dog proof trap works on nest raiders.

  • Targeting Raccoons around Coyote Trapping Sets with Alan Probst

    Episode 17

    Alan Probst gives tips on how to target raccoons near your coyote set up.

  • Tips on Setting Coyote Traps in Wet Conditions with Alan Probst

    Episode 18

    Alan Probst gives tips on how to make a coyote trap in wet conditions.

  • Choosing the Right Location For Coyote Traps with Alan Probst

    Episode 19

    Alan Probst gives tips on the best location for your coyote trap.

  • Making A Walk Through Set for Coyotes with Alan Probst

    Episode 20

    Alan Probst gives tips on how to make a walk through set up to trap coyotes.

  • Best Traps for Catching Raccoons with Alan Probst

    Episode 21

    Alan Probst gives tips on the best raccoon traps available to use.

  • Coyote Trapping Locations in Pine Plantations with Alan Probst

    Episode 22

    Alan Probst gives tips on using coyote traps in pine woods.

  • Best Traps for Coyote Sets with Alan Probst

    Episode 23

    Alan Probst gives tips on the best coyote traps available to use.

  • How to Make a Dirt Hole Set Start to Finish with Alan Probst

    Episode 24

    Alan Probst gives tips on the process of making a dirt hole trap.