51 Episodes

From coyotes to feral hogs and all sorts of pesky predators in-between, our assortment of videos and articles will help you hunt, spot, stalk, call in and kill with lightning efficiency. Get expert tips on what gear to use and what calls to make, while learning both basic and advanced techniques from the most lethal predator exterminators in the game.

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  • Arizona Bears • Carnivore

    Episode 1

    Legendary Houndsman Calvin Redhouse takes two Texas women on a Bear hunt with his dogs. The Northern Arizona Mountains inside the boundaries of the giant Navajo Reservation provide the backdrop for a physically demanding hunt where the weather shows no mercy.

  • Navajo Houndsman Part 1 • Carnivore

    Episode 2

    Navajo Houndsman Calvin Redhouse reveals his incredible year-long project of collecting footage from his hunts during the past season with bears and mountain lions.

  • First Time Swine • Carnivore

    Episode 3

    Out of his element, legendary houndsman Calvin Redhouse leaves his home in the Navajo Nation to come to Texas for the first time ever to chase wild hogs with dogs. Calvin’s only hesitation is his fear of Rattlesnakes, and he gets tested not once, but three times to the ways of the slithering mena...