Pinhoti Project

Pinhoti Project

4 Seasons

The Pinhoti Project is here to showcase a more simplistic way of hunting, more specifically the hunting of the wild turkey. A way that is available and easily obtainable for all of us, achieved through effort- not fortune and gadgetry. The focus remains on the quarry, as it should.

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Pinhoti Project
  • Kinda Live - Episode 1 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 1

    Join us as we start the 2019 Spring Season off with a bang as 8 year old David Whitlaw kills his FIRST OSCEOLA gobbler shortly after sunrise. It's a February turkey hunt that walks right into our lap- LITERALLY!

  • Kinda Live - Episode 2 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 2

    Join us for an opening day CIRCUS in the South Florida public lands! Due to extensive scouting- we found ourselves in the right spot just after flydown despite the crowds.

  • Kinda Live - Episode 3 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 3

    We are diving back into the cypress swamps on this episode trying to match wits with another public land Osceola gobbler. We bump into a VERY LOST hen who was SCREAMING for company.

  • Kinda Live - Episode 4 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 4

    We are putting in the hours to chase down another public land Osceola! Join us!

  • Kinda Live - Episode 5 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 5

    It's an introduction to a stubborn Osceola gobbler we met in the public lands of South Florida.

  • Kinda Live - Episode 6 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 6

    Join us for an unforgettable public land turkey hunt for a beautiful Osceola gobbler! Have you ever listened to a gobbler walk in water? You will on this episode!

  • Kinda Live - Episode 7 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 7

    Chubbs brings it down to the wire! We slip in super close to a roosted Osceola gobbler and have an unforgettable morning! We find ourselves between 3 gobbling Osceolas as things finally come together!

  • Kinda Live • Episode 8 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 8

    Join me on a couple days in the South Florida swamps for a public land Osceola. Self filming is tough- and down there, virtually impossible. So this turns into a vlog series of my last 2 days and the Gun Camera clip as the hammer falls.

  • Kinda Live • Episode 9 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 9

    It's opening weekend in Alabama! Join us as we come close to sealing the deal while dancing around the fringes of henned up, early season gobblers.

  • Kinda Live • Episode 10 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 10

    Join us as we "do what it takes" to close the gap and tote a fine Alabama longbeard out on the 3rd day of the season. When the turkeys aren't acting like it's Springtime, you've got to get creative!

  • Kinda Live • Episode 11 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 11

    It's the 4th day of the season and we are getting even with an Alabama longbeard!

  • Kinda Live • Episode 12 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 12

    Join us for a few days of close calls in the Alabama hardwoods!

  • Kinda Live • Episode 13 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 13

    Sometimes you just have to take it on the chin! Two days in Alabama where birds were on the cusp of gun range but we were unable to close the deal. Exciting days and great, real world hunting either way!

  • Kinda Live • Episode 14 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 14

    It's the first 2 days of the hunt with the KT Team! The action picks up quick as we are chasing gobblers from wheelchairs. What an inspiration these gentlemen are!

  • Kinda Live • Episode 15 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 15

    You're going to find KT Team president Jason Beard behind the gun and Matt Van Cise behind the calls on this episode as Jason connects on a fine Georgia gobbler!

  • Kinda Live • Episode 16 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 16

    Its time to tangle with some hard pressured Alabama mountain gobblers! We have to pull out all the stops to make it happen this morning!

  • Kinda Live • Episode 17 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 17

    You're not going to want to miss Chubbs getting all "wound tight" as a herd of whitetails nearly foiled a sure opportunity at this hardwoods, public land Alabama gobbler!

  • Kinda Live • Episode 18 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 18

    A hard gobbling hardwoods Eastern in your face doing his springtime thing. What's not to love!?! Watch as this longbeard dancing in front of the .410 for what seems like a decade before presenting an open shot.

  • Kinda Live • Episode 19 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 19

    You're not going to want to miss the surprise we get as it breaks daylight on this morning! And then watch as 3 longbeards are coaxed into .410 range gobbling all the way to the gun!

  • Kinda Live • Episode 20 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 20

    We have to get creative as this hard pressured, Alabama mountain eastern gobbler hangs up on a bench just out of sight! Nearly a 3 hour duel concludes with us winning the war!

  • Kinda Live • Episode 21 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 21

    With a late start to the morning, morale is low. But that quickly turns around as we hike into a chunk of public land full of gobbling turkeys! Watch as we put together the pieces for a public land double!

  • Kinda Live • Episode 22 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 22

    Join us for a thriller of a hunt for a hook spurred South Carolina gobbler and enjoy some incredible hen talk as a bonus!

  • Kinda Live • Episode 23 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 23

    Tag along as I grab the gun for the first time at home. Watch my brother and I as we wrestle a pair of Georgia longbeards through a nasty thicket to the gun. It's awful tough convincing gobblers to go somewhere they had rather not go!

  • Kinda Live • Episode 24 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 24

    It's opening day in Arkansas, follow us as we chase the final bird for Chubbs' US Super Slam! It's a heck of a hunt!