Natural Born

Natural Born

9 Seasons

The DOD Team chases whitetails and turkeys in each episode this of this action-packed online series.

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Natural Born
  • NBK Episode 18 S2

    Episode 1

    Mark Drury and Chris Comstock land some Missouri gobblers. Tad Brown does what he does best, trap some predators. Rick Vigue chases a couple of 140" bucks. In Iowa, Eric Bothun hopes to kill a beautiful whitetail buck.

  • NBK Episode 12 S2

    Episode 2

    JJ Kolesar and Kyle Lamore set their sights on some Illinois turkey. Tad Brown and Tim Ott use a decoy to call in a coyote. John Williams sets his family on some giant whitetail bucks over a biologic field.

  • NBK Episode 10 S2

    Episode 3

    Louie Payne hopes to trap some predators. Dave Kramer is after a monster black bear in Alberta, Canada. Bill Gadient searches for a trophy whitetail in Iowa.

  • NBK Episode 11 S2

    Episode 4

    Mark Drury films Terry Drury dropping a Missouri gobbler. Joe Eugster and John Seid shoot and snare some coyotes. Some Catch a Dream kids head to Wisconsin for the hunt of a lifetime.

  • NBK Episode 14 S2

    Episode 5

    Matt Drury heads out to turkey hunt in Missouri. Tad Brown and Dan Thurston both go searching for predators in Alberta, Canada. In Illinois, Rod Wilson's dad Jerry nails a 181" buck with his crossbow.

  • NBK Episode 17 S2

    Episode 6

    Ken Barteau sets up an ambush on some unexpecting Kentucky turkey. Joe Eugster takes some young hunters on a wild goose chase before chasing some whitetail during the late season. Doug Hampton closes out his season with a monster Kansas buck.

  • NBK Episode 15 S2

    Episode 7

    Ben Rising takes his kids out on the first day of the Ohio youth turkey season. Mike Prochnow is after a red fox in North Dakota that has escaped him one too many times. Britney Edney shoots her dream buck in Nebraska. Mark Drury tells the tale of 'The Perfect Ten' in Iowa.

  • NBK Episode 13 S2

    Episode 8

    Korey Kirshenmann endures the bitter cold up north to set his sights on a coyote. Mark Drury and Chris Comstock team up with Steve Coon to help him bag a Missouri turkey. Joe and Evan Shults hope to double up on some Illinois whitetails.

  • NBK Episode 5 S2

    Episode 9

    Kyle Grover gets himself out of bed to chase some Wisconsin turkey. Korey Kirshenmann finds a new hunting toy to use while predator hunting. John Williams harvests a giant whitetail Joe and Jacob Eugter set out on a father and son whitetail hunt.

  • NBK Episode 1 S2

    Episode 10

    Joe Shults hunts down some Illinois turkey. Tad Brown tracks some pesky coyotes in Wyoming. In Illinois, Steve Coon sets his sights on tagging a whitetail buck.

  • NBK Episode 16 S2

    Episode 11

    Mike Prochnow and Korey Kirshenmann look to even the score with come coyote bullies. Darby Kramer and Rachael Gadient go bow hunting. In Iowa, Dave Kramer lands two giant whitetails.

  • NBK Episode 3 S2

    Episode 12

    Glen Simpson hopes to nail an Illinois turkey with his rage broadhead. Tad Brown does some coyote control in Nebraska. Three generations of the Tudella family head north for the moose hunt of a lifetime.

  • NBK Episode 2 S2

    Episode 13

    Mark Drury drags Taylor out of bed in pursuit of a Missouri turkey. Jared Lurk and Rod Owen go west to Washington state with a couple of bear tags in their pockets. Rod Wilson hopes for some late-season luck in Illinois.

  • NBK Episode 7 S2

    Episode 14

    Catlin Mixon rolls into Tennessee with his shotgun in search of some turkeys. Joe Shults and Steve "Coondog" Coon double up on some Illinois whitetail. Father and son, Joe and Evan Shults, team up to bring down an Illinois buck.

  • NBK Episode 6 S2

    Episode 15

    Britney Edney looks for a Nebraska gobbler with her PSE in hand. When the deer aren't moving, JJ Kolesar and Kyle Lamore turn their attention to predator hunting in Illinois. John O'Dell kills a 152" whitetail on the opening day of Iowa shotgun season.

  • NBK Episode 4 S2

    Episode 16

    Bill Gadient and Dave Kramer hope to put the smack down on some Iowa longbeards. Tom Ware aims his sights on a 154" whitetail. In Colorado, Jim Holdenreid connects with a monster elk.

  • NBK Episode 8 S2

    Episode 17

    Rick Malik joins the Drury brothers in Iowa for some turkey hunting. Tad Brown, Bobb Ott and Dan Thurston call in some coyotes in Kansas. Rod Wilson smokes a giant Illinois whitetail.

  • NBK Episode 9 S2

    Episode 18

    Rick and Larry Steward aim to harvest some Illinois turkeys. Carol Graham travels to Ohio with Ben Rising to get a shot at a whitetail buck. Candice and Tim Woods prove that the couple that slays together, stays together.