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Freshwater Fishing • Mossy Oak University

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Tips, tactics and How-To fishing videos from recreational fishing leaders around the nation.

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Freshwater Fishing • Mossy Oak University
  • Selecting the Right Bass Fishing Rod • Ott DeFoe

    Episode 1

    There are a plethora of options for fishing rods and it can be difficult to choose just what type of rod you need. There are three main features to look at: length, power and action. As a general rule, the longer rods are for more open casting while shorter rods are for hitting specific spots nex...

  • Selecting the Right Bass Fishing Reel • Ott DeFoe

    Episode 2

    To bass fish efficiently, you have to have the right gear ratio on your reel. Ott DeFoe keeps four speeds in his arsenal, each for a specific purpose that depends on the type of bait, depth and cover. He goes in-depth with the four speeds he uses and why.

  • How To Organize Bass Fishing Gear • Ott DeFoe

    Episode 3

    It’s important for competitive bass fishermen to be able to find things fast. Ott DeFoe keeps his gear in the front of his boat, lighter items in the front storage compartments and heavier further back. His fishing gear is no doubt the most organized thing in his life.

  • Favorite Bait to Use When Bass Fishing • Ott DeFoe

    Episode 4

    There are a lot of variables to consider when bass fishing. Location, weather and time of year are things to keep in mind when selecting bass bait. The go-to, anytime, anywhere bait for Ott DeFoe is a jig like the half-ounce Terminator Pro.

  • Where to Fish Throughout the Day • KVD Spring Fishing Tips

    Episode 5

    There’s not a bad time to fish in the spring. As long as you can see early in the morning, make longer casts at visible targets. Bass will usually be a lot more aggressive in the morning. As the day warms, you see more bass move into the shallows to spawn. Sunny afternoons are a great time to fis...

  • Where do Bass Spawn in Rivers • KVD Spring Fishing Tips

    Episode 6

    Bass want to get away from the current. They’ll look for backwaters where there’s less current so they can build a nest. Smallmouth bass can spawn in some current, but look for areas that will help block the current. Rivers are a challenge when the water isn’t clear and it’s hard to see the objec...

  • Best Lures for Spawning Largemouth Bass • KVD Spring Fishing Tips

    Episode 7

    The spawn is tricky when it comes to choosing baits. You want to get down on the bottom and get in front of the bass’ faces. Jigs and plastics are hard to beat. When the fish can see well, when the water clarity is better, a wacky rigged plastic worm that has a lot of action and slow sink and sta...

  • How to Catch Bass in Hot Weather • KVD Fishing Tips

    Episode 8

    First thing in the morning and late in the evening is prime feeding time for bass. As the water warms and the current moves more, the bass will move to those points where they can ambush bait fish. Early morning fishing is best in the shallows with a topwater or buzzbait. As the day warms up, go ...

  • Summer Bass Fishing Patterns •KVD Fishing Tips

    Episode 9

    Bass will go to where the best food source is at that time of the year. Bass will move with the bait fish, so know when those bait fish spawn and where they are. After the shad spawn, the bass will start to move deeper as the shad move deeper where cooler water is. The bass always relate to struc...

  • Best Early Summer Bass Lures • KVD Fishing Tips

    Episode 10

    In the summer, the bass start moving deeper. But before you can fish them, you have to find them. Kevin VanDam looks for bait that is more efficient in those deeper depth zones. His favorite is a deep diving crankbait. Once you catch a few bass on a crankbait, you can always move to a slower bait.