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Before you head into the whitetail woods, browse our extensive collection of deer hunting videos and articles. For beginners and experts alike. From thrilling hunts to helpful hints, there’s always something to learn from watching the country’s top whitetail hunters ply their craft — and whole a lot to enjoy.

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  • Bane III • Seek One

    Episode 1

    The final chapter of the hunt for Bane, part 2 of 2. In this episode Lee Ellis finally gets permission at a spot he's been working on for four years, which he knew would be the nail in the coffin. The 170" eight pointer known as Bane haunted Lee Ellis for two years. With four years of trial camer...

  • City Hall • Seek One

    Episode 2

    Lee and Drew speak at a city council meeting to prevent hunting from being banned, and Lee has his first encounter with Bane.

  • Zeus III • Seek One

    Episode 3

    In part three of the Zeus series, Lee's frustrations reach an all time high. Zeus continues to play mind games and Lee is forced to seek out more hunting permission. The rut is just around the corner, so Zeus is bound to make a mistake soon!

  • Zeus I • Seek One

    Episode 4

    Early in 2014, Lee was shown a trail camera photo of a massive buck that was rumored to live in the suburbs of Atlanta. After two years of searching, Lee located the buck and the hunt for Zeus began. Part one of a four part series, this episode documents the final few weeks of the 2016 season.

  • Zeus IV • Seek One

    Episode 5

    In part four of the Zeus series the rut is in full swing. Zeus' pattern is sporadic but Lee is in the best possible spot to have an encounter with him. Just when we think it's never going to happen, he is too old and too smart, Zeus makes a mistake!

  • Tops • Seek One

    Episode 6

    In this episode of Suburban Bowhunter, the Georgia state record holder Jay Maxwell makes his debut on camera. Jay has been hunting a deer he named Tops for several years, and is finally able to put a close to the story two weeks into the 2017 season...well at least he thought.

  • Zeus II • Seek One

    Episode 7

    In part 2 of the Zeus series, Lee is determined to pinpoint Zeus' summer hideout in hopes of closing the distance for early season 2017. Where Lee finds Zeus is completely unexpected, and explains his sporadic late season patterns. Lee sets himself up to be successful early season, but Zeus' age ...

  • Lone Star Chital • The Hunger

    Episode 8

    After my first hunt for axis deer (aka "chital"), and especially after biting into an axis steak, I was captivated by these mysterious spotted deer. As an "exotic" species, you can hunt axis deer in Texas 24/7/365. Axis venison is insanely delicious—reason enough to hunt them—and the pursuit of t...

  • Blackpowder Giant • Live 2 Hunt

    Episode 9

    Cody's brother Brandon has a rare tag and chases a Boone & Crockett typical mulie!

  • Keeping the Streak Alive • Live 2 Hunt

    Episode 10

    Cody plays cat and mouse with his bow and a gorgeous mule deer!

  • Rookie Camp • Live 2 Hunt

    Episode 11

    A young lady is on the hunt for her first mule deer...and come across a 220”+ giant!

  • Face to Face • Live 2 Hunt

    Episode 12

    Cody gets in a staring match with a 200” buck at 6 yards!

  • 13 for a King • Live 2 Hunt

    Episode 13

    13 year old Jaron takes a giant 200” mule deer with a TenPoint crossbow!

  • The Sunny Slopes • Live 2 Hunt

    Episode 14

    Cody's friend rodeo star Dustin Flundra hunts a giant 220”+ mule deer in the Alberta foothills!

  • Opening Day • Live 2 Hunt

    Episode 15

    Chad Laing gets 7 yards from a 212” beast mule deer!

  • Eye of the Beholder • Live 2 Hunt

    Episode 16

    Kelsy waits for the right buck with a special tag...and finds just the right dark antlered king!

  • New Beginnings • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 17

    At age 8 Natalie's kills her first deer, a monster Iowa whitetail!

  • Giants • Ben Maki in Kentucky

    Episode 18

    Everyone that hunts whitetails has had at least one experience with a giant. We all remember at least one deer that stays with us - that keeps us up at night... leaves us with memories so clear that even decades later we can still recall exactly what they look like.

    If I asked you right now, "...

  • The Framy 9 • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 19

    Ian Sparks capitalizes on Iowa's opening day while utilizing trail cameras to track the movement of a 165 inch buck he nicknamed The Framy 9

  • Briar • Whitetail Edge

    Episode 20

    We are in our home state of Ohio this week and we are hosting the owner of Black Widow Deer Lures, Andy and his wife Janice for an early season hunt on some of our farms. The weather was warm and the deer movement was slow but it was a great week spending time with Andy and Janice. Briar is my ...

  • Evander • Whitetail Edge

    Episode 21

    Our trip to the midwest started in Illinois at a farm we have been hunting for a couple years now. The moon was perfect and the weather was cold but unfortunately the deer just were not moving. After 5 days of hunting in Illinois we decided to pack up and head to Kansas with our buddy Travis fo...

  • Vendetta • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 22

    Jake Reed after years of history and after a few missed opportunities, finally closes the deal on this massive Iowa whitetail.

  • Blue Grass Bucks! • Hunt Quest

    Episode 23

    Scott is hunting western Kentucky with his bud Shon Wright behind the camera. The rut is on and the hopes are high!

  • Blind Luck • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 24

    While walking back to the truck after a storm washes out the hunt, Curtis fills his muzzleloader tag on an Iowa whitetail