Country Outdoors

Country Outdoors

5 Seasons

Zach and Mary Phillips and friends chronicle their outdoor and country music adventures in this new digital series. Presented by Camping World

Country Outdoors
  • Let The Adventures Begin • Country Outdoors

    Episode 1

    Mary and Zach take country artist Jordan Rowe and Chad Bishop to KNS Outfitters in Kansas. They work cattle and help Kaleb prepare for the upcoming season. You have to pay for your tags some how! They end with. party before heading back to Nashville for the first ever Country Outdoors Writers Rou...

  • Dylan Goes Fast • Country Outdoors

    Episode 2

    Mary and Zach head down to Charleston SC to vist the NOMAD/HUK headquarters. They try their hand at kayak fishing before heading to Louisiana. There's some mishaps along the way but they make it to Dylan Scott's home town for some dove hunting and dirt track racing! Since he's not touring he's ru...

  • The Goat Rope • Country Outdoors

    Episode 3

    This week Mary and Zach are busy as usual. Mary has her writer's round at the Listening Room in Nashville featuring Caylee Hammack, Ray Fulcher, Drew Parker and Honey County. They then head to Colorado with friend and country singer Chad Bishop to try their hands at public land elk hunting. With ...

  • Tuckers First Buck • Country Outdoors

    Episode 4

    Mary and Zach are at their favorite Whitetail destination, KNS Outfitters in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Six year old Tucker Schankie kills his first deer ever while Zach and Mary lay the ground work for a big Kansas buck! Friend and country music artist Chad Bishop is in camp guiding and being t...

  • Kansas Rut Part 2 • Country Outdoors

    Episode 5

    In Country Outdoors Adventures Kansas Rut P2, Mary and Zach are at their favorite whitetail destination, with KNS Outfitters in the Flint Hills of Kansas. A giant buck has been spotted and they'll play the waiting game to connect.

  • Kansas Rut Part 3 • Country Outdoors

    Episode 6

    Zach and Mary experience the low's of bowhunting but lift their spirits with some great music at the Country Outdoors Writers Round. This month they have Drake White, Mo Pitney, CJ Solar, Randy Montana and Grace Leer.

  • November Highs and Lows • Country Outdoors

    Episode 7

    Zach and Mary experience the low's of bowhunting but lift their spirits with some great music at the Country Outdoors Writers Round. This month they have Drake White, Mo Pitney, CJ Solar, Randy Montana and Grace Leer.

  • South Dakota Pheasant PT1 • Country Outdoors

    Episode 8

    Zach and Mary head out on a month-long road trip out west. They stop at Zach's family farm in Lamar, Missouri on the way to meet country singer Josh Bagwell at Northstream Outfitters in South Dakota, First pheasant, new friends and great times... the way hunting camp should be.

  • South Dakota Pheasant PT2 • Country Outdoors

    Episode 9

    Zach and Mary are in South Dakota hunting pheasant with friends Northstream Outfitters. They finish strong and Josh Bagwell plays his new single "Since When". They extend their stay to partake in the 4th annual Randy Roede memorial coyote calling contest.

  • Cold Snow and HOT BEER! with Dillon Carmichael • Country Outdoors

    Episode 10

    We're taking a break and heading to Wyoming for vacation. We start with a date night in the Black Hills before meeting friend and Country singer Dillon Carmichael and his girl friend Shayla for snowmobiling with Scenic Safari's in Jackson WY. We then get back to Nashville for the Country Outdoors...

  • Nashville Goes Duck Hunting • Country Outdoors

    Episode 11

    Jon Langston, Teddy Robb, Meghan Patrick, Josh Bagwell and Sydnie Wells join Zach and Mary in Oklahoma for a late season duck hunt. They are hunting at Crash Landing Outdoors with MLB pitcher Archie Bradley... and Teddy kill his first duck!

  • Ice Fishing with Andrew Zimmern and Jordan Davis • Country Outdoors

    Episode 12

    Renowned Television Chef Andrew Zimmern and Country Music star Jordan Davis join host Mary, Zach and friends for ice fishing in Minnesota. Fast action, live music and great conversations while enjoying the outdoors!

  • Would you QUIT your job to Turkey Hunt? • Country Outdoors

    Zach and Mary Phillips quit their job to go turkey hunting! They are taking Zach’s old beat up truck on their first ever “Turkey Tour”. They’re pulling a haul to South Florida to begin this adventure hunting Osceola’s!

  • How to MISS a turkey • Country Outdoors

    Zach and Mary are moving up in the world! “We aren’t homeless anymore!” They pick up their new RV from Gander RV and head to Georgia for opening day! Kimberly Rogers is first on the trigger!

  • Georgia Turkey Goes Down! • Country Outdoors

    The Turkey Tour is headed to Zach’s old stomping grounds… South Georgia! They meet up with country singer Jordan Rowe to get after them. Turkeys, good food, friends and turkey hunting is hard to beat!

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Turkey! • Country Outdoors

    We’re scouting a new spot from the air and it pays off with two text book hunts! Jordan’s mom teaches Mary the ways of southern cooking and Jordan sings some camp fire tunes to top off a great couple of days in the woods.

  • 5yrd Kill and a GIANT georgia Turkey • Country Outdoors

    The turkeys are cooperating in South Georgia and we’re striking while the irons hot! Jordan kills a giant turkey on a grass farm and Zach and cameraman Joey an incredible morning in the woods! This one will be hard to beat.

  • Mary's 1st Archery Turkey Hunt • Country Outdoors

    Loading up the RV and heading to Kansas for archery season to check rio’s off the list. Just hoping the truck doesn’t break down! Mary calls in her first turkey with a bow. On the ground with no blind! Zach gets one in bow range to finish it off!

  • Green Beret GOBBLER! • Country Outdoors

    We're helping friends get their fill of Merriam's in the Black Hills of Wyoming. We're hunting with retired Green Beret Dan Cocharo on his family ranch in the shadows of the Devil's Tower. Gordan Watts joins us and sings some tunes by the fire!

  • Hullet Wyoming Merriams! • Country Outdoors

    We are in Hulett Wyoming with 3 turkey tags burning a hole in our pockets! Our good friend Gordan Watts joins us for his first merriams. Hulett never disappoints! Ice cream, turkeys, good food and friends.. the way hunting camp should be.

  • Montana Merriam Doubles! • Country Outdoors

    Zach and Mary are in The Big Sky State! The turkeys are plentiful and the action is intense. One of the best days you could ask for in the turkey woods! … And Mary ruins Zach’s hair.

  • South Dakota Longbeards! • Country Outdoors

    Turkey hunting in the Black Hills of South Dakota! Zach throws his back out from carrying so many turkeys! We then spend time in Deadwood checking out the spot where Wild Bill Hickok was gunned down.