2017 DU TV

2017 DU TV

10 Episodes

Waterfowling from across North America as well as tips and tactics to improve your hunting!

2017 DU TV
  • Texas Freeze • DU TV

    Episode 1

    It's a Texas sized edition of America's favorite waterfowl series. We're headed to the Red River with Field Hudnall, Rob Gokey, Rogers Hoyt and friends in search of mallards, gadwall, and greening teal.

  • Green Timber Delta Blues • DU TV

    Episode 2

    Ainsley Beeman and the DUTV crew start this episode off in the flooded timber of Arkansas then swing over to the Mississippi delta with Bill Sugg of Mossy Oak in search of late season ducks. You won’t want to miss it…

  • Green Wing Timber • DU TV

    Episode 3

    We’re on point with more excitement from the Arkansas woods in this episode, including a great hunt with a DU Green-Wing member. We’ll also explore some of the biological reasons why mallards love the flooded timber.

  • Coastal Flyways II • DU TV

    Episode 4

    In this episode we will finish up a classic hunt with Wade Bourne and a few of his dearest friends including Ted Beaullieu Sr. and Jr. on Big Pecan Island in Louisiana we’ll also look at the crisis of disappearing wetlands along the Gulf Coast.

  • Bass Pro Blast & Cast • DU TV

    Episode 5

    If you’re a kid today, you’ve probably heard of Dude Perfect, the hilarious and phenomenally successful YouTube sensation. They join Ainsley Beeman, John Paul Morris, and some local DU Green-Wings for ducks, skeet and some great fishing.

  • Coastal Flyways • DU TV

    Episode 6

    Off we go to some outstanding habitats within the Pacific and Mississippi Flyways on this episode. Join us in the wild skies and sparkling wetlands of California and Louisiana on this episode of DUTV.

  • Big Sky Banding • DU TV

    Episode 7

    We begin this episode in research mode with an expedition to band scaup in Montana. And then we hunt Big Sky country with DU biologist Bob Sanders. It’s educational, it’s exciting… it’s DUTV.

  • Big Sky Banding II • DU TV

    Episode 8

    We continue our western swing in this episode with more duck banding from Big Sky country, plus a good bit of shotgunning for Montana mallards. We’ll also learn why biologists are concerned about pintail populations.

  • Northern Skies • DU TV

    Episode 9

    World-champion goose caller Field Hudnall visits Saskatchewan for Canada geese with our old friend Grant Kuypers of Buck Paradise Outfitters. We’ll also find out how a federal program is providing millions of dollars for conservation.

  • Northern Skies II • DU TV

    Episode 10

    DUTV host Field Hudnall is back in Saskatchewan for Canada geese and mallards with our old friend Grant Kuypers of Buck Paradise Outfitters. Along the way we’ll find out why some waterfowl species love to feed in dry fields.