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When it comes to punching tags in the Spring woods, knowledge is power. So we’ve assembled a playlist of informative videos and articles from the top turkey hunting experts in the game. If it’s gobbler-related, you’ll find it here, along with everything else you need to triumph in Spring.

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  • Kinda Live - Episode 4 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 1

    We are putting in the hours to chase down another public land Osceola! Join us!

  • Kinda Live - Episode 5 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 2

    It's an introduction to a stubborn Osceola gobbler we met in the public lands of South Florida.

  • Kinda Live - Episode 3 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 3

    We are diving back into the cypress swamps on this episode trying to match wits with another public land Osceola gobbler. We bump into a VERY LOST hen who was SCREAMING for company.

  • Cuz 411 Cranky Chronicles • Down With The Devil

    Episode 4

    Finally, the video we've wanted to post for over a year.. Cranky got the devil! 1”spurs 10” curly beard. The camera work was not my best but the aftermath was priceless.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 5 • Easterns

    Episode 5

    Big, booming gobbles of Easterns in the green landscapes get our obsession working overtime. Rusty McDaniels, Keith Kelly, Jody Davis, Bob Walker and Daniel Haas all try their hands in the hardwoods.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 9 • Merriams

    Episode 6

    In the western U.S., the Merriam’s turkey’s gobbles ring throughout the mountains. In this episode, we follow Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland, Bubba Bruce, Greg Briggs, Jim Conner, and Paul Butski on their quest to fill their white-tipped tags.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 10 • Merriams

    Episode 7

    In the final episode of the series, we follow Greg Briggs, Bob Walker, Brandt Rutland, Jody Davis, and Bubba Bruce as they chase the Merriam’s turkey of the West.

  • Will Primos • The Obsessed

    Episode 8

    Will Primos and Cuz Strickland reunite on the 30th anniversary of the TRUTH Series and talk about their obsession with the wild turkey.

  • Cypress Swamp Osceolas • Turkey Hunting in the Florida Marsh

    Episode 9

    Dustin “Shed” Whitacre and Neill Haas head to south Florida to hunt Osceolas in the swamp. Mossy Oak’s Obsession was founded on turkey hunting, and turkey hunting is why Mossy Oak exists. Watch as these guys chase their obsession.

  • Alabama Bottomland • Southern Turkey Hunting

    Episode 10

    Toxey Haas, Daniel Haas, Neill Haas and Chris Paradise chase Alabama Eastern wild turkeys on opening day. Learn more about Mossy Oak’s original camo pattern, Bottomland.

  • Jordan Lee • Impulse

    Episode 11

    Nature is a school that never stops teaching. Whether he's on the water winning championships or deep in the woods discovering a new game, finding out there's something new to be known sparks an impulse in Jordan Lee to keep working. Follow Jordan and his friends from Mossy Oak as they tackle the...

  • Davis Family Farm • Family Tree

    Episode 12

    In this episode of Family Tree, we follow Gary Davis and his sons on a piece of family land that goes back generations.

  • Making A Turkey Hunter • Family Tree

    Episode 13

    Jangled nerves, panting breath, quaking hands and blurred vision are all part of first hunts for new hunters, and that's just for their dads. Follow young Boone Gabbard and his dad Walt on the young man's first foray into the rites of spring, as they chase longboards in Kentucky.

  • The Strips • Lindsey Way Longbeards

    Episode 14

    Jeff and David roost a bird the night before the morning hunt and setup in the same spot Jeff had shot his bird last year. Right off the roost a big gobbler takes off after a hen making it seem like the hunt may be over. After a few calls the big tom is in the guys lap karate chopping off the Avi...

  • Grand Slam • Episode 8 • Rios

    Episode 15

    From the Southwest to the Midwest, there's nothing like the gobbles that echo from a Rio Grande. Head out beneath the high blue skies with Greg Briggs, Bob Walker, Jon Tatum, Jody Davis and Rusty McDaniels to soak in some of the greatest sights and sounds of spring.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 7 • Rios

    Episode 16

    Turkey season takes us to Texas and the Midwest when the Rios begin to roar. Follow Ben Maki, Dustin Whitacre, Jon Tatum, Neill Haas and Rusty McDaniels as they battle the gobblers of the grain belt.

  • Rio Country • UNDIVIDED

    Episode 17

    For country music artist Mo Pitney, spending time in the outdoors is a way of life. Nathaniel invites Mo and his sister Holly to south Texas to get Holly her first turkey and to soak up the beauty of early spring in Rio Country!

  • Heart of Texas Turkeys • Hunting Rio Grande Turkeys in Texas

    Episode 18

    This week we follow Greg Briggs and Tim Blazek as they chase Rio Grande gobblers with a shotgun at Heart of Texas Bowhunting.

  • The Dummy Line

    Episode 19

    From fiction to fact and all the emotion that lies between, turkey season brings the best of both worlds together for Bobby Cole as he follows the Dummy Line deep into the timberlands of memory.

  • KS Trio • Episode 10 • SPUR Season

    Episode 20

    Spur Co-owner Mike Chamliss and Justin Daye head to Kansas and fill a few more tags.

  • Georgia Opener • Episode 5 •SPUR Season

    Episode 21

    In episode 5 we join Mike Chambliss and Buddy Stafford for a succesfull opening day. Ben Rising talks cameras and blinds. Javin Mullet give a turkey cam update and highlights the "fly down cackle" call from the NWTF competition.

  • Florida Youth Hunt • Episode 4 • SPUR Season

    Episode 22

    In Episode 4 Rodney Brown harvests his first Osceola turkey. Youth hunter Jacob Ellis keeps his emotions in check on an intense Florida turkey hunt. And Javin Mullet discusses trail cameras for scouting turkeys.

  • Florida Osceola • Episode 3 • SPUR Season

    Episode 23

    Florida opening weekend with Scott Ellis, Early season feeding patterns.

  • Texas Rio • Episode 2 • SPUR Season

    Episode 24

    In the second episode of Spur Season, we join Mike Pentectost of WoodHaven on a few Texas Rio hunts. Ben Rising talks about pre-season scouting.