337 Episodes

When it comes to punching tags in the Spring woods, knowledge is power. So we’ve assembled a playlist of informative videos and articles from the top turkey hunting experts in the game. If it’s gobbler-related, you’ll find it here, along with everything else you need to triumph in Spring.

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  • Mr. Fox Haas • 70th Season • Short Film

    Episode 1

    “70 - Mr. Fox Haas’ 70th Turkey Season” follows along with Mr. Carl Fox on his 70th season as a turkey hunter. The immediate goal may be to continue his streak to complete 70 successful years of filling his turkey tag. However, Mr. Fox puts into perspective what a lifetime in the outdoors has mea...

  • Mr. Fox Haas • 71st Season • Chapter 1 • Short Film

    Episode 2

    Mr. Fox Haas attempts to continue his streak and make 2018 his 71st turkey season to successfully hunt a wild turkey. The obsession with turkey hunting for Mr. Fox started in 1945 when he called in and killed his first turkey. Since then, he has evolved exponentially as an outdoorsman and conserv...

  • Brandon Storey • A Lifetime of Guiding Turkey Hunts

    Episode 3

    In this Specialist Piece featuring Brandon Storey a FL. Native, we take you along on a ride that began at a very young age guiding turkey hunts on a ranch that Brandon,his father and grandfather hold close to the Storey Family. Brandon in his early days of outfitting was introduced to Mossy Oak ...

  • Mr. Fox Haas • 71st Season • Chapter 2 • Short Film

    Episode 4

    Mr. Fox attempts to continue his streak and make 2018 his 71st turkey season to successfully hunt a wild turkey.

    “All I can say is I’m determined,” said Mr. Fox. “I’m shooting for 71 and I’m having a hard time doing it. Thanks to my son and my grandsons. If they will stick with me, we are ...

  • Day Seven • Pale Horse

    Episode 5

    "In 10 days we are planning on hunting 4 states... there's no breaks, there's no stops." Watch the journey of two hunters chasing the Wild Turkey U.S. Super Slam and the pursuit of the wild turkey that consumes them.

  • TBT Vest Dump • BONUS Tube Call News

    Episode 6

    I'm so ready for turkey season, I can't see straight! Here's a throwback (with a bonus edit featuring TUBE CALL news) on what's in my turkey vest. Let me know what kind of content you want me uploading as we gear up for spring 2019.

  • Mr. Fox Haas • 71st Season • Chapter 3 • Short Film

    Episode 7

    The third installment of a short-film series from Mossy Oak Capture Productions follows Mossy Oak’s “Founding Father,” Mr. Carl Fox Haas as he continues his pursuit of a 71st successful turkey seasons. The previous episodes captured some action-packed encounters in the Alabama and Mississippi tur...

  • Forestry Clip • NWTF

    Episode 8

    NWTF & The SC forestry Commission discuss partnerships between hunting organizations

  • The Mentor • NWTF

    Episode 9

    NWTF's Travis Sumner shares his thoughts, while CEO Becky Humphries discusses the importance of partnerships. Plus, we go on a turkey hunt with a real American hero.

  • Opportunity Knocks • NWTF

    Episode 10

    We're in Aiken, South Carolina, at the Savannah River Site hunting with some lucky NWTF Wheelin' Sportsmen members trying to get even luckier.

  • The Finest Hours • NWTF

    Episode 11

    The crew heads to SRS for the annual Wheelin' Sportmen program hunt.

  • Louisiana Saturday Night • NWTF

    Episode 12

    We're in Louisiana with NWTF biologist Luke Lewis and Gary Vincent as Luke tries to help Mr. Vincent call in a Louisiana Tom.

  • 2017 Grand Nationals • NWTF

    Episode 13

    A presentation of the 2017 Senior Grand National Calling finals in Nashville, Tenn

  • Hawaii • NWTF

    Episode 14

    Stacy and Cinda Kueber travel from Illinois to Hawaii to hunt at Parker Ranch.

  • The Late Snow • NWTF

    Episode 15

    See Billy and Mossy Oak pro staffer Phillip Mott handle cold weather and snow to fill a tag.

  • Gone to Carolina • NWTF

    Episode 16

    Michael Waddell and the Pitt County, N.C. chapter on the first annual JAKES Hunt with winner Roady Carter.

  • The Greener • NWTF

    Episode 17

    Mark Prudhomme gets a chance of a lifetime to hunt with a special gift from a friend.

  • The Rohm Family • NWTF

    Episode 18

    Legendary callmaker Dale Rohm and son Terry hunt with Tad Ladd in western Kentucky. Mark Hatfield talks America's big six.

  • The Olympian Shooter • NWTF

    Episode 19

    Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Vincent Hancock and wife, Rebekah, hunt the Cabin Bluff properties. Vincent also provides tips for a better wing shot.

  • The Reverend • NWTF

    Episode 20

    Legendary call maker Zach Farmer and 17x GNCC champion Mark Prudhomme use old-school tactics to bag turkeys.

  • Closure • NWTF

    Episode 21

    Dave Mahlke and his son, David, hunt Wyoming with Sgt. Kevin Stade, 12 years after an attack in Baghdad almost claimed David's life.

  • 2016 Grand Nationals • NWTF

    Episode 22

    The story of the 2016 Senior Finals of the Grand National calling championship.

  • A Turkey Named Toto • NWTF

    Episode 23

    We're in Kansas hunting with Grand National Calling Champion Billy Yargus and NASCAR's Ryan Newman and Martin Truex, Jr.

  • Dream Hunts • NWTF

    Episode 24

    First, we're in Illinois at the USAA/NWTF Dream Hunt for those who normally wouldn't have the opportunity to go out and hunt. Then, we head to Missouri for a disabled youth hunt.