310 Episodes

When it comes to punching tags in the Spring woods, knowledge is power. So we’ve assembled a playlist of informative videos and articles from the top turkey hunting experts in the game. If it’s gobbler-related, you’ll find it here, along with everything else you need to triumph in Spring.

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  • Louisiana Saturday Night • NWTF

    Episode 1

    We're in Louisiana with NWTF biologist Luke Lewis and Gary Vincent as Luke tries to help Mr. Vincent call in a Louisiana Tom.

  • 2017 Grand Nationals • NWTF

    Episode 2

    A presentation of the 2017 Senior Grand National Calling finals in Nashville, Tenn

  • Hawaii • NWTF

    Episode 3

    Stacy and Cinda Kueber travel from Illinois to Hawaii to hunt at Parker Ranch.

  • The Late Snow • NWTF

    Episode 4

    See Billy and Mossy Oak pro staffer Phillip Mott handle cold weather and snow to fill a tag.

  • Gone to Carolina • NWTF

    Episode 5

    Michael Waddell and the Pitt County, N.C. chapter on the first annual JAKES Hunt with winner Roady Carter.

  • The Greener • NWTF

    Episode 6

    Mark Prudhomme gets a chance of a lifetime to hunt with a special gift from a friend.

  • The Rohm Family • NWTF

    Episode 7

    Legendary callmaker Dale Rohm and son Terry hunt with Tad Ladd in western Kentucky. Mark Hatfield talks America's big six.

  • The Olympian Shooter • NWTF

    Episode 8

    Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Vincent Hancock and wife, Rebekah, hunt the Cabin Bluff properties. Vincent also provides tips for a better wing shot.

  • The Reverend • NWTF

    Episode 9

    Legendary call maker Zach Farmer and 17x GNCC champion Mark Prudhomme use old-school tactics to bag turkeys.

  • Closure • NWTF

    Episode 10

    Dave Mahlke and his son, David, hunt Wyoming with Sgt. Kevin Stade, 12 years after an attack in Baghdad almost claimed David's life.

  • 2016 Grand Nationals • NWTF

    Episode 11

    The story of the 2016 Senior Finals of the Grand National calling championship.

  • A Turkey Named Toto • NWTF

    Episode 12

    We're in Kansas hunting with Grand National Calling Champion Billy Yargus and NASCAR's Ryan Newman and Martin Truex, Jr.

  • Dream Hunts • NWTF

    Episode 13

    First, we're in Illinois at the USAA/NWTF Dream Hunt for those who normally wouldn't have the opportunity to go out and hunt. Then, we head to Missouri for a disabled youth hunt.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 1 • Osceola

    Episode 14

    Follow your favorite cast of characters to southern Florida and kick the season off right with five action-packed hunts. Toxey Haas leads us out of the gate, followed by Greg Briggs, Rusty McDaniels, Bob Walker and Bill Sugg, each taking his swing at the opening pitches of Mossy Oak's Grand Slam.

  • Sky High • NWTF

    Episode 15

    We're in Kansas with Steve Barlow and founder of Sky High for St. Jude, Brittany Hebert, to pursue turkeys

  • Grand Slam • Turkey Hunting in Colorado and Kansas

    Episode 16

    This week we travel from Kansas to Colorado with Sgt. Brant Rutland to finish his grand slam.

  • Grand Slam Finale • Osceola Turkey Hunting

    Episode 17

    Radio show host John Boy, of the John Boy and Billy Show, seeks to complete his Grand Slam with a turkey hunting trip to Florida.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 3 • Easterns

    Episode 18

    Gobbles are booming through the hardwoods as the Easterns get their show underway. Join Toxey Haas, Greg Briggs, Rusty McDaniels, Bob Walker and Paul Butski as the birds strut in too close for comfort.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 2 • Osceola

    Episode 19

    We're deep in the south Florida swamps in Week 2, chasing Osceolas with Mossy Oak's Neill and Daniel Haas, Jon Tatum, Bob Walker and Bubba Bruce.

  • Suburban Strut • Seek One

    Episode 20

    In this episode, the Suburban Bowhunter crew gives suburban turkey hunting a shot. Locating and calling a bird within range in the suburbs proves to be far more difficult than expected. With just a few days left in the season, Jay finally closes the deal.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 4 • Easterns

    Episode 21

    Gobbles are ringing through the timber as Mr. Fox Haas heads to the hardwood bottoms of Alabama, then Bubba Bruce, Paul Butski, Hank Parker and Ben Maki try their hands all across the East.

  • Kinda Live - Episode 1 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 22

    Join us as we start the 2019 Spring Season off with a bang as 8 year old David Whitlaw kills his FIRST OSCEOLA gobbler shortly after sunrise. It's a February turkey hunt that walks right into our lap- LITERALLY!

  • Osceola Public Land • Episode 1 • SPUR Season

    Episode 23

    In our first episode of Spur Season, we join Simon Ellis on two public land hunts for Osceola long beards. We talk turkey hunting tips and the future of Spur Seaon.

  • Kinda Live - Episode 2 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 24

    Join us for an opening day CIRCUS in the South Florida public lands! Due to extensive scouting- we found ourselves in the right spot just after flydown despite the crowds.