The Part Timers

The Part Timers

3 Seasons

Being a part timer isn't just a label our single buddies throw at us when we don't get to hunt as much as them. It's a lifestyle we choose because we understand the value of having a relationship with Jesus Christ first, with our families second, and hunting third. If you're honest with yourself, 99% of outdoorsmen won't ever be anything more than a part timer. No matter if you like to fish, hike, hunt waterfowl, big game, or small game; you can relate to being a part timer. Follow along this season with Bubba, Ernie, and Jacob as we show you our version of what it's like to be overworked and under hunted, what it's like to be a Part Time Hunter

The Part Timers
  • The Hunt For Bull Winkle, Part 2 • The Part Timers

    Episode 1

    I have hunted this 60-acre tract of land for over 20 years and the many memories that have been made hunting with my Dad are priceless. About 10 years ago all of the timber was cut on this tract of land, leaving it almost impossible to access without blowing the deer out of the country. Over the ...

  • Hog Throws Arrow Back at Hunter • The Part Timers

    Episode 2

    Once or twice a year Jacob gives Bubba and Ernie a call saying the hogs are overrunning his lease and that we need to shoot as many as we can. FAST. We hit the hogs hard in January and February in hopes of saving some turkey nest. Gamekeeping is very important to us so it is crucial to eliminate ...

  • Who We Are • The Part Timers

    Episode 3

    Being a Part-Timer from a hunting standpoint applies to everybody. No matter if you are a duck hunter, deer hunter, turkey hunter, or elk hunter, nobody gets to do it full time. We would love to, but we cant. Bubba, Ernie, and Jacob are all Godly Men, Family Men, have full-time jobs and then some...

  • Hoyts First Gobbler • The Part Timers

    Episode 4

    In this episode of Part-Timers, join Jacob, his son Hoyt, his wife Amy, and father-in-law David as they team up in a family affair to try to get Hoyt his first Osceola longbeard!

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  • Ernie’s Late Season Double • The Part Timers

    Episode 4

    Ernie had been watching these gobblers on his trail cameras since mid-December and thought he had them figured out. After getting humbled multiple times in the late season he switched properties to hunt a fresh bird. It turns out that the bird was an escapee artist just like the others he had bee...

  • Ernie Hunts With Zach Kurzejeski • The Part Timers

    Episode 6

    In 2019 Zach made the trip down with some buddies to try their luck at bagging some Osceola Gobblers. Zach’s primary job was running the camera so the opportunity didn’t quite show itself for him to be behind the gun. Fast forward to 2021. I invited him and Jason Nickerson back down to Florida in...

  • Four Year Old Films Osceola Turkey Hunt • The Part Timers

    Episode 7

    One afternoon during the 2021 spring turkey season I watched a gobbler strut his way to the back of our horse pasture and fly up. The next morning before work, Knox and I headed back there to see if he would jump on our decoy “Nephew Tommy”. This gobbler had full immunity between us and the neigh...

  • Paul Butski and General West • The Part Timers

    Episode 8

    On these hunts, join 3x world champion turkey caller Paul Butski as he calls in a pair of Florida longbeards. He then teams up with General Randy West of the Marines for an up-close encounter on an afternoon gobbler.

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  • 2022 Seamark Ranch Hunt - Ernie’s Version • The Part Timers

    Episode 4

    The Seamark Ranch is a Christian based children’s home, located in Northeast Florida. Each year DeeDot hosts a charity hunt where the proceeds will help out the organization. It is the highlight of our year to get to help out and guide hunters, some new and some well seasoned. The food is great, ...

  • Knox’s First Turkey • The Part Timers

    Episode 7

    When I was five years old, my dad took me on my first turkey hunt. Watching him roll a gobbler on his back is something I will never forget. I’m now 35 and my passion for turkey hunting is growing more each year, especially now that my son is finally big enough to be on the gun and trying his luc...

  • Ernie’s April fools Gobbler • The Part Timers

    Episode 5

    It’s April fools day, the work week is finally over. Ernie and the kids are headed back to the woods to try to fool the gobbler that has taken over where Knox shot his turkey. The crew spooks the gobbler while walking to the blind. After giving him a few minutes to calm down, Ernie pulls out his ...

  • Hoyt’s 2022 Turkey “Gobbla De La Hoya” • The Part Timers

    Episode 9

    After an unsuccessful set up Jacob and his family get a call from his brother Zach letting them know about a gobbling turkey in his area. The crew loaded up and headed that way. After getting set up, Jacob threw out some hen yelps from his Head Busta Turkey Call and in no time the gobbler was on ...

  • Ernie’s Death Grip Hog Hunt • The Part Timers

    Episode 10

    Deer season has ended here in NE Florida and Jacob, Bubba and Ernie find them selves teamed up once again to eliminate some hogs. Turkey season is coming up fast and wild hogs are notorious for raiding nests leaving nothing but egg shells behind. The afternoon started out slow but picked up the p...

  • Amy Kelley’s 2022 Osceola Gobbler • The Part Timers

    Episode 10

    Now that the majority of the guiding has been finished and Hoyt has gotten bird number one of the season, Jacob and his family set out in hopes of getting Amy on her first bird of the 2022 season. Heavy rains had the swamps full, causing these birds to lock up on the opposite side of the swamp. T...

  • The 2022 Sugg Turkey Hunt • The Part Timers

    Episode 12

    Due to college and starting a career, it has been a long time since Mr. Bill Sugg and his daughter Anne Peyton has had the opportunity to go turkey hunting together. As soon as Mr. Bill got the call about Anne wanting to go turkey hunting, he called Jacob and his Dad and they started making a pla...

  • The 2021 Seamark Ranch Hunt • The Part Timers

    Episode 13

    It’s opening morning of turkey season here in North East Florida. The wind is blowing 20-30 mph and it’s 60% chance of rain. Despite the horrible weather conditions, these Osceola’s are red hot and ready to put on a show. Jacob, Bubba and Ernie’s all have great hunts for you so stay tuned.

    Grab ...

  • June Bacon • The Part Timers

    Episode 15

    The honey-do lists have been completed so Part Timers Bubba, Ernie, Jacob and his son Hoyt are headed to the woods after work to bow hunt hogs. Even after trapping over 100 hogs in two weeks the hogs are still thick and have been smashing the feeders every afternoon. Tune in to see some action p...