The Obsessed • Deer

The Obsessed • Deer

3 Episodes

The best deer hunt specific episodes of The Obsessed.

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The Obsessed • Deer
  • Maki Family Farm • Kentucky Deer Hunting

    Episode 1

    This episode of “The Obsessed” features Ann, Ben, Hawkins and Geoff Maki as they hunt Ben’s farm in Kentucky, which has 47 harvested bucks to date. Watch “The Obsessed” on the all-new
    Ben has only harvested one of the 47 bucks on his property but he says, “The ones that mean the ...

  • The Obsessed • Oklahoma Whitetail Deer

    Episode 2

    In this episode of The Obsessed, we follow Austin Delano and Dudley Phelps on a whitetail hunt in Oklahoma. Find out what drives their obsession and learn how a food plot guy vs. a tree guy interact on an early season hunt.

  • Jake Meyer • The Obsessed

    Episode 3

    Come to Oklahoma with Jake Meyer as he pursues his obsession, bow hunting whitetail deer. It's the pursuit, the striving, the challenge, that makes the victory worthwhile.