The Lindsey Way Longbeards

The Lindsey Way Longbeards

4 Seasons

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The Lindsey Way Longbeards
  • Iowa Thunder • Lindsey Way Longbeards

    Episode 1

    Jeff is setup in Iowa on a part of the farm called “jimmy Lee” before the sun comes up. Little does Jeff know the biggest bird of his life is silently coming into the decoys and about to lay down one of the greatest turkey hunts he will ever experience.

  • The Blueberry Farm • Lindsey Way Longbeards

    Episode 2

    Jeff is in Georgia with good friend Paul Herrin once again. Paul always put his time in scouting and finding a few birds to hunt before Jeff makes it down. This hunt takes place on an old clear cut on a blueberry farm and Paul has had an old bird on his trail camera daily. Once the sun comes up t...

  • Bearded Bachelors • Lindsey Way Longbeards

    Episode 3

    Setup in Iowa, Jeff and Kyle are in a ground blind on a field edge waiting for some toms to make their way in to the decoys. After a few calls, they hear some birds talking back and its not long before three toms strut their way in for Jeff to make an easy shot on an old Iowa bird.

  • South Georgia Slam • Lindsey Way Longbeards

    Episode 4

    Every year Jeff makes it a tradition to go down to south Georgia and hunt with good friend Paul Herrin. The last few years have proven to be nothing short of exciting and this year doesn’t disappoint. Follow along as Jeff and Paul setup in the Georgia pines and a big old gobbler comes running in ...

  • Momma Lindsey • Lindsey Way Longbeards

    Episode 5

    Jeff and his momma don’t get to hunt together often but when they do it seems nothing is ever safe in the woods. These hunts are always memorable for Jeff and Mrs.Wanda with the busy schedules day in and day out. Follow along on the Iowa farm as some turkeys come into the decoys and Mrs.Wanda mak...

  • Big D • Lindsey Way Longbeards

    Episode 6

    David loves nothing more than being on the tractor on his farm in Iowa in the spring time but every now and then he goes back to his roots and takes the time to get in the woods and chase some midwest turkeys on the home farm in Iowa. Follow along as a couple gobblers sneak on to the decoys for a...

  • Bow or Nothing • Lindsey Way Longbeards

    Episode 7

    Jeff will be the first to tell you his wife Ashley is stubborn when it comes to harvesting her animals with a bow. No matter the challenge or the history, Ashley holds strong on staying with the stick and string on a majority of her hunts. This turkey season is no different as Jeff and Ashley are...

  • Quick Draw Paul • Lindsey Way Longbeards

    Episode 8

    With Jeff being tagged out and good friend Paul Herrin having a tag in his pocket, Paul and Jeff head over to a new farm where Paul thinks they can strike up a bird. A short while after arriving the guys find a bird and setup on him quick. “Quick Draw Paul” holds true to his name and doesn’t give...

  • Third Times a Charm • Lindsey Way Longbeards

    Episode 9

    Mrs.Wanda and camera man Kyle are setup in a ground blind covered in turkeys. After calling to several groups of toms and to many hens messing up the hunt, a tom finally decides to slip in close for a shot but Mrs.Wanda gets a little excited and misses a couple times leaving Kyle scrambling, look...

  • Iowa Sunrise • Lindsey Way Longbeards

    Episode 10

    This past turkey season in Iowa Jeff is setup on the “strips” a magical spot on the farm where all hunting seems to be good. This year camera man Derek and his wife are expecting a new baby giving Jeff and Derek only one day to hunt, putting the pressure on to make something happen quick. The Spa...