Straight Huntin'

Straight Huntin'

4 Episodes

Sometimes the full story of a hunt is all wrapped up in the experiences that take place in the field. As lifelong outdoorsmen with a close connection to the ground, we are forever thankful for the opportunity to leave everything else behind for a while, to step off of the pavement and into the woods, and just go Straight Huntin’.

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Straight Huntin'
  • Midwest Rut Action • Whitetail Deer • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 1

    An archer from the day he was big enough to draw a bow, Neill Haas has never lost the straight adrenaline rush found looking down at a deer from the platform of a tree stand. His November visit to western Kansas set him atop a cold weather climb that delivered some of the best views seen yet.

  • Colorado Bugles • Elk Hunting • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 2

    Jon Tatum jumped at the chance to join father and son outfitters from Mississippi on an elk chase in the Rockies of Colorado. An open-sighted muzzleloader and late September bulls made his first elk chase with gun in hand an adventure he’ll never forget.

  • Kansas Muzzleloader • Whitetail Deer • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 3

    Just out of velvet and ready for the pre-rut to begin, the bucks of September make the Kansas muzzleloader season an experience unique in the outdoor world. Kevin Tate spent a week enjoying nearly every kind of weather the very first days of fall had to offer while watching different deer stream ...

  • Kentucky Youth Gun Season • Whitetail Deer • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 4

    Two youngsters who've grown up in the outdoors take advantage of Kentucky's early youth rifle season for whitetail through an opportunity that never fails to form special family time as well. Follow Izzie and Hawkins as they each sit in turn with their dad Ben Maki on hunts both for the meat and ...