Pinhoti Project

Pinhoti Project

4 Seasons

The Pinhoti Project is here to showcase a more simplistic way of hunting, more specifically the hunting of the wild turkey. A way that is available and easily obtainable for all of us, achieved through effort- not fortune and gadgetry. The focus remains on the quarry, as it should.

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Pinhoti Project
  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 1 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 1

    Join us for the opening day of youth season in South Florida!

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 2 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 2

    It's opening day 2020 in South Florida! Join us for a thriller that ends with Drew finding his first Osceola gobbler in a sandy road.

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 3 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 3

    It's days 2 and 3 in South Florida. You'll see us deal with some of the headaches that come along with hunting public ground. But day 3, we were able to work it all out in our favor.

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 4 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 4

    It's the conclusion of the South Florida swing for 2020. You'll join me for 3 days of tough "sledding" as I try to find an Osceola of my own before heading home. We also encounter a few more hunters along the way and you'll see opposite ends of the spectrum concerning public land ethics.

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 5 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 5

    It's a rocky start in Mississippi but things are starting to level out. Join us as we chase national forest gobblers!

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 6 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 6

    It's a party in the woods of South Mississippi! Join us for a mid morning hunt where we find exactly what it took most of the morning to find- a cooperative 2 year old gobbler!

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 7 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 7

    It's another day in MIssissippi. We are chasing National Forest gobblers and wind up nice and close right from the start!

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 8 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 8

    It's the first 2 days of Alabama's turkey season. The mornings are abbreviated as I arrive from MS and prepare to depart for South Georgia- but it will not be the last time you see these gobblers.

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 9 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 9

    Join me as I make the trip to South Georgia for the annual KT TEAM turkey hunt. Watch an inspirational father-daughter pair overcome numerous challenges to take McKenzie's first and second gobblers!

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 10 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 10

    Join me for my first day visiting some pubic ground in my home state of Georgia. I worked all morning to get into shotgun range of a gobbling turkey only to be shocked just before the hammer fell.

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 11 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 11

    We are in and out of the crowds on this PUBLIC LAND hunt during the later part of the first week in GEORGIA. We find and tangle with a LOUDMOUTH LONGBEARD that up until this point had found a way to avoid the pressure this tract of ground offered.

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 12 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 12

    It's back to the grind in the PUBLIC LANDS of Georgia and we're continuing to battle the woes of the COVID season.

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 13 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 13

    It's back to the grind on the PUBLIC lands of the South. Join us here as we search high and low for a longbeard in Georgia and Alabama.

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 14 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 14

    When you spend countless hours on the road chasing Spring things are bound to happen. April 2nd 2020 is the day that it did. We were involved in a car wreck. But, the following morning we rebounded and limped our way into a fine Spring morning of gobbling turkeys.

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 15 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 15

    Follow along with the struggles as we hit a few days without much action. Listen to me whine about being crippled and not making into my mountain "honey" holes and having to rely on pressured flat ground.

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 16 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 16

    We are diving into a little Georgia "honey hole" and although the gobblers are plentiful it doesn't mean they're easy!

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 17 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 17

    It's the grind of mid April. The birds are there but the pieces of the puzzle just aren't falling into place.

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 18 • Pinhoti Project

    We are still at on the home turf. Check it out at we scratch out a fine GEORGIA LONGBEARD. This hunt is another testament to persistence and location, location, location.

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 19 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 19

    We're back on the road. Join me for the first 3 days where I'm tackling the public lands of Illinois. You'll see solid proof that it pays to keep "beating the bush" until the final bell rings as I find a willing gobbler with only minutes left until the 1:00 cutoff.

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 20 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 20

    Dave is in Indiana in search of a turkey in some very open woods in the very early morning!

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 21 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 21

    It's a blazing start and IOWA does not disappoint!

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 22 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 22

    It’s the best gobbling of 2020. And it just so happens to be during another great morning in the state of Iowa. Check it out as we talk to a field full of longbeards!

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 23 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 23

    It's a CLASSIC roost hunt from the timber of Iowa. Join us as this longbeard reads the script

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 24 • Pinhoti Project.mp4

    Episode 24

    After a spell on the road through the MidWest, I return home to a stiff dose of late season ALABAMA turkey hunting. Luckily, I was able to hang with a pair of gobblers long enough to find something they liked well enough to venture in for a visit.