Natural Born

Natural Born

9 Seasons

The DOD Team chases whitetails and turkeys in each episode this of this action-packed online series.

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Natural Born
  • He’s Bigger Than I Thought • NBK Episode 1 S5

    Episode 1

    Team Drury tests a revolutionary new Turkey shell from Winchester and make quick work on a pair of Missouri long beards. Terry Drury surprises himself on an Iowa buck. Daltyn Kramer scouts and scores on another Iowa bruiser.

  • Just In Time • NBK Episode 4 S5

    Episode 2

    Kyle Lamore and JJ Kolesar hunt Illinois Turkeys. Andrew Dent scores big during the Missouri Youth Deer season. In Iowa Mark Drury uses the most recent information to key in on a monster buck.

  • Wiping Them Out • NBK Episode 3 S5

    Episode 3

    Mark Drury hunts Kansas Turkeys with Tad Brown and Dan Thurston. Terry Drury hosts a family youth hunt during the Missouri deer season before taking a 161” buck.

  • Table Mountain Two For Two • NBK Episode 6 S5

    Episode 4

    Louie Payne catches the “Bullet” buck in Kentucky. John Williams attracts another shooter into a Biologic food plot in Missouri. Cast members Kyle Lamore and JJ Kolesar win a hunt at Table Mountain Outfitters in Wyoming for Antelope and Mule deer.

  • A Dry Season • NBK Episode 2 S5

    Episode 5

    Second day of the Missouri Turkey Season with Mark Drury and Steve “Coon Dog” Coon. A dry October sends Tom Ware to water in Iowa. In Illinois Kyle Lamore closes the book on a ten-point buck named “Corky”.

  • That Feels Right • NBK Episode 5 S5

    Episode 6

    Cast member Bill Gadient ends a three-year buck drought in Iowa. Big leaguer Jim Thome continues a hot streak during the Illinois gun season. Eric Bothun returns to Minnesota for his first muzzleloader buck.

  • Can’t Beat It • NBK Episode 9 S5

    Episode 7

    Champion Turkey caller Billy Yargus pulls in a Missouri Gobbler. Team member Tom Ware passes a huge buck in Iowa only to kill another the next day in Missouri. Cast member Bill Gadient films his daughter taking her first buck and Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester fills his Missouri bow tag on Mar...

  • We’re On A Roll • NBK Episode 12 S5

    Episode 8

    Mark Drury hunts the Missouri Turkey season. In the fall he hosts Iowa governor Terry Branstad and Rascal Flats’ Gary Levox for two great Iowa buck hunts. Cast member Ben Rising arrows a 192” Ohio buck.

  • A Long Time Coming • NBK Episode 8 S5

    Episode 9

    Terry Drury and Chris Comstock continue their success in the Missouri Turkey woods. Legendary Turkey caller Paul Butski joins Mark and Terry Drury for a memorable Turkey hunt. Bric Steward ends the month of October with a Pope and Young buck in Illinois.

  • Old Timer and First Timer • NBK Episode 10 S5

    Episode 10

    Drury Outdoors veteran Mike Joggerst bags a pair of Turkeys with Terry Drury in Missouri. Team member John O’Dell hunts Texas whitetails with his son Jacob. Cast member Keith Kuehn and son Adam hunt the Illinois gun season with great success.

  • Old Warrior • NBK Episode 13 S5

    Episode 11

    Mark & Terry Drury hunt the Iowa Turkey season with team member Steve “Coon Dog” Coon. Mark bow harvests a 165” IA Buck in November. Team member Dave Reisner takes a 162” IA Buck and Matt Drury fills his Missouri Buck tag in late December.

  • A Halloween to Remember • NBK Episode 11 S5

    Episode 12

    In Iowa Mark Drury hunts a Biologic food plot on Halloween and arrows a 6 and-a-half-year old buck. Taylor Drury follows a difficult bow season with a most successful rifle hunt in Missouri.

  • Three Year Drought • NBK Episode 7 S5

    Episode 13

    Cast member Dave Kramer pulls off an Iowa Turkey double. Cast member Keith Kuehn tasks his son to hunt for a management buck in Illinois. Gregg Day ends a personal drought with an Ohio buck. Baseball legend Jim Thome arrows a 175” Illinois buck.