Natural Born

Natural Born

9 Seasons

The DOD Team chases whitetails and turkeys in each episode this of this action-packed online series.

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Natural Born
  • NBK Episode 1 S4

    Episode 1

    Kyle Lamore and JJ Kolesar spill a little blood in pursuit of some Kansas turkey. Eric Grover heads to Wisconsin to hunt with two kids from the Catch a Dream foundation. First up to bat is Darrin Pribbernow who gets his very first black bear and buck. Then Nathan Wildman smokes a couple of whitet...

  • NBK Episode 2 S4

    Episode 2

    Bill Gadient and Dave Kramer head to Wyoming to do some elk hunting. After some close calls and unforgettable encounters, their patience and persistence finally paid off.

  • NBK Episode 4 S4

    Episode 3

    Doug Hutchinson and Rod Owen head to Nebraska to turkey hunt and discover a unique surprise on one of their kills. Rod Owen finds himself without a cameraman so his daughter steps up to the plate to capture him killing a Kansas giant. Joe Eugster takes his daughter Katherine out hunting and after...

  • NBK Episode 3 S4

    Episode 4

    Tim Young and Tom Ware do some late-season turkey hunting in Iowa. Mike Prochnow takes a leap of faith when hunting coyote in North Dakota. Keith Kuehn sets his son Adam up in a perfect spot to encounter a monster Missouri buck.

  • NBK Episode 5 S4

    Episode 5

    Ben Rising gets on the road to go hunting at an unfamiliar farm in Iowa. John and Jacob O'Dell take a father and son trip to Kansas to do some turkey hunting.

  • NBK Episode 13 S4

    Episode 6

    Mark Drury takes over the camera reigns and films team member Joe Shults take an Iowa whitetail. Tom Ware juggles being both hunter and cameraman in Iowa when he sets his sights on a shooter buck. Finally, Rod Wilson continues the quest to take down an Illinois buck he calls, Goliath.

  • NBK Episode 7 S4

    Episode 7

    Joe Schults gets behind the camera to capture his friend James Adkins first recorded kill. Mike Prochnow and Korey Kirschenmann put the pressure on some North Dakota coyotes. Keith Kuehn reluctantly passes on a shooter buck only to come back next year and find him bigger and better than ever.

  • NBK Episode 6 S4

    Episode 8

    It's turkey season in Iowa, and Dave Kramer hopes to spear one with his bow. Korey Kirschenmann and Mike Prochnow have perfect predator hunting conditions in North Dakota. DJ Schilly connects with a buck in Missouri while Doug Hampton nails a buck in Arkansas with his bow.

  • NBK Episode 9 S4

    Episode 9

    Bric and Larry Stewad chase some turkeys in Illinois and Bric hopes to get his first turkey with a bow. Ben Rising is in pursuit of a monster buck that has slipped through his grasp one too many times.

  • NBK Episode 12 S4

    Episode 10

    Kyle Lamore wants to clean house on his property by taking down some pesky coyotes. Mike Prochnow and Korey Kirschenmann continue their assault on North Dakota predators. Cast members Greg Glesinger and Jeff Lindsey wait out their seasons for the perfect Iowa buck.

  • NBK Episode 8 S4

    Episode 11

    Joe Eugster and John Seid have an unusual coyote hunt in Wisconsin. Tad Brown tests out some new turkey calls while hunting at a ranch in Texas. David Lindsey hopes one of his target bucks walks in range of his PSE bow .

  • NBK Episode 11 S4

    Episode 12

    The Lindsey family are after some turkeys. Ashley Lindsey just misses one in Kansas while Jeff and David Lindsey nail a couple in Iowa. Then Jeff rattles in a shooter in the Iowa woods. Finally, Grace Gadient smokes a shooter buck with her muzzleloader during the Iowa youth season.

  • NBK Episode 10 S4

    Episode 13

    Turkey season in Wisconsin has arrived and cast member, Joe Eugster puts his friends and family first. Then with the help of his son, Jacob, it's Joes turn. Doug Hampton chases a buck that he's had on camera for a few years on his Kansas lease.