Natural Born

Natural Born

9 Seasons

The DOD Team chases whitetails and turkeys in each episode this of this action-packed online series.

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Natural Born
  • NBK Episode 1 S3

    Episode 1

    Even allergy season won't stop Taylor Drury from turkey hunting in Illinois. Tad Brown lands a couple of Nebraska coyotes. Ben Rising and Jarod Hawkins hatch a plan to kill their target buck on opening night.

  • NBK Episode 4 S3

    Episode 2

    Ben and Melody Rising spend a date night in the tree stand chasing Ohio bucks. Champion turkey caller, Billy Yargus puts his skills to the test while turkey hunting in Missouri. Dave and Amy Reisner head north with John O'Dell hoping to double up on some Canadian caribou.

  • NBK Episode 3 S3

    Episode 3

    Matt Drury heads out to turkey hunt on opening day in Missouri with Terry and Mark. Kyle Lamore deals with inclement weather when trying to chase bucks on his farm in Illinois. JJ Kolesar seizes his chance to take down a predator while whitetail hunting. Joe Foster trades in his camera for a gun ...

  • NBK Episode 5 S3

    Episode 4

    Eric Grover endures some nasty Wisconsin weather in order to go turkey hunting. Predator hunter Tad Brown films a team in snowy Kansas on a mission to kill some coyotes. Jacob Eugster shows that determination and persistence are essential to being a successful whitetail hunter.

  • NBK Episode 2 S3

    Episode 5

    Mike Klemmensen hopes to wrangle in the rodeo buck. Tom Ware gets aggressive on the ground when he goes after a monster Missouri buck. Dave Kramer and Bill Gadient use stick and string to kill a couple of turkeys in Iowa.

  • NBK Episode 7 S3

    Episode 6

    A break in the nasty spring weather, finally allows Terry Drury to go turkey chasing in Missouri. Keith Kuehn, Rod Wilson, and Jerry Wilson stick out the rain in order to take down some monster whitetail in Illinois.

  • NBK Episode 6 S3

    Episode 7

    Mark Drury and Tad Brown kill a couple of Kansas turkeys to honor a friend. Hunting partners Kyle Lamore and JJ Kolesar team up once again in pursuit of an Illinois whitetail.

  • NBK Episode 9 S3

    Episode 8

    Sweet November makes the conditions just right for Steve Coon, Lee Novotny and Lance Chapman to take down whitetail bucks in Illinois, Minnesota and Kansas. Young turkey hunter Daltyn Kramer finally gets his shot at an Iowa turkey.

  • NBK Episode 8 S3

    Episode 9

    Steve Coon doubles up on turkey kills on the same day on farms in Missouri and Iowa. Joe Eugster preps his farm in order to get the right shooting lanes to chase a Wisconsin giant. Cast members share advice on finding new hunting turf.

  • NBK Episode 13 S3

    Episode 10

    Mark Drury remains patient when turkey hunting in Missouri. Ben Rising takes his son Jarrod whitetail hunting with his crossbow in Ohio. Mark Drury invites his sisters Linda and Barb to town to take down some Iowa bucks.

  • NBK Episode 10 S3

    Episode 11

    It's a family affair when Jared Lurk and Mark Drury nail a couple of Iowa turkeys on the farm. Jared Hawkins takes down a mature buck on familiar ground in Ohio.

  • NBK Episode 12 S3

    Episode 12

    During the Wisconsin turkey season, Joe and Jacob Eugster feel right at home on their farm. John Williams sits Tanya Playle over a Biologic green field in hopes that a Missouri monster will walk in. After getting lost on the drive in, Zach Playle hopes to have luck on unfamiliar territory in Illi...

  • NBK Episode 11 S3

    Episode 13

    Craig Cushman joins the Drury brothers at turkey camp in Missouri. Greg Glesinger uses some M.R.I. to choose his hunting spot in Iowa. JJ Kolesar has high hopes when chasing Illinois whitetail. Kyle Lamore goes predator hunting in Iliinois.