Mossy Oak Classics

Mossy Oak Classics

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Mossy Oak Classics
  • Ghosts in the Timber • Hunting Big Bucks in Iowa

    Episode 1

    Iowa is well known for big whitetails and Timberghost Lodge is no exception. Join us for this classic whitetail hunt from the nation's breadbasket.

  • Hickory Hills Havoc • Hunting Whitetails in Southwest Mississippi

    Episode 2

    This Mossy Oak Classic episode features hunts with both muzzleloader and rifle from the Magnolia State.

  • Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry • Deer Hunts Provide Food for the Hungry

    Episode 3

    Rick Wilson, founder of Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, joins the Camo Cameras on this Alabama whitetail hunt. See a great story about an organization of hunters and landowners who are making a huge difference for their fellow man.

  • Western Plains Whitetails • Will Primos Bow Hunts in Montana

    Episode 4

    Will Primos takes us with him on a Classic adventure in the Muscle Shell River region of Montana.

  • Extreme Spring • Turkey Hunts Featured in Extreme Spring

    Episode 5

    This week we will take a look at the Extreme Spring video series. Each volume contains great tips, tactics and over the shoulder turkey-hunting action that only the Mossy Oak Camo Cameras can capture. We will also take an in-depth look at the latest Extreme Spring Volume 5 Attitude.

  • Rocky Top Toms • Toxey and Son Hunt Toms in Tennessee

    Episode 6

    Spending time with your children is always educational for them and special for you. Follow Mossy Oak inventor Toxey Haas and his son Daniel as they learn some valuable lessons from spring gobblers in the Heart of Dixie.

  • Following the Footsteps • New Turkey Hunters Get Valuable Experience

    Episode 7

    We go cross-country for our classroom in this edition of Mossy Oak Classics. Two young men learn lessons from spring gobblers and adult mentors during one classic spring turkey season.

  • Turkey Schooling • Hunts Featured in Turkey School

    Episode 8

    Tennessee is fast becoming a spring turkey Mecca. Join us for a Classic turkey hunt from the Volunteer state. In the second part of the show we will take a look at the how-to series of turkey hunting produced by Mossy Oak Productions Turkey School. We will examine the video series and take a spec...

  • Fathers and Sons • Hunting Tradition Passed from Father to Son

    Episode 9

    At the very heart of hunting's tradition lies time spent between fathers and sons. The Camo Cameras present an Oklahoma whitetail and a Mississippi turkey hunt that honor the passing of this timeless tradition.

  • Southern Fried Turkey • Hunting Gobblers in the Deep South

    Episode 10

    Mossy Oak trees, hoot owls and booming gobbles from the deep south fill this episode of Mossy Oak Classics as we travel down home to Alabama and Mississippi, for two turkey hunts from two great plantations.

  • Rio Madness • Hunting Rio Gobblers in Texas

    Episode 11

    Texas has been long known for an abundance of wild game. Follow the Camo Cameras for a spring Rio turkey hunt filled adventure and great information about hunting spring gobblers.

  • Blind Luck • Waterfowl in Arkansas

    Episode 12

    This Mossy Oak Classic adventure took place at the Buckshot Duck Lodge in Arkansas. We follow three guides for one rare afternoon when they had no clients in the lodge and were able to have great fellowship and a great hunt.

  • Green Dreams • Hunting a Biologic Food Plot

    Episode 13

    One of the best ways to supplement your whitetail herds is planting green fields, especially with Biologic. Join us this week as we go on two green field hunts in the Deep South.

  • Archery in the Outdoors • Bow Hunting in Mississippi

    Episode 14

    This Mossy Oak Classic episode features hunts with bow and arrow from the Magnolia State.

  • Ladies in the Outdoors • Ladies Hunting in Alabama and Texas

    Episode 15

    The Camo Cameras travel from the Lone Star State to the Heart of Dixie following two young ladies as they pursue big whitetail bucks.

  • Saskatchewan Whitetails • Hunting Whitetails in Saskatchewan, Canada

    Episode 16

    In this Classic adventure we tag along with Tom Matthews of Avery Outdoors as he searches Saskatchewan for huge trophy whitetails, and along the way we find out that there are two reasons why he comes back each year big bucks and great people.

  • Slinging Arrows • Bow Hunting Whitetails in Alabama

    Episode 17

    This Classic Adventure takes us along on two great bow. First we tag along as a young man experiences a bow hunt on his first visit to Alabama, then we hang a stand with Grant Woods on a prime Biologic field in Pennsylvania.

  • Enon's Law • Bow Hunting Whitetails in Alabama

    Episode 18

    This week we take a trip back to one of our favorite places with one of our favorite people in the outdoor business. We rejoin Fred Law for two hunts in successive years that take place at Enon Plantation. Enon Plantation is home to some of the best quail and turkey hunting in Alabama and the cou...

  • Western Plains Mixed Bag • Hunting Turkey and Antelope in Montana

    Episode 19

    Will Primos is back in camp for two adventures in Montana. First, we go along on a great spring turkey hunt, then we climb in the blind with Will has he enjoys a memorable antelope hunt with a bow. This is one show you don't want to miss!

  • Iowa Gobblers • Hunting Gobblers in Iowa

    Episode 20

    The folks at Mossy Oak made a trip one spring to Iowa and found out what a turkey hunting Mecca this midwestern state is. Join us on hunts with Mossy Oak's Bob Dixon, then Mossy Oak Productions Producer Ronnie Cuz Strickland helps Sammy Knight get a big Iowa long beard into shotgun range.

  • Old Hunts, Great Memories • Hunting Whitetail Deer in Alabama

    Episode 21

    MegaBucks is a great video series from Mossy Oak and has been entertaining us for years. This week we travel back to Volume 4 for two memorable hunts that deserve another viewing.

  • Adventures in the Heartland • Hunting Whitetail in Illinois and Missouri

    Episode 22

    The American Midwest is home to not only great whitetail populations, but also a cornucopia of trophy-sized bucks. This week we visit Illinois and Missouri and see the big bucks first hand.

  • Delta Dreams • Hunting Waterfowl in Mississippi

    Episode 23

    When it comes to waterfowl hunting, one of the first places to come to mind is Wildlife, Inc. and it's owner Bo Prestige. Bo not only runs a first class hunting spot, but also is one of the more colorful personalities to spend some time with in the blind. This week we tag along for one of those m...

  • Long Range Whitetails • Hunting Whitetail in Texas and Canada

    Episode 24

    This week we take two long-range trips from Texas to Canada for big bucks that both of these locations are well known for. Join us first for a Texas hunt with David Ranard, then let the Camo Cameras take you back up to Buck Paradise Outfitters in Saskatc