Inside the Obsession

Inside the Obsession

2 Seasons

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Inside the Obsession
  • Fore Seasons • Hunting in Nebraska

    Episode 1

    Cuz and the Allen family travel to Nebraska to bow hunt whitetail deer at Trophy Bucks ’N Birds.

  • Shed Shoots • Hunting at Hickory Hills

    Episode 2

    See what it's like to be on a Mossy Oak hunt with field producers Shed and Yoc as they talk about what goes on behind the scenes. Shed shoots the gun, Yoc shoots the camera. Hear from other field producers and Cuz himself about what it’s like to work with Shed at Mossy Oak.

  • Giles Island • Filming Stories from Giles Island

    Episode 3

    Join Mossy Oak Field Producers Rusty McDaniels and Steven Bush as they reminisce about their favorite hunts while filming at Giles Island, not far from Natchez, Mississippi.

  • Big Daddy • Cuz Hunts Alabama Pines with Tommy Jr. and Trevor Whitted

    Episode 4

    After a chance meeting with Tommy Whitted Jr. and his son Trevor at the Mossy Oak store in West Point, Cuz invites them to join him on a hunt at Bent Creek Lodge in Alabama.

  • Filed Goals • Hunting with Robert C. Chapman in Mississippi

    Episode 5

    Dive into the past of Robert C. Chapman, Jr. and see how he went from being a band member to a football player. Today, he is out hunting deer with Cuz near West Point, MS.

  • Family First • Talking About Toxey and the Mossy Oak Family

    Episode 6

    Cuz and other Mossy Oak employees discuss what it’s like to work with, and hunt with, Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of Mossy Oak.

  • Fair Play • Hunting with Charlie O’Brien

    Episode 7

    Cuz talks about deer hunting with former MLB catcher Charlie O’Brien.

  • Telling Stories with ‘Cuz’ • Have A Seat and Prepare to be Entertained

    Episode 8

    Toxey and others look back at days when Cuz joined the Mossy Oak family. Also, Cuz takes his youngest daughter, Lauran, on a turkey hunt near Macon, MS.

  • Like a Glove • Mossy Oak 3D Fluid Graphics

    Episode 9

    Pat Epling from Mossy Oak 3D Fluid Graphics, hunts deer at Vatoville Ranch in Central Texas. Also see the work and steps it takes to get different Mossy Oak patterns onto different objects using the fluid graphics process.

  • The Big Show • Hunting with Radio Host John Boy

    Episode 10

    Cuz and John Boy, co-host of The Big Show with John Boy and Billy, set off to continue John Boy's quest of getting the grand slam of turkeys by hunting for a Rio at Heart of Texas Bowhunting.

  • Bent Creek • Hunting at Bent Creek Lodge

    Episode 11

    Cuz remembers some of his best memories he has of hunting at. Bent Creek Lodge. Also hear from Leo Allen, Co-Founder, about the history of Bent Creek and how it was started.

  • The Reason for Our Routine • Hunting with Wounded Vets in TX

    Episode 12

    Cuz sets up a turkey hunt for wounded veterans Stan McGowen, Ph.D. and Blaine Scott in Texas. Cuz also gives some insight as to why helping wounded veterans hunt is so important to Mossy Oak and to reminded us all they are the reason for our daily routine.

  • Tackin’ On • Talking with Mossy Oak’s Tack Robinson

    Episode 13

    Get to know Tack Robinson, a long time Mossy Oak employee who helped Cuz lay the groundwork for what would become Mossy Oak Productions.