Hunter Safety Tips

Hunter Safety Tips

4 Seasons

Learn some Hunter Safety tips from Country/Rap fusion artist, Colt Ford.

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Hunter Safety Tips
  • Tree Stand Safety Tips • Staying Connected

    Episode 1

    The number one safety rule when hanging a tree stand or hunting from a tree stand is being connected to the tree at all times. When climbing a tree to place a tree stand, use a lineman's belt as you go up. Once you get to the top, place your safety line. You can adjust your safety line with a pru...

  • Using a Lineman's Belt When Hanging Hanging a New Set

    Episode 2

    You can go up and down a tree freely, bottom to top, with a lineman's belt. You can slide the belt up as you go and lean back, so it will hold you up and allow for hands-free work when putting up a tree stand. If you don't have a lifeline, this is the next best method for getting up and down a tr...

  • What is a Prusik Knot • Tree Stand Safety Tips

    Episode 3

    Likely developed by climbers or military, a prusik knot allows you to slide up and down a rope, but when you put pressure on it, it locks up. It's a convenient knot to use on your deer stand setup. You loop the prusik knot around your safety line three times, making three clean loops on the rope....

  • Tree Stand Safety Tips • Sharing Your Location

    Episode 4

    Before you go into the woods hunting, let somebody know where you are. Tell your spouse, drop a pin send a text and make sure they respond. If you're hunting with a buddy, use the sign in to let them know where you are going. If you decide to go hunt another location, make that known as well. It'...

  • Using a Lifeline or Safety Line

    Episode 5

    The safest way to get up and down a tree without having to be unhooked is a lifeline or safety line. It's a static rope rated for climbing, Treestand Manufacturers Association (TMA) certified, that comes equipped with a prusik knot or two. Use your lineman's belt to put the safety line in place a...

  • What To Look For When Checking Stands

    Episode 6

  • General Safety Tips • Mossy Oak University

    Episode 7

    Colt Ford gives some useful safety advice, and talks on the importance of being safe in the woods.

  • Weapon Safety Tips • Mossy Oak University

    Episode 8

    Colt Ford gives tips on weapon safety, regardless of what weapon you choose to hunt with.

  • Let Someone Know Where You're Going • Mossy Oak University

    Episode 9

    Colt Ford shares tips on how to let others know where you're going when you leave to go hunting.

  • 3 Kinds of Hearing Protection for Shooting or Hunting

    Episode 10

    Dr. Bill Dickinson goes over hearing protection options and the differences between them.

  • Ear Protection • How Loud is too Loud

    Episode 11

    Dr. Bill Dickinson from Tetra gives info on how loud sounds can influence hearing and hearing loss.