2 Episodes

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  • Walleye & Morels HuntChef Style • HuntChef

    Episode 1

    Simple and delicious grilled fresh walleye fillets paired up with first of the season morels, wild spring onions we just picked that beautiful spring morning along with a great twist for the grill- sliced red potatoes! They take on a savory browned crust and get super light and fluffy in the cent...

  • Smoked Turkey Curry • HuntChef

    Episode 2

    You will never leave another Wild Turkey thigh in the woods again! HuntChef has brined them, rubbed them, smoked them and now check out this amazing Curry dish! Once smoked you can adapt this recipe into your own: chili, southwestern, Italian, gumbo- you name it! Tune in and find new ways to make...