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If your sights are set on big game hunting, go to the next level with our collection of big game hunting videos and articles. Made to inform and inspire your adventure of a lifetime, you’ll hear firsthand from the masters of high-altitude achievement, and begin your quest toward becoming a stronger & better-prepared big game hunter.

  • Bull Elk of a LIFETIME... WITH A BOW!! • Heartland Bowhunter • Behind the Draw

    Episode 1

    Skyler kicks off the season with a trip to Flatwillow Creek in Montana with an elk tag and a deer tag in his pocket. Little does he know he is going to get the chance at a bull elk of a lifetime.

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  • 5 Day Backcountry Utah Elk Hunting • Heartland Bowhunter • Behind the Draw

    Episode 2

    With a rare any weapons tag in pocket, Nate heads to Utah to chase giant bull elk in the backcountry. See how this hunt unfolds over his 6 day hunt!

  • Elk Smash Burgers with Daniel Haas • Ingredient Wild

    Episode 3

    Daniel Haas has perfected the wild game smash burger, made usually with venison or elk. He's made it for the Mossy Oak folks plenty of times, so we can attest to how good they are. This is the best smash burger recipe.

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  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 7 • Elk Backstrap • Spaetzle

    Episode 4

    A Dangerously Delicious Spin on a German favorite! Elk Backstrap Seasoned Perfectly with HuntChef Canadian Carnivore, Wild Hen of the Woods Mushrooms and Easy Homemade Spaetzle with HuntChef Party Fowl.

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 6 • Elk Backstrap • Cheesy Grits • Collard Greens

    Episode 5

    My New Mexico Bull Elk Harvest! Blackened Elk Backstrap Medallions with HuntChef Big Sexy Beast Rub over Cheesy Grits with HuntChef Feather Duster, the Best Collard Greens and My Signature Vinegar Slaw Recipes!

  • New Mexico Muzzleloader Elk Hunt • Chris Paradise • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 6

    Mossy Oak's Chris Paradise sets out to find a big bull in New Mexico. It's no easy hunt--his muzzleloader delays on what would have been a perfect shot and he put in double digit miles every day, but his persistence pays off with a bull on the ground.

  • Rocky Mountain Giant, Late Season Plans • Dream Season Live

    Episode 7

    On this week's episode of Dream Season Live, we join Tayler Riggen, as he heads into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in pursuit of a bull elk. Tayler is hunting with the Rocky Mountain elk foundation, and putting miles on the boots paid off when Tayler was able to wrap his tag around his biggest ...

  • A Hunt 27 Years in the Making • Chasing Mountain Elk

    Episode 8

    Mossy Oak's Ben Maki and his long-time friend Austin Musselman finally turn their dreams into a reality. Two bulls come charging down the hill right towards Ben as he draws back his bow--this is an adventure you don't want to miss.

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  • The Obsessed • New Mexico Mountain Elk

    Episode 9

    Mossy Oak's Lannie Wallace travels from the bottomlands of Mississippi all the way to New Mexico to fulfill a childhood dream of killing an elk in the mountains.

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  • Going Up and Above • Colorado Elk • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 10

    Mossy Oak’s Daniel Haas takes in the majesty of Colorado’s Three Forks Ranch hiking, the mountainsides in search of bull elk.

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  • Bacon Wrapped Elk Medallions with Malcom Reed • Ingredient Wild

    Episode 11

    Malcom Reed from How to BBQ Right, show how he preps and cooks bacon wrapped elk medallions.

  • Elk Osso Bucco • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 12

    Shanks may be an underutilized cut of meat, but one of the most popular ways to make them delicious is to cook up some osso bucco! Michael Cravens features elk shanks in this Italian dish, gets them falling-off-the-bone perfect, and assembles everything beautifully to create a drool-worthy meal.

  • Elk Bugle Tips and Tactics

    Episode 13

    Joseph Graham, of Graham’s Guide Service, gives some tips on elk bugling.

  • Elk Hunting Tips and Tactics

    Episode 14

    Joseph Graham, of Graham’s Guide Service, gives some elk calling tips.

  • How to Cape an Elk Head

    Episode 15

    Joseph Graham, of Graham’s Guide Service, gives some advice on how to cape an elk head.

  • DIY Hunting VS Outfitters in New Mexico

    Episode 16

    Joseph Graham, of Graham’s Guide Service, talks about DIY elk hunting in NM.

  • How to Apply in New Mexico

    Episode 17

    Joseph Graham, of Graham’s Guide Service, tells how non-residents can apply to hunt in NM.

  • Picking A Scope for Western Hunting

    Episode 18

    Michael Wunnicke, of Leupold, explains what goes into choosing the best scope for western elk hunting. When rifle hunting in western terrain, you want a versatile scope for the varied distances you’ll be hunting. The ability to adjust the power on the fly is an important feature for rifle hunting...

  • Tips on Glassing Western Terrain

    Episode 19

    Michael Wunnicke, of Leupold, provides tips for glassing western terrain with Rusty McDaniels of Mossy Oak. When you’re looking for elk in the open, mountain landscape, use max magnification and extra power. Start by looking in the area closest to you first, and work your way out moving left to r...

  • What is the Custom Dial System

    Episode 20

    Bruce Pettet, CEO of Leupold, explains the custom dial system to Kevin Tate of Mossy Oak while on an elk hunt in Colorado. Leupold’s Custom Dial System® (CDS®) helps you easily compensate for bullet drop and make ultra-quick adjustments on the fly. With CDS, you can match your exact load, velocit...

  • Jesse Raley New Mexico Elk • Terra

    Episode 21

    It’s one thing to see majestic big game on tv. It’s quite another to actually see them in person. Mossy Oak’s Jesse Raley takes his muzzleloader along for his first elk hunting experience in New Mexico, “The Land of the Giants.”

  • Austin Musselman Utah Elk • Terra

    Episode 22

    Homegrown Experience's Austin Musselman takes his bow and tags along with Mossy Oak on a hike through Aspen hills in Northern Utah in search of giant elk.

  • Easy Elk Chili • Hunt to Eat

    Episode 23

    After a day full of hunting, nothing warms you up better than a cozy bowl of chili. Join Hunt to Eat ambassador Michael Cravens in his kitchen as he shows you how to cook his favorite elk chili. This recipe works with venison, too! Looking for more elk recipes? Find them (and our Buck Buck Moose ...

  • Rusty McDaniels Colorado Elk • Terra

    Episode 24

    The Western U.S. is a must-go every year for Mossy Oak’s Rusty McDaniels. He takes on the elevation at Three Forks Ranch in Northwestern Colorado in search of giant elk.