2022 DU TV

2022 DU TV

13 Episodes

From season 1 in 1997 to season 25 this year, we are so excited to bring you the best in waterfowl hunting and wetlands conservation every week.

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2022 DU TV
  • Nebraska Rainwater Teal • DU TV

    Episode 1

    From season 1 in 1997 to season 25 this year, we are so excited to bring you the best in waterfowl hunting and wetlands conservation every week. Our 25th anniversary season kicks off in Nebraska with co-host Fred Zink joining DU staff members and DU University chapter leaders for early-season t...

  • Alberta Boreal Adventure • DU TV

    Episode 2

    This week we’re headed to Alberta, Canada, to hunt with former DU Canada President Jack Hole. We travelled through many obstacles to the Peace River and co-host Doug Larsen and crew braved pandemic protocols to reach this beautiful and wild landscape. It was worth the trouble, with mallards and o...

  • Colorado Front Range with Campus Waterfowl • DU TV

    Episode 3

    This week we join Campus Waterfowl host, videographer, and editor Derek Christians and Colorado State university chapter leaders for great puddle duck hunting in Colorado. The breathtaking scenery highlights must-see duck hunting action in the Centennial state. DU is a proud sponsor of Camp...

  • Colorado Front Range • DU TV

    Episode 4

    This week we are in the great state of Colorado hunting with university chapter members Colin Mulligan and Michael Foster for ducks in shallow wetlands. The action is hot for decoying ducks in a beautiful mountain west landscape. We’ll also learn about Colorado wetlands conservation and the ...

  • Michigan Madness • DU TV

    Episode 5

    In this episode, DU TV co-host Fred Zink joins old friends around the greater Michigan area. Being from nearby Port Clinton, Ohio, Fred has spent a lot of time hunting this region in the past. We explore DU’s efforts around the Great Lakes region while enjoying fast paced hunting action for b...

  • Flight to the West • DU TV

    Episode 6

    In this episode we head west to New Mexico with DU TV co-host Doug Larsen joining top state volunteers there. While primarily known as a big game hunting state, New Mexico waterfowling opportunities abound. Then Doug travels to the Great Salt Lake in Utah where he joins DU staff and supporters ...

  • North Dakota Snow with Drake Waterfowl • DU TV

    DU TV relies upon some great sponsors to provide us with the quality equipment we need to make this one of the best shows in outdoor television. One of these sponsors is Drake Waterfowl, also a DU Proud Partner. We join co-host Doug Larsen and Drake representatives John Woodard and Justin Carpe...

  • Uniting New England • DU TV

    Episode 8

    The state of Maine is known for big timber and big lobsters, a jewel of the New England coast. But it has a lot more to offer with upland, big game, and waterfowl hunting opportunities throughout the state. On this episode, DU TV co-host Doug Larsen travels to Maine to hunt with DU volunteer...

  • Kansas Krush • DU TV

    Episode 9

    The plains state of Kansas is known for wide open spaces and cattle grazing across windswept pastures. It’s also home to thousands of wintering ducks and geese, especially mallards. On this episode, we join DU TV co-host Fred Zink and longtime DU supporter Don Bud near Pittsburg. No, it’s not a...

  • Down South with Go Devil • DU TV

    Episode 10

    In this episode, DU TV cameras capture co-host Fred Zink and longtime DU supporter and Go-Devil Motors founder Warren Coco at his south Louisiana duck camp. They share a blind and enjoy some amazing hunting action while discussing the wetlands conservation challenges facing Louisiana and DU’s r...

  • Oklahoma Honkers • DU TV

    Episode 11

    DU volunteers across North America are hardworking, committed, and passionate about the DU mission. They truly are the backbone of Ducks Unlimited, and their support is crucial for everything we do. This week DU TV co-host Fred Zink joins DU volunteers in Oklahoma, a fast-emerging hot spot for ...

  • Arkansas Specs with Tetra Hearing • DU TV

    Episode 12

    Hearing protection and hunting should go together, but that’s not always the case. Shotguns and rifles damage unprotected ears and safeguarding your hearing should always be a priority. DU TV sponsor Tetra Hearing has made huge strides in perfecting hearing protection for hunters, and anyone ex...

  • 25 year anniversary of DUTV • DU TV

    Episode 13

    When the World of Ducks Unlimited, as the show was called then, premiered on the Nashville Network in 1997, no one could have predicted the show would still be going strong 25 years later. The show was, and has always been, a showcase of excellent locations and amazing people, a celebration of wa...