DU Films

DU Films

4 Seasons

DU Films is a unique online film series from Ducks Unlimited, the world leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation. Each film features thrilling hunting footage but also tells a story about waterfowl hunters who are passionate about hunting and giving back to the resource. DU Films presents all of this through breathtaking waterfowl footage and intimate conversations with hunters across North America.

DU Films
  • Ne Pee Nauk • DU Films

    Episode 1

    Ducks Unlimited’s first film from the 2018 season of its acclaimed online series: DU Films explores a rich and unique history of waterfowling at the Ne Pee Nauk Duck Club in Wisconsin.

    The club has been in continuous operation since 1882 and is the oldest active duck club in Wisconsin. The clu...

  • Charleston, Mississippi • DU Films

    Episode 2

    In Ducks Unlimited’s film “Charleston, Mississippi,” three current and former Ducks Unlimited employees get together for a few days of outstanding waterfowling while reflecting on their careers in the outdoors and conservation.

    “A lot of people ask, when they talk about waterfowlers in general...

  • The Hautmans • DU Films

    Episode 3

    Ducks Unlimited’s film joins the Hautman brothers on a special waterfowling trip to North Dakota. Joe, Jim and Bob Hautman are renowned wildlife artists and perennial winners of the federal duck stamp contest.

    “The great thing about hunting in North Dakota mainly is not just the beauty of the ...

  • Lake Mattamuskeet • DU Films

    Episode 4

    In Ducks Unlimited’s film “Lake Mattamuskeet,” the DU Films crew visits the Farley family in North Carolina, where they have been hunting and conserving habitat for decades.

    Since he was seven years old, DU Biologist Ed Farley has hunted with his father, John B. Farley; his grandfather, John R...

  • The Golden Mile • DU Films

    Episode 5

    Ducks Unlimited’s “The Golden Mile” explores a unique relationship between two friends who hunt the wetlands and uplands of Nebraska and share a passion for conservation.

    Ryan Brentzel and Jordan Leasure met in high school and bonded through their shared love of hunting and fishing. After scho...

  • Kodiak, Alaska • DU Films

    Episode 6

    In Ducks Unlimited's film “Kodiak, Alaska,” a group of friends experience the waterfowl hunt of a lifetime in the vast northern landscapes of the last frontier.

    “Alaska is so beautiful and majestic,” said Kirk Kaiser. “Bringing in guys who have never been to Alaska is awesome just to watch the...