Dream Season

Dream Season

3 Seasons

It’s about passing on the tradition and puttin’ down the giants. It’s all about the American dream Drury Outdoors style. Connecting with the Giant Whitetails that keep us up at night alongside the people that matter most.

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Dream Season
  • Introducing The Team, Summer Scouting And Preparation | Dream Season Live

    Episode 1

    With high hopes for another great year, first we join Brandon Quant and his cousin Jason Quant in Illinois as they are putting plans in place for a giant buck they call Half Rack. Following this we join the guys in both Missouri and Iowa to get updates and hear about their plans to have the best ...

  • Two 180+ Inch Alberta Mule Deer to Kick Off The Season! | Deer Season '23

    This trip is full of “firsts”. Todd has never been mule deer hunting and has never filmed before. With the guidance of Corey and Wade, they set off on his first day of hunting. Didn’t take Todd long to get his eyes set on a giant 4x4. With many failed stalks in the first two days of hunting. Todd...

  • Chasing Bull Elk On Colorado Public Land | Dream Season Live

    Episode 2

    On this episode of Leupold's Dream Season live, Michael Heffernon kicks things off in the Show-Me state as he begins his chase for a deer that he calls Big John. Following this we join Nick and Mason Morris as they begin their journey to Colorado in hopes of Mason Morris tagging his first ever b...

  • Hunting October Cold Fronts, Darrin’s Ancient Iowa Bruiser | Dream Season Live

    Episode 3

    On this episode of Leupolds Dream Season Live we are kicking things off in Iowa. Darrin Ropp is hunting an old warrior on the first cold front that comes through the Midwest! Darrin is fortunate enough to punch his first tag of the season on a beautiful old 8 point at just 18 yards. Following thi...

  • Insane Rut Hunt | Dream Season Live

    Episode 5

    Top whitetail hunters Carson Brandt and Nick Morris get after their target bucks during the critical pre-rut period. Watch as Carson seals the deal on a giant Iowa bruiser with an up-close sneak calling encounter. Meanwhile, Nick shares his self-filmed close call in Missouri. Hunter host Drake al...

  • Nick's Missouri Tank, Hunting Buck Bedrooms During The Rut | Dream Season Live

    Episode 5

    On this episode of Leupold's Dream Season Live, we’re sticking to the Show-Me-State. Kicking things off, Kirk Hendershott opens the show giving an update on the team and what's to come. Then, we join the Morris family with Nick being behind the Mathews bow. After 5 straight days of hunting both m...

  • Fired Up Missouri Buck, Gabby's Biggest Buck | Dream Season Live

    Episode 6

    On this episode of Leupold's Dream Season Live Ellie Meis Kicks things off in Iowa as she is on the hunt for a few different target bucks. Following this we join husband and wife duo, Zach and Gabby Playle, in Missouri as they use a decoy in early November. This big bruiser comes onto the field a...

  • Opening Day Double In Missouri With CoonDog & Bruce Pettet | Dream Season Live

    Episode 7

    On this episode of Leupold's Dream Season Live we are in the Show-Me state for opening day of rifle season! Leupold's own Bruce Pettet is in camp and we are excited to share these hunts with you! Kicking things off, Mark gives a brief explanation of what the tactics are going into opening mornin...

  • Bryce’s Backyard Bruiser, The Hunt For Crook | Dream Season Live

    Episode 8

    On this episode of Leupold's Dream Season Live we are in Iowa with Bryce Meis. Bryce and his Wife Ellie just purchased their first home in Southern Iowa and go through the work of transforming the few acres of grasses into a deer haven! Putting a lot of sweat equity into the farm, it is in shape,...

  • Hunting Giant Bucks In Illinois, Christian's Biggest Buck | Dream Season Live

    Episode 9

    On this episode of Leupold's Dream Season Live, we are kicking things off in the Show-Me state with the Morris family! Nick and Mason put their efforts into helping youth hunter, and family friend, Christian Cherry bag his first ever Missouri Whitetail. Following this, we head East to join father...

  • JJ's 180" Illinois Mega-Giant! The Hunt For Goofy | Dream Season Live

    Episode 10

    On this episode of Leupold's Dream Season Live, we are kicking things off in the great state of Iowa with Christian Dekker. Christian makes a move on his farm with a risky wind, and it pays off in a huge way as he is able to fill his tag on a massive buck, he has history with that he calls Goofy....