Dream Season

Dream Season

3 Seasons

It’s about passing on the tradition and puttin’ down the giants. It’s all about the American dream Drury Outdoors style. Connecting with the Giant Whitetails that keep us up at night alongside the people that matter most.

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Dream Season
  • A New Season With New Targets, Closing In On Opening Day • Dream Season Live

    Episode 1

    Welcome back for another season of Dream Season Live! On this episode, the team catches us up on what they've been doing over the summer months and introduces an impressive list of targets they hope to chase this fall. With youth season's firing on all cylinders and opening day right around the c...

  • Huxley's First Buck, Finding Back Tank • Dream Season Live

    Episode 2

    On this episode of Dream Season Live, we have a special hunt to kick off young Huxley Byers hunting career. After putting in the time helping Dad all off-season long, Huxley takes to the field with tags in hand. After multiple sits, Huxley finally gets his opportunity and makes the most of it, fo...

  • Bucktober Strikes, Blake's Hammer 8 • Dream Season Live

    Episode 3

    On this episode of Dream Season Live, we kick things off with Chris Dunkin in Iowa. Hopes are high for a solid hunt with the recent cold front and solid it was. One of Chris's top bucks Top Hat makes an appearance and puts on a show. Then we join Blake Lefler for a textbook hunt during the early ...

  • Alex Strikes On The New Farm, Late October Buck Action • Dream Season Live

    Episode 4

    On this episode of Dream Season Live, we join Alex Dunkin as she continues to try and fill her early muzzleloader tag in Iowa. By the end of the night, her and Chris encounter one of the best bucks on the farm, a great 4 1/2+ year old with loads of potential. Then we join Tayler Riggen on his new...

  • 196 3/8" Buck of A Lifetime, Missouri Memories • Dream Season Live

    Episode 5

    On this episode of Dream Season Live, we join long time team member Joe Eugster of southern Wisconsin, on a special hunt that ends the 3 year chase of a mega giant he calls High Hopes. After managing his farm for 25 years all the hard work pays off for Joe when he is able to wrap his tag around h...

  • Halloween Surprise, TWO Whitetails in Missouri and Iowa • Dream Season Live

    Episode 6

    It's time to get a little spooky. On this episode of Dream Season Live, Michael Heffernon films his son, Hunter, bring down a whitetail during youth season. Then Chris Dunkin sits it out as he searches for a buck called Wishbone! All during Halloween weekend! It's time for some adult trick r' tre...

  • Tim's Public Land Whitetail • Dream Season Live

    Episode 7

    Our own editor and chief of DeerCast, Tim Kjellesvik, heads up this episode as he takes to public land after a sweet November whitetail!

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  • Turning Dreams Into Reality, Learning From A Tough Situation • Dream Season Live

    Episode 8

    On this episode of Dream Season Live, we kick things off by traveling to the great state of Missouri where team member Kirk Hendershott calls home. Kirk brings us a multi-year story that epitomizes one of Mark Drury's favorite quotes, "Either make your spot better or find a better spot." First ca...

  • Missouri Redemption • Dream Season Live

    Episode 9

    On this episode of Dream Season Live, we're heading back to northern Missouri to cap off the month of November with a bang. Team members Brody Hatcher and Tyler Arnold have experienced a roller coaster ride of a season to say the least and the ups and downs are what this one is all about. By the ...

  • Rocky Mountain Giant, Late Season Plans • Dream Season Live

    Episode 10

    On this week's episode of Dream Season Live, we join Tayler Riggen, as he heads into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in pursuit of a bull elk. Tayler is hunting with the Rocky Mountain elk foundation, and putting miles on the boots paid off when Tayler was able to wrap his tag around his biggest ...

  • Hunting Food Late Season, A Memory That Will Last Forever • Dream Season Live

    Episode 11

    On this episode of Dream Season Live, we're joining Tayler Riggen and Kalen Lenz for two textbook late-season hunts in the great state of Iowa. Both hunts showcase just how powerful and more importantly, how essential having a viable food source is this time of the season. Tayler tackles the task...

  • Father and Son Building Memories, Late Season • Dream Season Live

    Episode 12

    On this episode of Dream Season Live, the guys are out building some memories that will last a lifetime during the late muzzleloader seasons. With the phenomenal weather, Mother Nature provided these last few weeks of the season the team has been taking advantage of every opportunity. First, we w...