Dead End

Dead End

6 Seasons

The Guys from Dead End Game Calls are back at it! Going across the states, seeking the adrenaline rush that only turkeys can give a hunter.

Dead End
  • Pride of the Father • Dead End Game Calls

    What better way to start off the 2024 season than with a few young folks harvesting some long beards. In this episode we kick it off in the mountains of NC with Mitchell and his son Mason, the 2024 Poults Division Champion, as they get some MRI scouting report from Jeremy. Then, just a few days l...

  • Common Bond • Dead End Game Calls

    Turkey hunting in the mountains of North Carolina can bring cold temps but the ‘Common Bond’ of chasing after long beards and faith in Jesus Christ bring Mitchell and Chad together for a special hunt. With a little bit of patience and some sweet turkey talk, Chad and Mitchell get a chance to fill...

  • Porters Peacock • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 3

    MRI, most recent information, is always good to have especially when in the turkey woods. The next best thing would be having a way to track the movement of some long beards. That’s exactly what Patrick and Porter have on the Peacock Farm. The Browning trail cameras have shown that a peacock is h...

  • Nebraska Bows • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 4

    Patrick and Joe are headed west to Nebraska to hunt along side of their good friend and Dead End Road Crew member Ron Stoddard. Prior to the season getting kicked off, Joe decided that he was going after his first long beard with a bow so Ron sacrificed a lot of time and effort in scouting just s...

  • Family, Fellowship & Friends • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 5

    When your brother is your favorite hunting buddy, the hunting season seems to be way too short. Matthew and Tyler are in their home state of Virginia putting in the work and doing a lot of pre-season scouting. In this show we get to see a small sample of just how much it paid off

    For all your hu...

  • Dreamin' in Georgia • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 6

    The Outdoor Dream Foundation is hosting a few hunters in the state of Georgia and Patrick, and his daughter Isabella, are headed down to help out to hopefully make some dreams come true

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  • Surprise Snow Strutter • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 7

    Patrick and Porter head west to Missouri for an Outdoor Dream Foundation gathering. The weather become a challenge as cold temperatures set in but the young hunters stayed persistent in hopes of filling their tags with a big tom.

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  • Triple The Fun • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 8

    After a great few days with the Outdoor Dream Foundation, Codey, Patrick and Mark get a chance to hit the woods and track down a long beard for Codey. But as things unfolded, all three get a shot at harvesting a long beard in Iowa.

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  • Sharing The Tradition • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 9

    Friendship begin in many different ways and as for the friendships between the Webb and Johnston family it began at the baseball field which leads up to this episode. David and his 2 sons, Luke and Levi, hit the woods with Mitchell, his son Mason and Road Crew member Jeremy as they hit the woods ...

  • Training Them Up • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 10

    Memories are made in this episode as Mark Porter takes his son hunting for his first turkey in eastern TN. He also gets the opportunity to take his daughter on a youth day hunt, looking to tag her 4th long beard.

  • Tennessee Wheelin' • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 11

    Patrick teams up with Johnny Horton for a NWTF Wheelin' Sportsman event. With some good scouting and a lot of patience, Johnny gets a chance at a Tennessee long beard.

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