Dead End

Dead End

6 Seasons

The Guys from Dead End Game Calls are back at it! Going across the states, seeking the adrenaline rush that only turkeys can give a hunter.

Dead End
  • Patience & Plan B • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 1

    We are heading to Florida with Mark and Patrick and the Outdoor Dream Foundation. After 2 very successful hunts with 2 Outdoor Dream Foundation hunters, the guys get a chance to punch a turkey tag of their own with hopes of beginning the single season slam with a bow. But like a lot of plans, t...

  • Quality Time • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 2

    In this episode we join up with Mark Porter and his daughter Paisley. They head out to a piece of property where Mark was able to harvest his first Tom years ago and this is the same property where Paisley shot her first Tom as well. What began as a family tradition hunt every year has now turne...

  • Go West Part 1 • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 3

    Mitchell and Patrick get an invite from their good friend Mike Tussey to turkey hunt Montana that they can’t turn down. So they head west to join up with Mike and Clint Riesland on the Riesland Ranch to chase after some white tipped tail feathered gobblers.

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  • Go West Part II • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 4

    Episode 4 continues the western trip with Mike Tussey from APEX ammunition. In this episode we getting to state hop with the guys starting in Montana then taking a short trip to Wyoming and then back to Montana. This episodes has a ton of action and it is a good example of just how fast a turke...

  • Go West Part III • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 5

    Will Mitchell Tag out? That is the question as Mitchell, Tussey, Patrick and Clint head out on their last day together in Montana. Then they will be packing the truck and heading to South Dakota to finish out their western trip.

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  • Go West Part IV • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 6

    Can you say EPIC HUNTS?!?! Part 4 of “Go West” absolutely ends this trip with a bang. Mike Tussey, Patrick and Mitchell are in South Dakota. They become good listeners and pay close attention to some hens that allows them to seal the deal on a few toms.

  • Double Blessings • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 7

    Mitchell and the DEGC Road Crew head to the midwest for an Outdoor Dream Foundation hunt. Little did Mitchell know that this one hunt would be a hunt that he would remember for a lifetime not only as an outdoorsman but as a father. To wrap up, Mitchell, Mason and Luke go after some North Carolina...

  • Missouri Madness • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 8

    After the Missouri Outdoor Dream Foundation Hunts were completed, Jeremy, Jake and Mitchell head to the woods to fill some tags of their own.

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  • The Follow-Up Hunts • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 9

    Mitchell heads to the Florida-Georgia line for a sportsman’s banquet. In the mean time, Mitchell, Adam and Steven do a little state hopping to maximize their opportunities to tag a bird or two and they put together a solid game plan to back each other up… as any good hunter should.

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  • Starting It Off Right • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 10

    Matthew and Tyler Presley kicked off the 2023 season right. They made their annual spring trip to Florida to chase down a few Osceolas and with a little help from the weather they were able to have some great opening day hunts.