Cuz 411

Cuz 411

3 Seasons

Welcome to our little patch of internet dirt where we go behind the scenes with Mossy Oak’s Cuz Strickland. He’s got how-tos, tips, tricks & the latest 411. We’re sharing hunting camp 365!

Cuz 411
  • Bad Luck and A First Buck

    Episode 1

    Y’all welcome Dominic Zappia to the brotherhood! This is his first hunt and he made a perfect 25-yard shot with his PSE Fang. Priceless. Big thanks to Big Mike Pritchard at Home Creek Outfitters.

  • Bent Creek Lodge • The Bull vs The 9

    Episode 2

    I'm at my favorite hunting camp with my buddy Jamie Spencer who bid on a hunt at Bent Creek Lodge during the Mossy Oak Foxhole Shootout Fundraiser. Join us as we set our sights on a 9-point buck and a giant we nicknamed The Bull.

  • Bringin Home the Bacon • Bent Creek Vlog

    Episode 3

    Back at Bent Creek Lodge with all 3 grandsons slinging lead in the rain.

  • Cranky Got Craig!

    Episode 4

    It happened, y'all. Cranky got a buck!

  • Miles, Mud and Stood Up

    Episode 5

    I'm back in the woods with my buddy Dale Bentley at Illinois Whitetail & Waterfowl. We've been raising money for the Quality Deer Management Association and now we are hoping to connect with one they're calling The Unicorn.

  • CUZ411 Cranky's Turkey Vest Dump

    Episode 6

    "Pop" is in Florida hunting with the Veterans so Cranky is taking over the channel and showing you what's in his turkey hunting vest! Thanks for watching!

  • TBT Vest Dump • BONUS Tube Call News

    Episode 7

    I'm so ready for turkey season, I can't see straight! Here's a throwback (with a bonus edit featuring TUBE CALL news) on what's in my turkey vest. Let me know what kind of content you want me uploading as we gear up for spring 2019.


    Episode 8

    "Pop" is still in Florida hunting with the Veterans so Matt & 'Cranky' are headed to the Mossy Oak retail store for a preseason turkey gear grab! Check it out and see what's new for spring! Thank you for watching.


    Episode 9

    Another warrior hunt is in the books. Thanks to all who provided time, land, food and companionship. It was simply priceless.

  • Cuz 411 Cranky Chronicles • Down With The Devil

    Episode 10

    Finally, the video we've wanted to post for over a year.. Cranky got the devil! 1”spurs 10” curly beard. The camera work was not my best but the aftermath was priceless.

  • Cuz And Will Speak The Truth • Cuz 411

    Episode 11

    A little over 30 years ago Will Primos shot the first turkey for "The Truth" video with me. This past week we reunited to try and make it happen again. Pretty cool we’re still at it.

  • Can Cuz break 90 at the Mossy Oak Golf Course? • Cuz 411

    Episode 12

    Join Cuz Strickland as he tries to break 90 from the tips at the Mossy Oak Golf Course with 4 of his favorite people!