Country Outdoors

Country Outdoors

5 Seasons

Zach and Mary Phillips and friends chronicle their outdoor and country music adventures in this new digital series. Presented by Camping World

Country Outdoors
  • Lost Files Bonus Episode • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 1

    Every now and then you have some files that slip through the cracks and get lost on hard drives long forgotten. This week Zach and Mary have discovered one of those old gems! This is from the end of their 2021 Turkey Season. They had just gone through a fire where we lost most of their belongings...

  • Pregnant Lady, Haircut and Osceolas! • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 1

    Country OutdoorsTurkey Tour is back! This year looks a little different with Mary being pregnant but that’s not slowing them down much. In keeping with tradition Zach and Mary are starting the season in South Florida with good buddy Kyle Petrick and the Wiley Osceola Wild Turkey! This hunt was ha...

  • Swamp Fox Jakes PT1 • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 3

    Zach and Mary are back in the Lowcountry of South Carolina at the Wappaoolah Plantation for the 39th annual NWTF Jakes hunt. The Swamp Fox Chapter of the NWTF had their first banquet 39 years ago and ever since then getting youth involved in turkey hunting has been a priority. Bobby Mead has open...

  • South Carolina Jakes PT2 • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 4

    NWTF Jakes Hunt Part 2! The Swamp Fox Chapter and Bobby Mead have created an unbelievable weekend for these kids. There is a couple tags left to fill and luck is on the jakes side!

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  • 7 Months Pregnant Turkey Hunt • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 4

    Zach and Mary are in the Lowcountry of South Carolina for opening day of the adult 2023 season. Mary is 7 months pregnant and is feeling up to taking on a Wappaoolah longbeard! But first we're throwing a pre season turkey frying party with Taylor Ingle playing some music.

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  • Shackleford Lane Part 1 • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 6

    Zach and Mary are headed to Shackleford Lane in Alabama for the 4th Annual Crawfish Boil. Will and Reid Shackleford are throwing a big concert on the farm for their home crowd. They catch up with artist Kameron Marlowe and their favorite Oysterologist Rick McCurley of 30A Oysters. Friends, Bryan ...

  • Shackleford Lane Part 2 • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 6

    The crew is still turkey hunting way down in Alabama with the boys from Shackleford Lane. Team Reid is dominating, Team will is struggling. No one in this camp is gong hungry though as Mary is getting lessons from the boys grandma... Big Mamma!
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  • The Greenbrier West Virginia Turkey Hunt • Country Outdoors Adventures

    The time has come for Mary to fly to Australia in preparation of having their daughter! Meanwhile Zach is finishing out the turkey season before flying over to join her. This week the rig is stopping at the famous Greenbriar Resort in White Sulpher West Virginia with Jason Hart and The Davisson B...

  • Concert, Honey Do’s and TN Governors Hunt • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 7

    This week is a look into the craziness that is the life of Zach and Mary. Starting off with a Country Outdoors show in Nashville with the talented Ashland Craft, Hannah Dasher, Rye Davis and Ben Chapman. The Tennessee Governors hunt follows but before Zach can head out Mary says he has to fix th...

  • Lippert Goes Turkey Hunting - Ashley’s 1st Turkey! • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 9

    Zach is stopping into Elkhart Indiana to visit their friends at Lippert. Their spending a rainy day frying up some turkey at one of their plants where they have a camouflage surprise for Zach and Mary! This week Zach is taking Ashley Kilian of Lippert on her first ever turkey hunt… It’s safe to ...

  • Wild Wild Old West Turkey Shoot • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 10

    Country Outdoors Season 4 Turkey Tour Finale! We’re back in Hulett Wyoming for the Old West Invitational. This year we’ve brought out Mo and Emily Pitney as well as Trey Teem to play some country music and hunt their first Merriam’s. We’re also joined by partners from Mossy Oak, Apex Ammunition...

  • Good Ole Tennessee Fishing Shindig! • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 11

    Zach and Mary are off the grid in Australia but the show must go on! They’ve asked some good friends to stand in for them and this week we’re in Tennessee with Bryan and Cassina. Farming, Fishing and Bonfiring is on the menu as they have Walker Wilson out to the farm to play some music! This is...

  • I Guided an Australian Bow Hunt • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 13

    Back to the Outback! While in Australia Zach was able to get up to the Northern Territory to help my friend Karl Goodhand guide some bow hunting clients. Water Buffalo, Banteng and Rusa Deer are on the agenda. The group discover a Crocodile in Zach's old swimming hole and almost burn the camp dow...

  • Wild and Wonderful Fly Fishing in West Virginia • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 12

    The Davisson Brothers Band are hosting this weeks episode from their home in the hills and hollars of West Virginia! The brothers are proud ambassadors of their state and this week their showing us what a summer day looks like for them. Bait shop, Fly fishing for trout, pepperoni rolls and of co...

  • Walleye Fishing Lake Erie with Styles Haury • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 14

    Country Music artist, Styles Haury is taking us to God's Grocery Store this week on Lake Erie with his dad, best friend and brother! They're fishing, frying walleye and playing some music!

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  • South Dakota Antelope and Dove's with a Champion • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 15

    Zach and Mary (and Forrest) are back on the road for the first time since having their baby girl. They have gone to visit their friends Corey and Foster in South Dakota and Mary has an antelope tag in her pocket! This trip is a good example of always have a plan b and always be willing to pivot t...

  • Montana Archery Antelope • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 16

    It's Zach's turn to hunt! The crew has parked the RV in Montana and Zach has an archery antelope tag in his pocket. It's his first time hunting antelope in quite a few years and he is determined to be successful. He has even gotten creative with his decoy "Suzie the Sheila"

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  • Landtrust Elk Hunt Part 1 • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 17

    The Montana Road trip continues for Country Outdoors. Before the elk hunting begins they are spending Zach’s birthday next to a trout stream where Mary is getting her first fly fishing lesson. While in Bozeman Mary visited with “Live in the Divide”, a Montana landmark in the music scene. Then it’...

  • Alabama Does and Bows Part 1 • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 19

    Team Reid VS Team Will is back! We’re back in Alabama on the Shackleford Lane farm to conduct some serious deer management. Country Artist Cody Hibbard is joining team Reid while Zach and Will attempt to settle the score. Mary is also back in the mix but is trying her best to get her first Alaba...

  • Alabama Does and Bows Part 2 • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 20

    The crew is still in Alabama on the Shackleford Lane farm for their “Does and Bows” competition. Team Will is pulling ahead, but an archery competition may be exactly what team Reid needs to get back in the game with time running out!

  • Wild Survival With Naomi Johnson & Mary Phillips • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 21

    Mary is taking a break from Deer camp to embark on a bucket list item, learning Wilderness Survival Skills with @SelfRelianceSelfDefense in West Tennessee. She’s bringing along Country Music Artist , outdoor enthusiast and new mom @naomicookejohnson to be her companion. Watch as Naomi and Ma...

  • Hunt 4 Hope Children’s Deer Hunt • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 22

    We’re headed to Ohio for the annual Hunt 4 Hope children’s deer hunt… As long as Zach can get his honey do’s done! This past year at NWTF Convention Hunt 4 Hope founder Cooper Meshew invited us up to this event and we couldn’t be more excited to finally make it up. The positivity and smiles from...

  • Zach’s Ohio Whitetail Hunt • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 23

    After the Hunt 4 Hope event Zach makes the most of being in Ohio. A cold front moving in during late October presented an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up! A perfect midwest whitetail storm was starting to brew with no better place to be than in a tree!

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  • The Wapaoolah Experience • Country Outdoors Adventures

    Episode 24

    Zach and Mary head to Wappaoolah, South Carolina for an all out one day southern experience. Wood ducks in the morning and quail in the afternoon! Good hunts and great friends, exactly what everyone needed before preparing for the 2024 Turkey Tour!

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