Country Outdoors

Country Outdoors

5 Seasons

Zach and Mary Phillips and friends chronicle their outdoor and country music adventures in this new digital series. Presented by Camping World

Country Outdoors
  • JUG FISHING - Catfish Fry on the Boat • Country Outdoors

    Episode 1

    Zach thinks it's stupid to buy fish at the grocery store so we're heading out to our local lake in Nashville TN (Old Hickory Lake ) to do some jug fishing for catfish. We're keeping it extra simple and cheap. Nothing but a pool noodle, fishing line, hook, weight and bait. We decided it would be...

  • Catch a Dream • Country Outdoors

    Episode 2

    It’s CMA week in Nashville and Country Outdoors and good friend Jared Mullins are teaming up to raise money for Catch-A-Dream Foundation. We’re the first annual Wild Game Cook-Off with celebrity guest chefs and judges. Treager has sent the grills and Mossy Oak Butcheries has sent the meats! Chefs...

  • Kentucky Bowfishing • Country Outdoors

    Episode 3

    Zach’s is heading to Kentucky to try his best to solve the silver carp invasion!

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  • Florida Snook • Country Outdoors

    Episode 4

    This week, join country outdoors Hosts Zach Phillips and Mary O'Neill Phillips as they head down to Florida to try Snook fishing for the first time with their good buddy Kyle Petrick who you've met before on the Country Outdoors Turkey Tour! Kyles mad at Turkeys, but even more mad at the Snook! T...

  • Dental Tourism?? and Fishing in Turkey! • Country Outdoors

    Episode 5

    Did you know that dental tourism is a thing and did you know that there isn’t turkey’s in Turkey???? It’s unusual that Zach and Mary take a trip that isn’t 100% centered around hunting and fishing but this week it’s happening. Mary is dental work done in Turkey via visiting Isreal. Zach wasn’t ...

  • From Tennessee Velvet Deer to Australia! PT 1 • Country Outdoors

    Episode 6

    Friend Sean Stemaly steps in as co host of Country Outdoors for a day as he hunts the Tennessee early archery season in search of his first ever velvet buck! Meanwhile Zach and Mary are headed to the land down under to meet up with friend and outfitter Karl Goodhand for an epic adventure in the ...

  • From Tennessee Velvet Deer to Australia! PT 2 • Country Outdoors

    Episode 7

    PART 2 of the Aussie Outback Adventures! Zach and Mary are in the bush... the real bush, the Northern Territory, hunting wild Water Buffalo on Indigenous land with Karl Goodhand, Australia's premiere Water Buffalo Guide!

    Hunting on the land of the Alardju clan makes for an interesting camp, as ...

  • Sean Stemaly’s First Osceola • Country Outdoors

    Country Outdoors TURKEY TOUR  Season 3 Premiere!    Zach and Mary are back on the road for their favorite time of year, turkey season!   They’re starting out in South Florida with their good buddy Kyle Petrick. They have brought Country Music Artist Sean Stemaly down for a crack at his first-ever...

  • The Turkey Curse • Florida Turkey Hunting • Country Outdoors

    Have you have had a turkey hunting curse? Last week Sean Stemaly pulled the trigger on his first Osceola and left his curse behind. Unfortunately, our buddy Kyle seems to have picked it up! Snakes, T- Rex’s, Ditches and missing! Luckily Zach seems to be un effected.

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  • Alabama Opening Day • Country Outdoors

  • Giant Alabama Longbeard! • Country Outdoors

    Zach and Mary are in Alabama with friend, Justin Roberts trying to fill their tag. After six quiet long, quiet days it is time for their luck to shift in a big way! You never know what friends you’ll meet because of turkey hunting and this week we made some good ones!

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  • Tennessee Turkeys and Country Music • Country Outdoors

    The Country Outdoors crew is going turkey hunting in Tennessee via a Dillon Carmichael concert in Alabama!.I guess they can rest when turkey season is over! Zach and Levi get get back in time to jump into some Tennessee hardwoods... and man was it worth it!

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  • Lowcountry Longbeards! • Country Outdoors

    Zach and Mary are loading up the camper and pointing to towards Wappaoolah Plantation in South Carolina! Neither of them have hunted turkeys in South Carolina so when Bobby Mead extended the invitation they couldn’t pass it up. This hunt may put Zach back in the dog house. To end the trip they’r...

  • Nebraska and a Triple Beard! • Country Outdoors

    Nebraska won the coin flip so the Country Outdoors crew is headed north!  The boys have a tag to fill before they have to clean the RV for Mary's arrival. Mary is welcomed back to the USA by a giant multiple bearded turkey!

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  • Great Day! Montana Turkeys • Country Outdoors

    We’ve made it to the final episode of the season! Spencer Pruit from Groove Life and Scarlet Fernandez are joining Zach and Mary as they make a day trip to Big Sky Country in search of some white tipped Merriam’s. You couldn’t ask for a better day in the woods!

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  • LoneStar State Gobblers • Country Outdoors

    Mary is headed back home to Australia and leaving Zach and Levi on their own to turkey hunt. So Texas it is! They’re meeting up with Blake Rice of TSS Shot for a whirlwind of a hunt.

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  • Old West Invitational • Country Outdoors

    Country Outdoors is back for the second last episode of this season and they are in Wyoming attending the Old West Invitational Turkey Shoot.   The Old West is a 1 shot turkey shoot that raises money for the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation and the Greater Hulett Community center. They have brought f...