Whitetail Edge

Whitetail Edge

6 Seasons

Whitetail Edge, hosted by Ohio-native Ben Rising, is filmed all over the Midwest. Rising and his team film all fair chase, self-guided hunts and provide in-depth information for viewers in each episode. Rising and his team are constantly striving to not only be a source of entertainment, but a source of education and information.

Whitetail Edge
  • The Quest for Roman • Whitetail Edge

    Episode 1

    Every year, especially in Ohio my home state I try and target a specific deer. That is just the challenge that is within me and I enjoy that. I like to pick out a specific deer and play the chess match. When I was younger and growing up I can remember spending hours on the road and looking at ...

  • Roman • Whitetail Edge

    Episode 2

    After getting pictures of Roman late summer and into the early fall he was the only deer I was thinking about in Ohio. I really wanted to kill a mature buck in Ohio early before I head out on my midwest tour for the rut. To say that I was frustrated after I missed him at 30 yards was an underst...

  • T-Post • Whitetail Edge

    Episode 3

    The crazy part about this hunt is it was only days after I shot Roman in Ohio. I knew I had to get to Illinois because we are in the middle of the red moon and I got the trail camera pictures I needed to confirm T-Post was on his feet and it was time to get in and hunt him. T-Post was on a new ...

  • Kansas Splits • Whitetail Edge

    Episode 4

    Kansas is one of my favorite states to hunt, especially during late October and early November when the bucks are cruising looking for does. I don’t know what it is about Kansas but calling whether it be by rattling with the Black Rack or using the Extinguisher Grunt Call is so effective. The b...

  • Kansas Redemption • Whitetail Edge

    Episode 5

    After missing that deer on the first day I was a little deflated. How could you not be? It was the first morning and we put ourselves right in the game on a giant Kansas buck. Javin and I were 10+ feet apart from each other in 2 different trees making it tough to communicate in a situation like t...

  • Scissors • Whitetail Edge

    Episode 6

    After my trip to Kansas I had one more tag to fill. The buzz was getting out a little bit that I had killed 3 bucks in 8 days and all I was thinking was that I had one more tag in my pocket in Illinois. Javin and I got back to Illinois and hunted my farm for a day but I did not have much on camer...

  • SK2 • Whitetail Edge

    Episode 7

    Last year was a fantastic year for not only myself but for my team as well. The Whitetail Edge team is full of hard working, blue collar guys that just love to hunt and challenge themselves to kill big deer. This week, we are with team member Dylon Gandee. Dylon has stepped up this past year with...

  • Night Walker 9 • Whitetail Edge

    Episode 9

    Dewaine Jones works hard to get on a big buck!

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  • Sweet November • Whitetail Edge

    Episode 10

    We are headed back to Illinois this week with our buddy and team member Torry Miller. Torry lives in Indiana but hunts all over the midwest. This past summer he closed on a new piece of property in Illinois and he was excited to start putting in food plots and monitoring this farm to see what i...

  • Indiana Nine • Whitetail Edge

    Episode 11

    This week we are headed to Indiana with my good buddy Kenny.  If you've watched the show before you know Kenny is the master of time lapses and does so much for us on the production side of Whitetail Edge.  Last year Kenny was chasing a buck he called the Big 9 all throughout bow season.  He neve...