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Whitetail Deer • Mossy Oak University

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Whitetail Deer • Mossy Oak University
  • Tree Stand Safety Tips • Staying Connected

    Episode 1

    The number one safety rule when hanging a tree stand or hunting from a tree stand is being connected to the tree at all times. When climbing a tree to place a tree stand, use a lineman's belt as you go up. Once you get to the top, place your safety line. You can adjust your safety line with a pru...

  • What is a Prusik Knot • Tree Stand Safety Tips

    Episode 2

    Likely developed by climbers or military, a prusik knot allows you to slide up and down a rope, but when you put pressure on it, it locks up. It's a convenient knot to use on your deer stand setup. You loop the prusik knot around your safety line three times, making three clean loops on the rope....

  • Using a Lineman's Belt When Hanging Hanging a New Set

    Episode 3

    You can go up and down a tree freely, bottom to top, with a lineman's belt. You can slide the belt up as you go and lean back, so it will hold you up and allow for hands-free work when putting up a tree stand. If you don't have a lifeline, this is the next best method for getting up and down a tr...

  • Using a Lifeline or Safety Line

    Episode 4

    The safest way to get up and down a tree without having to be unhooked is a lifeline or safety line. It's a static rope rated for climbing, Treestand Manufacturers Association (TMA) certified, that comes equipped with a prusik knot or two. Use your lineman's belt to put the safety line in place a...

  • Tree Stand Safety Tips • Sharing Your Location

    Episode 5

    Before you go into the woods hunting, let somebody know where you are. Tell your spouse, drop a pin send a text and make sure they respond. If you're hunting with a buddy, use the sign in to let them know where you are going. If you decide to go hunt another location, make that known as well. It'...

  • Ground Blind Setup

    Episode 6

    When you set up your ground blind, the most important thing to consider is where you will enter the ground blind. You want to be as quiet and concealed as possible to keep from spooking the deer. Be sure you can enter the ground blind in a spot that makes it difficult to be spotted. You also want...

  • What To Look For When Checking Stands

    Episode 7