Victory Outdoors

Victory Outdoors

7 Seasons

Victory Outdoors is an informative & entertaining Hunting Web Show. Our short films bring our best stories and experiences that the viewer can draw both entertainment and education from. Our field producers aren’t caught up in trying to become the next outdoor star, rather we truly enjoy sharing the experience.

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Victory Outdoors
  • No Regrets • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 1

    Curtis Goettsch gets his first hunt in front of the camera in search of an Iowa buck in late October. As it turns out, there are bucks everywhere. Did he take the right one?

  • Back to Back

    Episode 2

    This late November Iowa hunt lands two bucks for two brothers. Collin Mann gets his buck and a week later his brother Zac Geith gets a chance at one. He lets it pass, but it pays off for the giant that comes later.

  • This Old Buck • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 3

    A freezing cold Iowa deer hunt ends in victory. This old buck's antlers have quite a substantial base. Could this buck be 12 years old?

  • 523lbs of Black Bear • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 4

    Zac Geith harvests a giant 523-pound black bear from the ground with archery equipment.

  • Filling The Freezer • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 5

    All season long the team fills the freezer.

  • Rookie Year • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 6

    Kari Goettsch shoots an Iowa giant in her first season behind the bow.

  • Tagged Out • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 7

    Father-son duo Garrett and Ty Green double-up on two bucks. One drops for Garrett, but Ty's gets away. Ty finally gets his buck at the end of muzzleloader season on a freezing, miserable day.

  • Aim Small Miss Small • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 8

    Ryan Warrick hunts Mule Deer in South Dakota