Victory Outdoors

Victory Outdoors

5 Seasons

Victory Outdoors is an informative & entertaining Hunting Web Show. Our short films bring our best stories and experiences that the viewer can draw both entertainment and education from. Our field producers aren’t caught up in trying to become the next outdoor star, rather we truly enjoy sharing the experience.

Victory Outdoors
  • Goodie Two Shoes • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 1

    After years of gun hunting for whitetails, Jake (Goodie) Goodwin, scores his first archery kill and he guides his wife, Danica, to her first ever deer kill.

  • The Back 40 • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 2

    Zac Geith capitalizes on a farm he knows well during Iowa's archery season, then guides his son to his first ever deer kill.

  • Autumn Ritual • Victory Outdoors

    Curtis kicks off his bow season with three kills on his first sit, his wife, Kari, fills her Iowa tag and daughter Natalie continues her hot strike with another big Iowa buck kill!

  • Booner Cold Front • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 4

    With a cold front moving in, Talon Riedel, got out of class and headed to his treestand. In his first sit of the season, he had to over come adversity to kill an Iowa giant.

  • Meant To Be • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 5

    Ian Sparks has over come the adversity of EHD reducing deer numbers in his area. On a windy morning while walking in he bumps into an Iowa buck.

  • The Outhouse Buck • Victory Outdoors

    Episode 6

    Ryan Warrick invites Ty Green to hunt with him in South Dakota, Ty jumped at the opportunity. On the last morning of the trip Ty finds luck in an unusual place.