Trailing the Hunt

Trailing the Hunt

3 Episodes

Trailing the hunt is a semi live series, follow along as the guys from MTN Top Outdoors chase free range game across North America.

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Trailing the Hunt
  • Trailing the Hunt Ep 1 • Wisconsin

    Episode 1

    “Wisconsin archery opener” as we point our wheels towards the north country, we make new friends, enjoy the harvest, and fill a buddies freezer, grocery shopping in the wild outdoors at its best.

  • Trailing the Hunt Ep 2 • New Mexico

    Episode 2

    As we point our wheels to the west forest the first time this year we hit the mountains of new Mexico with Wild Spirit Outfitters as we chase Public land elk in the northern part of the state. As the highs and lows of public land adventure, We cant wait to go back.

  • Trailing the Hunt Ep 3 • The Wild West

    Episode 3

    This week on trailing the hunt series we point our wheels west to Colorado. We had great fun in camp making new friends and met another great family that enjoys the harvest just like we do half way across the country. We hope you enjoy and as always thanks for watching.